Abandoned mine
Abandoned place
Abandoned workings
Abandonment of mine
Abstraction of pillar
Acceptance certificate
Access to the ore body
Accessory minerals
Accident prevention
Accident rate
Accident record
Accident severity
Accumulation of stresses
Accuracy of observation
Acid mine water
Across pitch
Across steep pitch
Active stope
Active stope area
Active workings
Actual reserves
Actual running time
Adequate ventilation
Adid collar=adid portal=
adid mouth
Adid cut mining
Adid for draining
Adid window
Adjacent working
Adjacent strata
Adjoining rock
Mỏ đã đng c!a
"#$ng l% đã kh&u' đã b(t )kh*ng khai th+c n,a-
.% c/' v0ng đã kh&u 1ong
23 đng c!a mỏ
4+ch ng5n th*ng gi
23 kh&u tr6 b7o v8
23 nh9n' s3 ch&p nh9n: s3 nghi8m thu
;i<n b7n nghi8m thu
=#>ng v?o th@n quAng' khai th*ng' mB vCa
Dho+ng v9t ph6' kho+ng v9t đi kEm
23 ph%ng ngFa tai nGn' kH thu9t an to?n
IJn su&t tai nGn' tJn su&t ch&n th#$ng
23 thKng k< tai nGn' chC sK tJn su&t ch&n th#$ng
23 nghi<m trLng cMa ch&n th#$ng
23 t9p trung Nng su&t
=O chPnh 1+c' tPnh chPnh 1+c: đO tin c9y
=O chPnh 1+c quan trQc
RhPnh 1+c' chuSn 1+c' đTng đQn' cSn th9n
U#Vc a1it B mỏ
4Ca nWm ngang
XLc theo ph#$ng vCa
XLc theo ph#$ng vCa dKc đNng
"#$ng l% chY hoGt đOng
Xi8n tPch hoGt đOng cMa buZng kh&u
=#>ng l% đang hoGt đOng
Ih3c s3' th3c t[
Ir, l#Yng th3c t[' đ+ng tin c9y
Ih>i gian l?m vi8c thuJn tu\
23 th*ng gi c hi8u qu7
.% bWng' l% nKi vCa
R!a l% bWng' mi8ng l% bWng
23 mB vCa bWng l% bWng
.% bWng tho+t n#Vc
.% th#Yng đ?o tF l% bWng tVi mAt đ&t
R+c đ#>ng l% cGnh nhau
4Ca ti[p li]n' vCa nWm k]
=+ v@y quanh' đ+ nWm k]
Adjustable prop
Adobe blasting=adobe
Adobe clay
Advance average value
Advance by hand
Advance heading
Advance in coal
Advance in synchronism
Advance line
Advance mining
Advance rate
Advance workings
Advancing longwall
Advancing mining
Advancing system
Advancing by spilling
Advancing of room
Advancing on strike
Advancing to the dip
Advancing to the rise
Adventure in a mine
Adverse geological
Aerial conductor
Aerial ropeway
Air blast
Air^blast goaf stowing
Air blow
_Airborne` concrete
Airborne dust
Airborne dust survey
Air brattice
ROt đ?n hZi
23 na mbn đQp )bWng đ&t sct-
=&t sct 1Kp' đ&t sct gJy
23 đ?o l%' s3 d(ch chuydn g#$ng l%' ti[n đO
g#$ng l%' g#$ng l% đi tr#Vc
Ii[n đO bbnh qu@n )cMa g#$ng l%-
)=#Yc- đ?o thM c*ng
e#Vng đ?o l%
23 đ?o l% trong than
23 d(ch chuydn đZng th>i )cMa c+c g#$ng-
Iuy[n g#$ng l% B tr6 b7o v8 )pp buZng cOt-
23 kh&u đuai' ti[n đO l% chY
IKc đO đ?o l%' tKc đO chuydn d(ch )cMa g#$ng
l%' cMa l% chY-
.% ti[n theo h#Vng kh&u đuai: s3 kh&u đuai
fh#$ng ph+p khai th+c li]n g#$ng
23 kh&u đuai
fh#$ng ph+p kh&u đuai
23 đ?o l% c chKng vb cLc
23 kh&u buZng
23 kh&u đuai theo đ#>ng ph#$ng
23 kh&u đuai theo h#Vng cQm
23 kh&u đuai theo h#Vng dKc l<n
23 may rMi khi đJu t# v?o mOt 1P nghi8p mỏ
;&t lYi' 1&u' c hGi' nguy hGi: ph7n đKi vi8c c&p
khu v3c khai th+c
=i]u ki8n đ(a ch&t kh*ng thu9n lYi
X@y dgn tr<n kh*ng' d@y đi8n )t?u đi8n' *t*đi8n-
=#>ng c+p treo' đ#>ng c+p tr<n kh*ng
2ng h$i do na: s3 va đ9p kh*ng khP
M+y chEn l&p l% d0ng khP ncn
23 va đ9p kh*ng khP' sng kh*ng khP )na mbn-
;< t*ng đ#Yc phun bWng khP ncn
;6i l$ l!ng trong kh*ng khP
