Subbu Iyer

AP Environmental Science – 4

Polite society is built on the fundamental misapprehension that the denial of the dark underbelly
of climate change and global pollution lurks under the underlying structural cause of overpopulation in
contingent to the world’s booming population. Humans should the idea that we all contain the potential to
wipe out the biodiversity that lives on the planet, an area that we call home.
Gratuitous violence engulfs humanity as we know it. An increase in miscalculations in support or
their POPULATION, internal strife, political backlash, environmental degradation and diseases all results
in the terrible rise in the growth of the human race. We conveniently blanket over any statement that sets
a clear trend in the decline of survivability and sustainability of life. There are a few major implications of
overpopulation on the economy which specifically are internal strife and miscalculation – recent studies
indicate that a large portion of immigrants are entering the Unites States and increasing the
unemployment rate with that which implies that they are not paying their taxes to help sustain the
economy. This means that any risk that overpopulation can trigger economic collapse, the result is
catastrophic. First off it is miscalculation – ANY minor change in power due to international economic
imbalances spurs an environment for conflicts as people look to challenge declining powers – this re-
distribution in power creates an uncertainty in the political atmosphere and increases the risk of
miscalculation. Second is that imminent internal conflicts will occur due to economic decline – states and
local communities will revolt against the state’s policies and will lead to an economic civil war. Third and
lastly would be an instance of global war where any major disturbances in the global economy always
result in a rise and fall in power structures and result in “bloody transitions” from one leader to the next –
losing the economic lynchpins in the US would trigger an economic downfall and cause economic shocks
– empirical examples such as WW2 prove that economic depression would lead to bloody power
The only alternative is not a quick fix solutionbut rather a long term fix through a reduction in
family output of children. Some claim that this is impossible but through rigorous bio-political
enforcement for the policies, human growth can be contained and managed by sovereign institutions.
Note: I wrote in 11 font to fit all the information on to one page.