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The Neighborhood Project
What is Political power?
What is a Precinct Organizer?
Why a Precinct Organizer is
vital to restoring the
The goal of the Precinct
Tasks of the Precinct
Communicating with your
Materials needed
How to get started
How to fund your local effort
Setting up a precinct walk
Hosting a precinct outreach
Your voters guide
What does the long term look
What is the Liberty
Empowerment Institute?
What is Political Power?
Most people only have perceived power.
Having influence with your current politicians without
having the power to replace them is perceived power.
Real political power is the ability to deliver the vote for
the candidate you want to win and removing those you
don’t want to win.
The largest place an individual can hold real political
power is in your own neighborhood
What is a Precinct Organizer?
The Precinct Organizer is the communications
hub for the message of liberty.
Providing information to the voters about the
political process and the proper role of
government will assist you in influencing their
If you are able to influence 4 out of every 10
voters to select candidates you recommend
those candidates will win every time.
Why the Precinct Organizer is vital to
restoring the republic
The current political establishment is well funded and will stop at
nothing to win.
The only area that we can compete with the establishment is with
Politicians really use their campaign money to reach out to
In reality this money is just used to influence the vote.
Campaigns are short term but an individual building a trusted
relationship with their neighbors, is there for the long term.
It is this connection that will overcome all the commercials and
mailers the establishment will use and principled candidates will
win elections.
The Goal of the Precinct Organizer
Influence enough of the vote in
your precinct to have a
majority in every election
Tasks of a Precinct Organizer
Maintain a list of the voters in the precinct.
Identify liberty minded individuals in the precinct
to help.
Maintain a current voter guide from the
supervisor of elections and have available in
digital form.
Maintain instructions for the process of absentee
Ensure that each voter is contacted every quarter.
Ways to communicate with your precinct.
Start Knocking on Doors
Make Phone Calls
Set Up a Neighborhood Event
Monthly E-Mail Newsletter
Your goal is to be the most influential person in your
precinct when it comes to politics. This can only
happen when people know you and want to turn to you
for information. There are several ways to
communicate with the people in your precinct.
Materials needed
Pad of Paper and Pen
Precinct Walk List and Clipboard
Email Service Account
Positive Mental Attitude
How to get started
Make a Commitment and Become The
Precinct Organizer
Get a List of All the Registered Voters in
Your Precinct
Drive Around Your Precinct Looking for
Other Liberty Minded People
Set up a Precinct Walk Day
The best and most effective way to reach voters is with direct contact.
The way in which you convey the message of liberty to the voter is
vital in your success.
Start off by listening to people and finding out what issues are most
important to them. This will help you in framing your message and
building trust.
Most people have little understanding of how government works.
Attempting to educate people about advanced issues is impossible
without a basic understanding of government and civics.
Use the method of 75% political process and non-partisan information
and 25% liberty issues. Keep it simple and do not overwhelm people.
Don’t get discouraged with the apathy of some voters. You do not need
to convince everyone. Only 4 out of every 10 voters are needed for
How to fund the local effort
What we are advocating for in this plan will have some costs associated with it.
You will need to buy the supplies and material.
You want to tell people who want to get involved that there are two ways to help
your efforts. They can become part of the team as a volunteer or help financially.
There will be people who will not want to give money but would be willing to
donate supplies. Keep a list with you of all of the supplies you need this way you
will be ready to give that information to anyone who would like to support your
precinct supply closet.
We are also suggesting that you do this precinct effort as an individual because
there are very specific regulations when it comes to this type of advocacy. If you
are a representative of any group, candidate or campaign this will limit what you
can do in your precinct. There are no regulations on individuals who just want to
get out and talk to their neighbors.
Setting up a precinct walk event
Create and market the event: Getting the word out about the event is key to get people to help you. Using social
media will help in marketing the event. The Liberty Empowerment Institute will help you market your event. Email with the date and time of your event.
Call your friends: The more people you have the easier this event will be. Contact everyone you know and ask for
their help. Make sure you tell them that they will have fun and talk to them about why you are doing this. People like
to belong to something bigger than themselves and what is bigger than liberty.
