MBA (Marketing) with 6+ years of experience in Telecom Apps, Vas Data / IVR, IBD, OBD, Enterprise Mobile

solutions / Marketing, ommunication, Industry.
 $resentl% associate& 'it( )orl& $(one In&ia $ri*ate +imite& Del(i,
 Working as Sr. Manager – In&ia an& Bangla&es( -or Mobile Apps VA! / Enterprise !olutions,
Me&ia, IVR, !M!, +i*e Bro'sing . )A$ !er*ices an& #e' Business -or compan% in Telco/s /
Telecom sector
 A result oriented professional with 01 %ear of experience in Sales and Marketing
 ey Account Manage!ent, "roduct #aunches$ "ro!otions % &lient 'elationship Manage!ent. (!power
custo!ers to li)e their li)es online.
 *ne of the pioneers of the operator +usiness set up % retention.
 Strong negotiation skills % a+ility to generate sales with o)erall +usiness operating strategy to get new alliance.
 (xcellent planning, executing, !onitoring, attention to detail and a+ility to +uild and lead effecti)e tea!s. 'etail
acti)ities as well as +uilding and !anaging successful partnerships for launching and pro!oting the
 Ad!ira+le co!!unication and interpersonal skills with talent for pro+le! sol)ing through reasoned thought
processes, as attested +y tea! loyalty and e!ployer satisfaction.
 (xperience across &lient handling related to Marketing, ,usiness enhance!ent and -echnical Manage!ent
knowledge of online products and !arketing techni.ues.
 *ut of +ox thinker and a swift perfor!er in reference to +usiness needs.
 (xtensi)e experience in consistently raising sales and profita+ility for the co!pany.
 "roficient at !aintaining cordial relationship with custo!ers, ensuring .uality and ser)ice nor!s to achie)e
custo!er satisfaction and +usiness retention.
 /eft at pro)iding )alue +ased ser)ices % solutions +y understanding the needs of the client +usiness.
 (xperience in i!ple!entation of !arketing$ sales pro!otion plans for +usiness generation.
 "roficient in steering +otto! line profita+ility +y ensuring opti!al utili0ation of a)aila+le resources.
 An effecti)e co!!unicator with excellent relationship +uilding % interpersonal skills.
!ince April/34 'it( )orl& $(one In&ia $ri*ate +t&, as Manager5 Business De*elopment (In&ia)
)orl& $(one $*t, +t&, is an integrated – WA", 1oice, /ata and -ext +ased – teleco! 1AS player. -he co!pany
le)erages its #I1( platfor! to offer in+ound call ser)ices, SMS % WA" gateways for
data ser)ices W"I pro)ides co!plete 1AS solution across the *perator in India.
Business De*elopment
 Managing !arketing operations for achie)ing increased growth and profita+ility2 and initiating !arket
de)elop!ent techni.ues.
 Analy0ing latest !arketing trends and tracking co!petitors3 acti)ities and pro)iding )alua+le inputs for fine
tuning sales and !arketing strategies.
Sachin Jain
Mobile: 9910021502; Email:
 Aug!enting re)enue through 1alue Added Ser)ices like WA", 1oice, -ext, 4%', Insta Alert, /ata, *,/ $ I,/
"latfor! and &ontent.
 +aunc(e& ne' ser*ices in International market(Bangla&es()
6e% Account Management
 /e)eloping relationships with key decision !akers in target organi0ations for +usiness de)elop!ent.
 Identifying prospecti)e clients fro! )arious sectors, generating +usiness fro! the existing clients, there+y
achie)ing +usiness targets.
 ()ol)ing !arket seg!entation % penetration strategies to achie)e targets.
Team Management
 #eading, !entoring % !onitoring the perfor!ance of the tea! to ensure efficiency in process operations %
!eeting of indi)idual % group targets.
 &reating % sustaining a dyna!ic en)iron!ent that fosters de)elop!ent opportunities % !oti)ates high
perfor!ance a!ongst tea! !e!+ers.
!ales an& Marketing
 /e)eloping !arketing strategies to +uild consu!er preference and dri)e )olu!es.
