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It gives me great opportunity to complete my proposal and
report writing with the help the management of Principal Mrs.
Sabrina Madam guided by Mrs. Shenaz Madam
The school who gave me permission to complete my practical
with the help the students and teacher of that school and specially
the principal of that school is Mr. Ankush D. Belote Sir . My
friends and family members also helped me in completing this
action research practical .

Thank You !

01. Pune .C.” To M. Raut Mohini Vishnu Sabrina Name of the Khan .E Society’s junior College of Education [ English medium ] Azam Campus.SELF DECLARATION I here by submit the Action research report on “ How to Improve English spellings of standard 5th of Marathi Medium Student. Name of the Principal researcher Mrs.

Name of the Principal Guide Mrs.CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Raut Mohini Vishnu Std-S.Ed . Sabrina Khan Shehnaz Madam Name of the Mrs. Div-C Roll No-7.has completed the report writing on the Study of effectiveness of a program to improve the English spellings of the Marathi Medium student of standard 5th in Action Research for the academic year 2009-10.D.T.Y. .


CHAPTER – 1 Introduction of topics of Research .

1 INTROCUCTION Today’s world is having the different competition so we called today world as competitive world.1. In educational field English having very important great important because of this reason in Maharashtra state English subject is indicated from 1st standard . . Learning to write is not so easy and it is also needs of hard work so students must know capital and small letters very neatly and properly . English language is accepted by all over the world so it is called international language so it is very important for the communication and different purpose. In the four skill writing last step in development of language learning. Command on various language is very important for all around development of child and personality development of every body.

and H.C.T.S. As a researcher is the pupil teacher taking practice lessons in the English Medium School in standard 5th.Ed. The researcher realized that the spelling mistakes of the student is not good and up this mark.3 IMPORTANCE OF THE PROBLEM : English is consider in an national links language an international language as a liber language. majority of the student of S.1. college studying in second year.2 Need of the Problem The researcher is the student of D.C.S. In today is modern society every one need to know English for taking higher educational one should have proper space of English knowledge is science and technology English is used as a source of . so it is very necessary and needful of student the researcher has selected this problem. fail in English subject because of spelling mistake. 1.

School to improve the English spelling in Marathi medium students.  English Spelling .getting knowledge in science and technology English is used as a source of getting knowledge.” 1. 1.5 OPERATIONAL DEFINITION  Effectiveness : Producing impressive result  Program : Program is a series of activities of specific day.4 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM “A study of effectiveness of the program 5th std.  Improve : Improve is a positive level of progress which we see after any guidance. students of Z.P.

1.7 ASSUMPTION AND HYPOTHESIS Assumption :  English is taught effectively in school.  To conduct the program  To study effectiveness of this program.Student who have passed fourth std and of the age group of 10 – 11 years.  Teacher provide adequate practice in spelling. Std 5th :.  Student from age group Hypothesis : . 1.6 OBJECTIVES  To check the correct level of the student in the subject English in the subject English.

in .  Researcher has selected students in Zilha Parishad Ahmednagar district. 1.9 SCOPE AND LIMITATION : Scope : school.8 SAMPLE :  Teacher select the 10 student of the std 5th . 1.If there is significant after implementation program then students are able to write correctly.

 This research will be beneficial to teachers it will suggest remedies to improve spelling.  It is limited to the English subject only. LIMITATIONS :  The study is limited to the student of Marathi medium of 5th student. The research will be beneficial to the student to improve English spelling. .  This research will be beneficial to society as more expressive and creative individuals will bw produced.

CHAPTER – 2 Review of Related Literature .

V.2.A. Phill) o Education Alagappa University. The review of related literature acquints the researchers with the work done by other researchers which may be useful to conduct the research. .1 Review of Related Literature : The review of literature was found in different volums of survey of educational research by M.B.Buch .  The problem was a study of errors in writing English and remedial program..  Joshi. E. The problem was studied to the impact of remedial teaching programmer on the common error commited by students of standard 12th in written English.G. society college of education Ahemadnagar 1975. Review of Related Literature Magazines Books News Papers BUCH  Baskran Herberts 1989 (M.

introduce new things. improving English spelling mistake. Teacher suggest remedies to improve spelling. Shaikh A. burau of text book. new notebooks.G.” Innovation means to create something new. etc.” “To innovate is to create to trade new pattern in an original mode. .  The problem was a critical study of errors in Marathi writing committed by Urdu speaking pupils of standard 7th. In this proposal. 1992 Pune M. the teacher uses different teaching aids. stick capital letters and small letters on the wall. S.2 Innovation and It’s usefulness of research work Definition: “An innovative is a new idea perceived by the individual. Student improves his/her handwriting easily. 2.

