Marks:40 Time:2hr Sub:His/P.S Std:10
Q1.(A).Fill in the blanks in the given statements choosing the correct word from the brackets.(3M)
1)Badshah Jahangir had given permission to start business centre in----------- .(Mumbai,surat,Calicut)
2)In 1884 european nations held a conference at----------- .(berlin,etophia,Mozambique)
3)Balkan area was the part of -----------empire.(germany,Austria,turkey)

(B).Match the columns A and B suitably. (3M)
1)Bartholomew dias a)courageous European traveler
2)mungopark b)American journalist
3)Stanley c)portugeuse sailor
Q2.Answer the following questions in 25 to 30 words. (Any 2) (4M)
1) Why was there dissatisfaction created in Europe after the first world war?
2)Explain the term aggressive nationalism.
3)The discovery of interior part of Africa did not take place. Why?
Q3.Give reasons for the following in 25 to 30 words. (Any 2) (4M)
1)The European felt the need for finding out new sea routes.
2)china remained undivided.
3) The other community people opposed Tsar’s rule.
Q4.Answer the following questions in 40 to 50 words. (Any 2) (6M)
1)Write any three destructive effects of imperialism.
2) Write the social work of the league of nations.
3) How did Hitler acquire power in germany?
Q5.Answer the following questions in 60 to 80 words. (Any 2) (8M)
1)Why did Russia economic condition decline?
2)Write about the constructive effects of imperialism.
3)Write the reasons for imperialism.
Q6.Fill in the blanks using proper option from the brackets. (3M)
1)Indian national congress was established in ---------------- .(1885,1985,1857,1991)
2)India has-------------form of democracy.(direct,indirect,presidential,mixed)
3)In Australia amendment to constitution is brought by --------------

Q7.Answer the following questions in one sentence each. (Any 3) (3M)
1) State any two party systems.
2) What is state level or regional political party?
3)What is recall?
4) When is referendum adopted?
Q8.State giving reasons if the following statements are True or False. (Any 2) (4M)
1) Nationalist congress party is a regional party.
2) When two or more than two parties come together and form government, it is called two party
3) Holding elections is a necessary condition for existence of democracy.

Q9.Answer the following in 25 to 30 words. (Any 1) (2M)
1)What is indirect democracy?
2)Write short note on communist party of India.