23 1+c đ(nh nZng đO b6i trong kh*ng khP )B mỏ
hJm l%
4+ch chQn gi' v+ch đi]u ho? gi
Air column
Air compartment
Air conduit
Air conection
Air consumption
Air crossing
Air current
Air curtain=air sheet
Air^curtain technique in
Air delivery
Air diffusion
Air door
Air end
Air^end way
Air escape
Air^escape pipe
Air e1haust
Air e1hauster
Air^feed stoper
Air gate
Air hammer
Air hammer drill
Air head=air heading
Air hose
Air input
Air intake
Air leakage
Air lock system
Air main
Air movement
Air opening
Air out
Air panel
Air partition
Air pass
ROt kh*ng khP' h8 thKng ng dgn khP ncn )đi
1uKng gi[ng mỏ-
Dhoang th*ng gi' ng5n th*ng gi cMa gi[ng mỏ
hng th*ng gi
.% nKi th*ng gi
.#Yng' s3 ti<u hao kh*ng khP
=#>ng th*ng gi đ7o chi]u đ#Yc: chi giao nhau
cMa hai l% th*ng gi' cJu gi
.uZng kh*ng khP' luZng th*ng gi
M?n th*ng gi
23 na mbn c m?n kh*ng khP gi7m ch&n )đd b7o
v8 c*ng trbnh B gJn-
23 c&p kh*ng khP' s3 nGp kh*ng khP v?o
23 khu[ch t+n kh*ng khP
R!a th*ng gi
Mi8ng gi[ng th*ng gi' mi8ng l% th*ng gi
.% dLc th*ng gi )song song vVi l% dLc chPnh-
23 r% rC kh*ng khP
hng 17 kh*ng khP
23 tho+t khP' s3 17 kh*ng khP
M+y hTt gi' quGt hTt gi
M+y khoan' bTa khoan chGy bWng khP ncn
.% th*ng gi' l% dLc th*ng gi
;Ta h$i' bTa khP ncn
;Ta khoan bWng khP ncn
.% th*ng gi' l% dLc th*ng gi
hng m]m dgn khP ncn' đ#>ng Kng dgn khP ncn
23 th*ng gi' s3 quGt gi
23 nGp )c&p- kh*ng khP' l#Yng khP nGp )c&p-
.uZng th*ng gi v?o' l#Yng gi v?o
23 r% )th&t tho+t- kh*ng khP' chi r% kh*ng khP
ju th*ng gi
X%ng kh*ng khP' luZng kh*ng khP
23 lu@n chuydn )s3 tuJn ho?n- kh*ng khP
.% th*ng gi
Dh*ng khP ra
.% dLc th*ng gi cMa kho7nh' luZng gi cho
4+ch ng5n th*ng gi
.% th*ng gi
Air passage
Air pick
Air pit=air shaft
Air raise
Air road way
Air room
Air stream
Air supply
Air transmission
Air way
Airway stoping
Alarm apparatus
All^bell mine=all
conveyer mine
All coveyer ups=all^ups
All^electric colliery
All out
Allowable bearing
Allowable concentration
Allowable rock pressure
Allowable stress
Alloy bit
All purpose
All purpose machine
All^round )face^to^
surface- mechanikation
All^round method
All work
Alternate heading
Alternate design )layout-
)D<nh' l%' l% ngang' l% c+i- th*ng gi
;Ta chEn )chGy bWng- khP ncn
"i[ng th*ng gi
.% th#Yng th*ng gi
.% dLc th*ng gi
.% ngang th*ng gi' l% nKi th*ng gi )trong
ph#$ng ph+p khai th+c buZng cOt-
.uZng kh*ng khP' d%ng kh*ng khP
23 c&p khP ncn
23 th*ng gi
23 ph@n phKi kh*ng khP
.% th*ng gi' l% dLc th*ng gi
I#>ng chQn th*ng gi B l% th*ng gi
23 b+o đOng' thi[t b( b+o đOng
M+y ph+t tPn hi8u' c%i b+o đOng
Mỏ b5ng t7i ho+ to?n bO
Ihan nguy<n khai' hin hYp than đa phSm c&p
Mỏ than đi8n khP ho+ to?n bO
)RhGy- h[t c*ng su&t
RuKi ca' h[t ca
23 kh&u li]n vCa' s3 kh&u to?n di8n
lp l3c cho phcp )l<n tr6 b7o v8-
UZng đO cho phcp
lp l3c đ&t đ+ cho phcp )l<n vb' cOt chKng-
mng su&t cho phcp
23 cho phcp: s3 c*ng nh9n: ti]n trY c&p
)M/i khoan' r5ng m+y đ+nh rGch- bWng thcp hYp
4Gn n5ng: nhi]u c*ng d6ng
M+y vGn n5ng
R$ khP ho+ to?n bO
fh#$ng ph+p )pha bi[n' +p d6ng- rOng rãi
23 khai th+c to?n g#$ng )bWng g#$ng l% d?i'
kh*ng đd lGi tr6 b7o v8-: s3 kh&u li]n g#$ng
"#$ng l% hin hYp )vFa đi trong đ+ v? trong
kho+ng s7n c Pch-
