Creating Bex Queries - Restricted key figure, calculated key figure, exceptions

formulas and allowing the query for external use, creating BICS connection from
both IDT and CMC and using it for reporint through BO reporting tools WEBI, Cry
stal reports for enterprise and Dashboard
Installing and Configuration of BODS 4.0
BODS 4.0:
Creating a local repository (for developement) in DS Repository manager
Creating a Job server and assiging repsository to it
Configuring local repository in CMC for Data Services
Creating User and assigning security
Familiarised in using BODS as an ETL tool for extracting data from flat file, SA
P applications and loading data in SAP BW system
Setting up a new connection/integration between SAP BW and Data services
Defined a datastore from Data Services to your target data warehouse
Imported metadata from target tables into the local repository so that you
can use the Designer to work with these tables
Defined file formats and a connection to flat-file source data
Creating project, JOB, Workflow, Dataflow, executing Job,
FROM SAP Application:
Defining a SAP application datastore
IMporting metadata from SAP application source tables
Defining data flow to call ABAP dataflow to extract SAP data and loading to targ
et table
SAP BODS and SAP BW connection set up
Checking the RFC connection working fine, Verifying RFC sever interface is start
ed in DS management console
Creating data targets - creating info area, infoobject catalogues, creating char
acterstics and key figures, creating application component and infosource, addin
g info objects to infosource, creating transfer rules.
Retreiving data in SAP BW - Create Infopackage, scheduling infopackage and loadi
ng data to PSA and checking data in PSA maaintenance,
transferring data from PSA to an Infocube - creating infocube (from infoprovider
), creating dimnesions, adding characterstics to dimensions, adding Key figure i
nfoobjects to Key figure in infocube, checking data in infocube,loading data int
o infocube using transformation and DTP, checking data in infocube
SAP BODS - creating job and executing it, fetching the metadata file,
Creating relational connections based single and multisource universes (SAP BW,
MS SQL SERVER, ORACLE etc.) and OLAP connections (BICS on top of Bex Query),Meas
ures, dimension objects, JOINS,Cardinalities, resolving Loops and traps using AL
iases/contexts,Derived tables, @Functions (select, where, variable, aggregate_aw
are, execute, dervied table, Prompt), Formulas, Filters, LOVS, Parameters, Navig
ational paths, performance tuning for better and efficient reporting, Applying R
ow level, Data level securities based on client requirements, Testing the univer
ses to ensure database connectivity, objects in the universe correct mapping and
verification of data.
Data Model,Workflows,Rule table Concept,know How of the UBIS processes