Marks:40 Time:2hr Sub:His/P.S Std:10
Q1.(A).Fill in the blanks in the given statements choosing the correct word from the brackets.(3M)
1)Karl marx was a-----------philosopher.(Russian,german,polish)
2) The security council includes-----------members as permanent and temporary
3)Portuguese king ------------motivated the navigation.(William,henry,Nicholas)
(B).Match the columns A and B suitably. (3M)
1) Benito Mussolini a) Nazi party
2) Adolf Hitler b) People’s party
3) Kemal pasha c) Fascist party
d) Genro
Q2.Answer the following questions in 25 to 30 words. (Any 2) (4M)
1) What is economic imperialism?
2)Why was japan called a recluse nation?
3) Why did league of nations fail?
Q3.Give reasons for the following in 25 to 30 words. (Any 2) (4M)
1) In UNO, security council plays a prominent role.
2) There was rise of militarism in Europe.
3)Africa was known as dark continent until the 18century.
Q4.Answer the following questions in 40 to 50 words. (Any 2) (6M)
1)Write about the opium wars between England and china.
2)What is the meaning of colonization?
3) Explain the term ‘bloody Sunday’.
Q5.Answer the following questions in 60 to 80 words. (Any 2) (8M)
1)Write about the establishment of UNO.
2)Write about ‘nanking treaty’.
3)Write the effects of the first world war.
Q6.Fill in the blanks using proper option from the brackets. (3M)
1)Citizens get fundamental rights and freedom in-------------------
(dictatorship, democracy,autocracy,feudalism)
2) To maintain and capture----------is the main aim of the political parties.
3) At present there are ------------national parties in India.(six,two,three,seven)
Q7.Answer the following questions in one sentence each. (Any 3) (3M)
1)What is a political party?
2) State any one difference between ruling party and the opposition party.
3) What is direct democracy?
4)Why is representative democracy inevitable?

Q8.State giving reasons if the following statements are True or False. (Any 2) (4M)
1) To propose a law is the responsibility of legislature in India.
2) There is presidential democracy in India.
3) People who share common opinion form political party.
Q9.Answer the following in 25 to 30 words. (Any 1) (2M)
1)Write a short note on fundamental rights and protection of freedom.
2) Write the functions of the political party.