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Sigils and Veve

While I was studying the religion of Voodoo over the internet I learn the use of the Veve to call the
Loa or divinities. This Veve are drawn on the floor in a ceremony and it is expected that they will
make the desire Loa to manifest, usually this happens by the Loa possessing .one of the practitioners.
The student of western magick will found this process very similar to the one use in ritual magick or
cabalistic, salomonic magick were a sigil is drawn on the magick triangle to make the spirit appear.
My big surprise was to notice the similarity of some of this Veves with the Sigils found on the Goetia
and the Grimoir Verum, both attributed to Solomon. For example, the following drawing is a Voodoo
Veve to call Loa Ezili-Freda-Dahomey and it was the first one to call my attention:
Loa Ezili-Freda
compare with the seal of Gomory on the Goetia:
Striking similar, the only difference is the cross in the middle of the last one, but it definetly reveals at
least and influence.
This inspire me to continue my search and I found another seal and Veve, very similar to each other if
not the same:
Loa Ibo
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They are almost identical but the circles on the left and righ bottom are shown as squares in the Veve
of Loa Ibo.
Compare also the following:
Loa Kalfu
Goetia Amduscias
The following two share some similarity:
Loa Drum
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Goetia Forneus
Moving now to the Grimorium Verum we find:
With is similar to this Veve:
Loa Papa Legba
Here the Cross appears at the apex of the triangle and instead of a circle containing a cross we find
and hexagon on the botton containing a cross, and two arrows on the left hand instead of one.
Another sigil from the Grimorium Verum:
Sigil of Khil
Compare with:
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Loa Onzoncaire
Considering the Myth about King Solomon who got 500 wives, princess from different kingdoms,
whom allow them to continue worshiping their gods, he who had a special interest for woman of
color ( it is said that the woman he love the most was Shiva Queen of Ethiopia in Africa) and even
practice their magick, It is indeed very possible that the spirits who Salomon work with to build the
temple of god where the Loa of Voodoo and Santeria later seems as devils perhaps by Solomon itself
who imprison them into a bottle (according to the Goetia) and throw it to the bottom of the sea.
The testimony of many Voodoo practitioners should prove then, that this entities or Loa are not evil
themselves but misunderstood, since in the voodoo religion a Loa will never accept to do any wrong
doing to anybody, for this purpose the magician will have to use the spirit of the dead people.
Does the Voodoo priest took this sigils from the grimoirs or the grimoirs writer (whetever Solomon or
not) took them from Africa? This is the real question with I like to raise with these exposition.
I have a limited amount of Voodoo Veve, but I am sure that many other similarities exist between
many other Veve uknown to me and sigils and seals found in the grimoirs of the Solomonic Cicle.
Further comparison and study is advise.
Other questions to be ask are:
Since their sigils are similar, what about the domain, characteristics attributes and powers of this
deities, are they similar to the ones given in the grimoirs?
This article is intellectual Property of Frater Alastor.
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