3 Implementation of Research .CHAPTER .

1 Research Methodology Experimental Method Survey Method Resear ch Method Historical Method .3.

 It is not possible to handle independent variable like age. In this research. the researcher has adopted the experimental method for studying the problem. Student in classroom on the factor like motivation. . affect on the factor to others in scientific term. is decided by the researcher.  What action is to be taken and to what extent.  Groups are divided equally by using random sampling method. No.Experimental Method: In this research. Experimental research is conducted to understand the effect of factor like teaching method educational instrument. Characteristics of Experimental Method:  For making comparative study for experimental and control group. social and economical condition. attitude towards education etc. Experimental research means examining the hypothesis indicating the cause and effect relation. of.  This help to find out the effect on action research and which action is more effective.

3. External variable which is not included in study which can effect the experiment controlled using their controlled process. Cluster sampling method D. Quota sampling method F. Multistage sampling method G. Stratified sampling method C. Purposive sampling method E.2 Sample Different sampling method: A. Incidental sampling method These are the different sampling method.  In experimental research only one research. Random sampling method B. o Purposive sampling method : .  If this is not done the extend factor will make effect on the other factor.

This method is known as incidental sampling method. o Incidental sampling method : o When the sample is to be selected from the population of the researcher select the sample from his surrounding as on when the sample units are available . 3.3 Tools and Techniques of the Action Research : Tools and techniques of the Action Research Observation Test Questionnaire Interview . use punctuation marks etc are selected by the teacher to give the treatment.o In this method the researcher select the sample for population of his interest and with satisfied a particular purpose. o Eg : Students well in proper English writing like use capital letters.

o Unclear and more instructions are not proper. o Nothing should be not double meaning. o It should be made as per division . o The name of the researcher . o All the question should on the basic of definite objectives. . o A proper and suitable title should be given to the questionnaire. “ Well arranged set of the questions given to the person from whom information is to be collected is called questionnaire . According to Bar. In order words a pre arranged series of questions presented for collecting information is called as questionnaire.Questionnaire : Series of pre – arranged questions put forward for collection information is called questionnaire. o The question should not be indicative types. o Instruction should be clear and limited. Characteristic of Good Questionnaire : o Every question in the questionnaire should be clear. the subject of research and the name of guide and year should mention.

o Since the responsive persons are answering the questions . Advantages : o It is possible to get the response from the persons staying at different places. o The prints of questionnaire should be clean and clear. the response is objectives . o Those who can’t give oral answers to the question can send written answers through the questionnaire. o The question asked should be about a particular objectives. o Many persons can participate as the responsive persons. o Define answers can be complied through a questionnaire. o The language of question should be clear. o The question should be grammatically correct. o The length of the question should be limited.o Before making a questionnaire one should study some more questionnaire made by some other researcher.

Researcher used experimental method for this research Researcher takes pre test and next day researcher implement Day Date Activity Time 1 Monday 26.04. 04.10 Post test 30 min.3. 2 Tuesday Mean 27.4 Remedial Measures : The researcher had decided to Mean . .10 = ∑x / Nprogamme 30 min.Median and ‘T’ test . 3 Thursday program then post test. ‘t’ value = ∑D / N-1 29.10 Pre test 30 min.04.

CHAPTER – 4 Collection of information and data its synthesis and analysis .


1 Presentation of information and data : Pre – Test 6th Sr.no Name of student Marks Marks Total 1 Sagar Raut 7 2 9 2 Dipali Fuke 5 2 7 3 Om Sinde 8 3 11 4 Neha Kale 8 1 9 5 Raj Pande 6 2 8 6 Durga Kokate 5 1 6 7 Vinod Mane 7 3 10 8 Leena Sane 9 2 11 9 Rani Gore 6 1 7 10 Khushboo Mulani 7 1 8 .4.

no Name of student Marks Marks Total 1 Sagar Raut 11 3 14 2 Dipali Fuke 10 3 13 3 Om Sinde 13 4 17 4 Neha Kale 13 3 16 5 Raj Pande 12 3 15 6 Durga Kokate 11 4 15 7 Vinod Mane 10 5 15 8 Leena Sane 12 4 16 9 Rani Gore 13 3 16 10 Khushboo Mulani 12 5 17 .Post Test Sr.

m es[ netQ oe2 ovefavQ la1 sul] tau uta dit eoi no tn .SN PD D2 raro1 .