We the people of Uganda gather in this place because our commitment to a process intended to
search and find shared answers to our dream for electoral democracy, peace, prosperity and
happiness of the citizens of Uganda.

We take this opportunity to celebrate our diversity and find common ground to work together for
just, equitable, inclusive, cooperative democracy that is accountable to and places citizens of our
beloved country at the center of our politics and development today and for the younger
generations to come.

This forum marks yet another opportunity to challenge ourselves on what we have done in the past
and we can do differently to achieve and consolidate our long-held common aspirations.

We are here to break new ground for genuine sacrifice for the country we live in and in so doing
contribute to a process that retains the confidence of many as one that will positively and
peacefully impact our country.

None of us here would claim to be absolutely perfect; and therefore we all come here with all
humility as peoples of Uganda connected to one another by history, culture, common values, shared
principles and beliefs, committed to building, developing and strengthening the country’s future.

We are not here to pass judgments, or apportion blame but to jointly correct what hasn’t worked
well while focusing on what has worked well to deliver a bright future for our country.

We gather here to fully exploit our potential through thinking together, planning together and
working together for a stronger, united and more resilient Uganda.

We are here because we simply believe in one another, we believe in our energies and above all, we
are confident that our collective energies can unquestionably transform our country into a pinnacle
of political, social and economic progress that we all aspire for.

All in all: the value of our lives is going to be gauged by when and how we succeed in collectively
finding solutions to situations that wholly or partially bedevil our past and future generations to
come. Our presence here is testimony to our resolve to face today and tomorrow as Ugandans.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

This is an idea whose time has come!