fh#$ng +n thi[t k[
Alternate materials
Alternate stops and pillars
Aluminium detonator
Aluminium powder
Amount of air
Amount of precipitation
Amount of production
Anacampic sound test
Anchorage capacity
Anchor bolt
Anchor cable
Angle face
Angle of draw
Angle of nip
Angling hole=angular ho
Anhydrite mine
Annual advance
Annual leave
Annual precipitation
Annual progress
Anthracite culm
Antracite smalls
Antiknock property
Antiknock valuation
Antiknock value
Antiskid chain
Antiskid tire
49t li8u thay th[
;uZng khai th+c v? tr6 b7o v8 1en kn nhau
)"i7i ph+p' s3 l3a chLn- kh+c đd chLn' 1en kn
DPp na vỏ nh*m
;Ot nh*m )đd ph%ng ngFa b8nh nhiom b6i silic-
23 bZi th#>ng bWng ti]n )cho b8nh ngh] nghi8p-
fhGt ti]n
.#Yng kh*ng khP
Iang l#Yng m#a
puy m* khai th+c' tang s7n l#Yng
23 th! nc l% bWng c+ch gq
.3c neo )cMa thanh neo gia cK gc-
;ul*ng neo
R+p neo' d@y c+p neo
"#$ng l% chco
"c s6p đa' gc ph+ ho7' gc th+o' gc s6t lTn
"c gi,a r m+ nghi]n )m+y nghi]n-
.i khoan nghi<ng
Mỏ thGch cao
Ii[n đO n5m cMa g#$ng l%' tKc đO 1uKng s@u
)23- nghC phcp h?ng n5m
.#Yng m#a h?ng n5m
Ii[n đO n5m' tKc đO 1uKng s@u h?ng n5m
IPnh d( th#>ng' hi8n t#Yng b&t th#>ng
Ihan c+m antracit
R+m antracit
;8nh nhiom b6i than silic
23 d3 b+o
I5ng sNc đ] ph%ng na khP mỏ
Rh&t chKng )kPch- na
23 chKng na' ch&t chKng na
IPnh chKng kPch na
23 1+c đ(nh tPnh chKng kPch na
=O chKng kPch na
RhKng tr#Yt
sPch chKng tr#Yt
.Kp chKng tr#Yt
RhKng ttnh đi8n
M+y' d6ng c6' thi[t b(
Apple coal
Applied thrust
Approach orebody
Approach point
Approved apparatus
Approved cable
Approved for
underground use
Approved lamp
Arch brick
Arched rail
Arched rail set=Arched
Arch lining
Arch pillar
Arch shearer=archwall
header=archwall machine
Area of influence of well
Area of mesh
Area of subsidence
Area of weakness
Area utilisation rate
Arenaceous' arenarious

Arenaceous limestone
Arenaceous quartk
Arenaceous rock
Arenaceous te1ture
Artificial atmosphere
Artificial respiration
Artificial caving
Ascending bucket
Ascending cage
Ascending face
Ascending method
Ihan m]m
X6ng c6' thi[t b(: ph6 t0ng
lp l3c' +p su&t
MB vCa' mB th@n quAng
=idm ti[p c9n
Ihi[t b( đ#Yc phcp đ#a v?o s! d6ng
R+p an to?n )ph%ng na-
=#Yc phcp s! d6ng trong mỏ hJm l%
=En an to?n )ph%ng na-
4%m' v%m cuKn: tr6 b7o v8
"Gch cuKn v%m' gGch hbnh n<m
4%m cuKn bWng ray )đd gia cK đ#>ng l%-
4b chKng hbnh v%m bWng ray
4b kidu v%m' s3 chKng l% bWng vb hbnh v%m
Ir6 b7o v8 d#Vi l% dLc )v9n t7i hay th*ng gi-
M+y đ+nh rGch hbnh cung )đ?o l%-
Xi8n tPch 7nh h#Bng cMa )gi[ng' li khoan-
Xi8n tPch l?m vi8c cMa s?ng
40ng s6t lTn' di8n tPch lTn s6t
Dhu v3c đ&t đ+ y[u
MNc s! d6ng khai tr#>ng
Ir<n to?n bO kho+ng s?ng' tr<n to?n bO khu v3c
R c+t' c c&u tGo bWng c+t' giKng nh# c+t' do
nghi]n v6n' bB r>i
=+ v*i pha c+t
R+t thGch anh
=+ c+t k[t
R&u trTc bB r>i
Uh@n tGo
Dh*ng khP đã đ#Yc đi]u ho?
e* h&p nh@n tGo
23 ph+ ho7 c#ung bNc
Iheo h#Vng đi l<n
Ih0ng n@ng
R/i n@ng
"#$ng theo h#Vng dKc l<n
fh#$ng ph+p khai th+c tF d#Vi l<n
Ascending order
Ascending working
Assay of concentrate
Assay of feet
Assay of tailing

Irbnh t3 kh&u tF d#Vi l<n
.% th#Yng
e?m l#Yng trong quAng tinh
e?m l#Yng quAng đJu )tr#Vc khi tuydn-
e?m l#Yng quAng đu*i