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M o d u l e : R e c o l l e c t i o n F r a n c i s c o S c h o o l | 1

Experiencing God
Recollection of the Grade 6 Pupils
By: Sem. Jojimar Kenneth M. Gonowon
Our Lady of the Angels Seminary

I. Introduction (8:30- 10:00am)
a. Opening Prayer(by the facilitator) Video Clip
b. One word that will describe your feeling today (adjective- either English or
c. Speakers part of introduction (name of the facilitator)

II. Short Film

a. Movie clip Father Sacrificed his own son for others Running time 10:23m

Recall the characters in the Short Film Clip. Give the students more clear examples of self-emptying
just like our parents, teachers and friends.

b. Characters in the Story
i. Father
ii. Son
iii. Different kinds of people (different walks of life)

Explanations/ Inputs

We are called Gods children. We are adopted sons and daughters of God. Through
Jesus Christ, God revealed himself and offered His own self for the salvation of the world.
There is no greater love who sacrifices His own self for his brethren. The ultimate Love was
given from our creator himself who gave the true example of loving.

Recall the saving acts of God in the Old Testament from the Exile towards the Promised Land

God revealed Himself in stages. God reveal himself through the biblical signs made up of
words and deeds. He made covenants with Noah, with Abraham, and with Moses. He
performed greatest works and wonders for His chosen people, and proclaim the wonderful
saving power and truth through the prophets words. CCC 56-64.

Through his chosen men and women, God led, liberated, and corrected His people. He
forgave their sins. He thus revealed Himself as Yahweh, He who with His people. He is
the Lord a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity (Ex
34:6). Today through His inspired word in the Old Testament, God still reveals Himself to
us and inspires us to respond to his Covenant.

M o d u l e : R e c o l l e c t i o n F r a n c i s c o S c h o o l | 2

Relate Jesus in the New Testament as the concrete manifestation of Gods Love for all of us all Relate it
to the short film clip and addressing the passage from John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave
his only begotten son and whoever believes in Him might not perish but have eternal life.

III. Activity (10:20- 12:00nn)

Describe God in ONE word or Describe God through arts...

Drawing Materials:
Colored Cartolina or Manila paper cut into 4

Presentation of Individual works - posting on the board.

We cannot define God. We know God is powerful and omniscient. We cannot put limit on
what we know about God. But it really summarize as God is Love.

Resume @ 12:45 2:00pm
IV. Movie Clip

a. Film Clip Heart touching video about a perfect Father.
b. Recall the Characters
i. Father deaf mute who always give his oneself to his daughter.
ii. Daughter who always selfish and full of questions in his life about
finding a perfect father.

V. Reflection
a. Who loves me?
b. Who cares for me?
c. Who give time for me?
d. Who are these people?
e. Identify them and pray for them.

VI. Culminating Activity (2:00- 3:00pm)
a. Film Clip Dwells God Continues playing and music as a reflective type
of their story.
b. Write a letter for the parents thank you letter for them for all the things that
they have done.

VII. Closing Prayer

Prayers will be coming from the pupils themselves and final benediction by the facilitator.