 &onducting co!petitor analysis +y keeping a+reast of !arket trends and co!petitor !o)es to achie)e !arket
share !etrics.
Application / $ro&uct +aunc(es an& $romotion
 &onceptuali0ing !arketing acti)ities for successful launching of new application.
 ,uilding +rand focus in con5unction with operational re.uire!ents.
 (nsuring !axi!u! +rand )isi+ility and capturing opti!u! !arket shares.
lient Relations(ip Management
 Managing custo!er ser)ice relationship % ensuring custo!er satisfaction +y achie)ing deli)ery % ser)ice
.uality nor!s. Maintaining cordial relations with custo!ers to sustain the profita+ility of the +usiness.
 /ealing
 "ro)iding )alue added custo!er ser)ices +y attending custo!er .ueries and issues.
7an/89 : Marc(/34 'it( One;< ommunication +imite& as Manager5 Business De*elopment
 Aug!enting re)enue through 1alue Added Ser)ices like WA", 1oice, -ext, 4%', Insta Alert, /ata, *,/ $ I,/
"latfor! and &ontent.
 /ay to /ay dealing with &ircle "roduct Manager3s and &orporate peoples
 'esponsi+le for de)elop re)enue +y existing product and +y launching new products
 Identify !arket re.uire!ents and gi)e inputs to operators $ "artners for creation of special 1AS packs
 4nderstanding custo!er re.uire!ent as per target seg!ent and de)eloping inno)ati)e products $ offering for a
positi)e custo!er experience
 &reation of 1AS !arketing plans specific to festi)e$seasonal$special ca!paigns
 Increasing "enetration +y dri)ing usage of 1AS for "repaid and "ostpaid custo!ers across region
 "lanning of A*" and creation of 6o7-o7Market strategy for products
 'esponsi+le for conceptuali0ation to ti!ely launch of 1AS products$ca!paigns +y working with cross functional
 8ocus on &usto!er Satisfaction and &usto!er 'etention
 "ro)ide Inputs to creati)e tea! on all co!!unication related aspects
 &o!petition -racking
 'esponsi+le for closing agree!ents with operators $ partners $ )endors to ensure successful tie ups.
 Analy0ing Market 'esearch reports and take appropriate actions as necessary
 'esponsi+le for pay!ent collection
#otable =ig(lig(ts5
 &onsistent contri+utor for Airtel account, ha)e dou+led its re)enue within a span of 9 !onth
 #aunched all the In7house products for the assigned circles
 'ecogni0ed for consistent contri+utor for #I1( ser)ices
7an/8<to Dec/89 'it( AD> $ri*ate +imite& Del(i as !ales Manager
 'esponsi+ility to achie)ing target fro! the entire portfolio of #oans and &ards.
 &o!petition tracking, understanding custo!er re.uire!ents
 "lanning of Sales lead, targets and enhance!ent of existing re)enue
#otable =ig(lig(ts5
 Awarded +y the 1" of the :/8& +ank for outstanding perfor!ance for increasing re)enues and !eeting target.
IT !6I++!
 (xcelled in MS *ffice ;Word, (xcel and "ower"oint< and Internet Application.
 M,A Marketing fro! All India Manage!ent Association, =ew /elhi in >?@A;"ursuing<
 ,&A full ti!e fro! M&'" 4ni)ersity, ,hopal.
 &lass BII ;"hysics, &he!istry and Mathe!atics< fro! M.". ,oard in >??@.
 &lass B fro! M.". ,oard in @CCC.
 Acti)e !e!+er % acti)ely participated in &ultural Acti)ities at School % &ollege le)el.
 'epresented Scout and 6uide Sports tea!, 4nder *fficer at School le)el.
 A le)el &ertificate in Scout and 6uide.
 &ertification done fro! AIS(&- co!puter education
 /ate of ,irth D @C7Sep7@C9>
 #anguage "roficiency D (nglish, :indi
 :o++ies D "laying and Watching &ricket
 Address D >EC, "aradise Apart!ent, Sector @9, 'ohini /elhi

I here+y confir! that all the details pro)ided a+o)e are correct in !y knowledge.
Sachin Fain
"lace /elhi