Prepare walk lists: This is the most important step if you want to have a productive day. You will want to split it up
into small lists so people will not feel overwhelmed. If you are in the State of Florida the Liberty Empowerment
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Gather your supplies: You will need materials to hand out and other supplies to make it a productive day. Make sure
you have enough clipboards, pads of paper, pens, flyers for each walk list.
Get your script ready: Each time you walk there will be a major theme that they people will want to tell. Make up a
script and pass it out in the beginning when you give the training. This will give people the confidence they need to
be productive.
Have a productive and positive day: Remember that you are participating in one of the most effective types of
political activism. Door to door canvassing is effective and if you smile and think positively then you will have a
productive day.
The “Neighborhood Project Workbook” has sample scripts and organizing worksheets to assist you in planning
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Hosting a precinct outreach meeting
You can combine a precinct walk with an outreach meeting. This is a great
way to get your neighbors together to discuss the issues. It is like a town-
hall event on a small scale. There are different kinds of events that you can
hold to make it an informative meeting.
Basic voter information
Issue based event
Candidate forum
Political debate
Special guest speaker
No holds barred town-hall
Political Workshop
Non Political block party
You would only want to hold these events semi annually. You do not want to
turn this type of meeting into the regular monthly meetings that so many
groups have. You want to be different and events like this will bring in
Your Voter’s Guide
Putting together a voter’s guide for your precinct is the summation
of all of the hard work you have put into your precinct.
As you put together your voter’s guide base your pick on the best
candidate that represent your principles regardless of party
affiliation. The voters in your precinct will notice and respect this
and trust your recommendations over the people who contact them
from the political parties.
Most people want to make the right decisions on election day but
don’t have the time or dedication to research the candidates.
What does the long term look like?
You have taken on the responsibility of becoming the precinct
organizer and want to get started in your neighborhood.
Host a walk event to contact your neighbors and pass out a simple non specific
It may also be good to have one liberty topic to talk to them about. Remember to
keep it simple. You could ask them an open ended question that would require
them to do some research.
What will this accomplish?
1. You will introduce yourself to your neighbors in a very passive way. You are
letting them know that you care enough about the political process to get involved.
2. You contacted the voter and started a relationship where you are going to be
view as an expert.
What does the long term look like?
120 days later you visit them for a second time with
another non-specific piece of information on the
political process. This could be the instructions on how
to absentee vote.
What will this accomplish?
You are in the process of establishing the relationship
as a trusted advisor when it comes to politics. Will
everyone trust you? No, but you only need 2 out of
every 10 Republicans in the primary or 2 out of 10
Democrats in the primary or 4 out of 10 voters in the
general election to ensure your candidates win.
What does the long term look like?
120 Days later you will go out for the third time and
bring another basic piece of information or invite them
to an event that you are hosting.
What will this accomplish?
Furthering the relationship with your neighbors. At
this point they will begin to recognize you as a person
in the community that is extremely knowledgeable in
What does the long term look like?
That is 3 visits in 12 months that you have visited your
neighbors in a passive way to give them information on
the political process. If they have questions regarding
local politics you will become the person that they know
and trust.
These people are not normally involved but because of
the relationship you built they feel comfortable and trust
what you have to say. Most of the candidates we support
have great ideas and the only problem is that they cannot
get in front of enough people. Your efforts will help solve
that problem.
What does the long term look like?
By this point you will be able to influence at least 4 out of 10
voters to select the candidates you recommended.
Liberty candidates will be able to complete with the political
establishment because of your efforts. It will take the effects
of big money out of politics because you are their voice
instead of the television and main stream media.
This is how you restore the republic.
What is the Liberty Empowerment Institute?
The Liberty Empowerment Institute can be best described as a
company that offers a plan, the training and the products that are
crucial to the success of the plan.
Our emphasis is on the education of candidates and activists.
1. We host online training classes monthly to train activists. Our
book, “The Neighborhood Project” provides this plan in further
2. We also train candidates and campaign staff throughout the
State of Florida and offer support services through the Florida
Liberty Candidate Resource Center.
It does not take a majority to prevail...
but rather an irate, tireless minority,
keen on setting brushfires of freedom in
the minds of men.” Samuel Adams
Will you be that brushfire of freedom in
your neighborhood?