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More Baby Boomers Undergoing
Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
Baby boomers constitute about 28% of the U !o!ulation"
#bout 7$ million boomers are
turnin% $& in the ne't t(o
decades) i"e") 10)000 boomers
e*ery day" +he interestin% thin%
is that many are turnin% to cosmetic sur%ery to loo,
-omen (ant to im!ro*e their facial features to ma,e them
a!!ear as youn% as they feel"
Pe( .esearch Council data
sho(s that the ty!ical Boomer
feels 9 years youn%er than their
chronolo%ical a%e) (hich
e'!lains (hy they (ant to loo,
youn%er !hysically too"
#ccordin% to a recent re!ort) Utah has the hi%hest number
!er ca!ita of boomer-a%ed adults %ettin% cosmetic sur%ery
!rocedures" /t !ro*ides some interestin% information about
this demo%ra!hic se%ment and the demand for aesthetic
• 1lecti*e cosmetic sur%ery amon% boomers ha*e
increased by about $&% in the last decade
• Non-invasive cosmetic surgery !rocedures are u!
87% in this time !eriod
Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery 1-713-791-0700
• Boto' is amon% the mostly fre2uently !erformed
treatment) follo(ed by eyelifts) filler in3ections) nec,
lifts and com!lete face lifts
• #t !resent) (omen com!rise the ma3ority under%oin%
cosmetic treatment) thou%h the !ercenta%e of men
%ettin% treatments has sho(n considerable
im!ro*ement o*er the years
4or #merican (omen) life e'!ectancy has e'tended 35
years o*er the last fi*e decades" Boomers are (or,in%
lon%er than before and (ant to %et to the end of their health
s!an in better !hysical form" 6lder (or,ers (ant remain
acti*e and en%a%ed in society) and to loo, %ood to fit in
(ith youn%er co-(or,ers and to en3oy the remainin% years
of their life"
#ccordin% to the #merican ociety of Plastic ur%eons
7#P8) a total of 3)778)513 baby boomers had !lastic
sur%ery last year" +he #merican ociety for #esthetic
Plastic ur%ery 7##P8 re!orted that those o*er $&
under(ent 9"7% of the total cosmetic !rocedures in 2013"
-hile the decision to ha*e a cosmetic !rocedure is
!ersonal) consultin% a 2ualified and e'!erienced !lastic
sur%eon is critical (hen it comes to %oin% ahead" /n
addition to bein% in %ood health) older !eo!le need to be
a(are of the com!lications - thou%h rare - they may face)
and the time that (ould be needed for reco*ery"