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Healing of the Atmosphere

Homa-Hof Heiligenberg
What the Earth needs
Ancient knowledge applied anew
Agnihotra comes from the Vedas
The Vedas are among the oldest scriptures on earth.
They contain primary knowledge including laws of na-
ture, spiritual laws, different sciences and ethical prin-
In the Vedas, HOMA Therapy is described as a process
belonging to the sciences of bioenergetics, medicine,
climatology and agriculture. Moreover, it contributes to
spiritual development of man.
Agnihotra is the basic fre
(homa or yajnya) in HOMA Therapy.
The performance of Agnihotra is simple and takes
only about 10 minutes. The ingredients are exactly
specifed and have strong cleansing effects: dried cow
dung (containing a substance similar to penicillin),
Ghee (clarifed butter) and rice. The shape and mea-
sures of the pyramid-shaped Agnihotra pot play an
important role during the burning process, as well as
the material copper, which has electroconductive and
bacteriostatic properties.
Agnihotra is performed
at sunrise and sunset.
At these times, a food of
subtle energies is fowing
on the earth in this area.
Some syllables (mant-
ras) are sung which are
exactly in accord with the
special vibrations at sunrise and sunset. The healing
energies emanating from Agnihotra fre are directed
into the atmosphere and are also contained in the re-
maining ash.
Agnihotra works according to the system of resonance:
Heal the atmosphere,
and the healed atmosphere will heal you.
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The Homa-Hof Heiligenberg in Germany was found-
ed in 1988 on the initiative of Horst Heigl. Here you
can see the positive effects of Agnihotra, experience
and learn this age-old fre technique in free informa-
tion sessions.
Agnihotra we and our planet Earth need it!
By means of Agnihotra, a purifcation of the at-
mosphere, the soil and waters can be achieved
It helps to restore the ecological balance
It supports the health of humans, animals and
It harmonizes body, soul and spirit
It supports ones inner spiritual growth
The fux of life energy (Qi or Prana) is harmo-
nized and strengthened
As you can see on the GDV-
pictures, after Agnihotra, the
emission of subtle fne ener-
gies increases by up to more
than 100%. Leaks indicating
enfeeblement of the orga-
nism were closed to a large
extent. This happens with hu-
mans and likewise with ani-
mals and plants.
Association for HOMA Therapy
Our intentions
For the organisation and management of the Homa-
Hof, the association Verein fr Homa-Therapie (As-
sociation for Homa Therapy) was founded, which is
recognized of beneft to the public in the feld of en-
vironmental protection. The members manage the
farm mostly as volunteers
in their spare time.
Our main goal is to explo-
re the impact of Vedic fre
techniques (Homa) and
to share our knowledge.
There are regular free in-
formation sessions. Up-
coming dates can be
found on our website.
Homa-Hof Heiligenberg is a showcase maintained
mainly through voluntary help, supported by sponso-
ring members and donations. We are grateful for any
help. It allows us to better spread Agnihotra. We invite
you to help, to
learn, to gain
and exchange
experience, to
recharge your
batteries. We
look forward to
Donation account:
Verein fr Homa-Therapie e.V.
Sparkasse Salem-Heiligenberg
IBAN: DE3969051725000204356
The selfess sharing
with others to bring into
balance give and
take, and to
achieve non-
Exercises in self-
discipline to transform
our weaknesses into
strengths and
to reach our
Right selfess
actions bring
us a good fortune
because you reap what
you sow.
Study of our
self (Who am I?)
for a responsible
life and self-aware-
Fire techniques for
cleaning the atmos-
phere, water, soil, and
for the regeneration of
human, animal and
The Fivefold Path
Peace and Harmony for all people
The essence of the Vedas has been summarized in
5 guidelines that can be considered as eternal laws
for a happy coexistence on earth. They are an enrich-
ment to and a connecting link of all cultures, races,
religions, creeds and social strata.
The basic compendium of Agnihotra (in Ger-
man): Agnihotra Ursprung, Praxis und
Anwendungen by Horst and Birgitt Heigl
and more books and information can be
found in the publishing house:
Verlag Horst Heigl, D- 88633 Heiligenberg,
More information on the Vedas, Homa (Yajnya), Agnihotra
and the Fivefold Path can be found on our website.
Agnihotra is explained in
detail both theoretically
and practically.
Evening Agnihotra. Our annual summer
meetings mainly serve to exchange ex-
Verein fr Homa-Therapie e.V.
Oberhaslach 6, D - 88633 Heiligenberg
Telefon Hof: +49-7554/283
Telefon Bro: +49-7552/938754
Fax: +49-7552/938756
Facebook: agnihotra.homa.hof.heiligenberg
The Homa-Hof
A garden full of health
On Homa-Hof Heiligenberg (Germany), on an area of
some 8 ha, we cultivate vegetables, fruits and herbs
in organic farming. In addition, soil, seeds and ripe-
ning fruits are treated with the high energetic and eu-
trophic Agnihotra ash.
When the atmosphere is purifed through Agnihotra,
the ecological balance of nature is restored so that
man, animal and plant work in harmony - individually
and all together.
Scientifc studies show that Agnihotra reduces envi-
ronmental pollution considerably; pathogens even to
more than 90%.
Root vegetables
reveal the infuence
of Agnihotra on cell
water: The structure
is distinct and har-
monious, showing a
higher order full of
power and energy.
On Homa Hof, we want to
practise active effcient pro-
tection of the environment
establish a resource of good
energetic foods
give all people the chance
to experience the harmoni-
zing effect of Agnihotra on our
body, soul and spirit
support scientifc re-
searches on the base of Agni-
share our knowledge with
all people who want to help
themselves, others and the