At the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to;
a. Use the positive, cooperative and superlative of adjectives.

II. Subject matter
Using the Positive, Comparative and Superlative form of adjectives.

Reference: BEC Learning Competencies in English, Grade IV
Learning English the Easy Way, Grade IV
Materials: Manila Paper, Pictures

III. Procedure:
Teachers Activity Pupils Activity

A. Review
Good morning class, Yesterday, we discuss about
inferring character traits from a selection we read.
Am I right class? Yes, Ma’am

What are the character traits of your best friend? Kind, responsible, honest and helpful.

Very good, Do you have any questions? Non Ma’am

B. Lesson Development

1. Motivation
Class, if you don’t have any questions, I will be the
one to ask you. What place/resorts have you gone to?

DO you like the place? Yes, Ma’am

Why? Because the place is beautiful.
Have you ever gone to Baguio?
How many times you have gone on this place? Yes, Ma’am, three times

Do you like the weather there? Yes, Ma’am, the weather is very cold.

Yes the weather is very cold. And Baguio is known
as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

2. Presentation

Kindly open your books on page 183
Read the conversation here.

On the places in Baguio, What places did Edgar
see in Baguio? Mansion House, Philippine Military
Academy and Mother’s Rose

Very good. What place is interesting? Mansion House, Ma’am

Which is more interesting? Philippine Military Academy

According to Edgar, What place is the most
interesting? Mother’s Rose, Ma’am

How many places were compared here? Three places, Ma’am

What are the words use in the dialogue Nice, thick, interesting, more
interesting, more pleasant, colder and
most interesting
3. Discussion
What are these words called? Regular adjective, Ma’am

Class, if one thing or one Person is compared
with another, the comparative form is used.
It is done in two ways:
1. For short adjectives like nice and thick, add –er
niece + er = nicer thick+er = thicker

2. For loner adjectives like interesting and expensive,
use more-less

more expensive less expensive
more interesting less interesting

As if we are comparing a person with more than
one of its kind, use the superlative form of the
adjectives by adding – est or using most – least.

most beautiful least beautiful

Pat is smallest person I know.
My lantern is the least expensive because I used
throw away materials.

Class, read the examples of positive, comparative
and superlative forms.

Positive Comparative Superlative
warm warmer warmest
clean cleaner cleanest
young younger youngest
lovely lovelier loveliest
graceful more graceful most graceful
precious more precious most precious
dedicated more dedicated most dedicated
fragrant less fragrant least fragrant
delicious less delicious least delicious
important lest important least important

Class, did you understand our topic? Yes, Ma’am

Bring our one whole sheet and do the activity
letter B on page 184

4. Generalization
Class, What did we learn today? Ma’am using positive,
comparative and superlative
forms of adjectives.
Very good. Bring out again your paper and answer
the following.

IV. Evaluation:
Write the correct form of Adjectives in the parenthesis.
Do this on your paper.

1. Of the two paintings, the bigger one is (beautiful).
2. Tuguegarao is one of the (hot) cities.
3. This is the (difficult) question.
4. Cotton is (expensive) than silk.
5. Today is the (warm) day of summer season.
6. Kayapa, the nights are (cold) than days.
7. We don’t have enough money so I bhought the
(expensive) costume.
8. Jose Rizal is the (famous) hero.

V. Assignment
Compare any three(3) things you have at home.

Republic of the Philippines
Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya


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