Table of Contents

Section 1 – Executive Summary......................................................................................................3
Section 2 – Company Profile...........................................................................................................6
Section 3 – Client References..........................................................................................................8
Section 4 – Propose System an Solution...................................................................................1!
Section " – #mplementation Plan...................................................................................................12
Section 6 – #mplementation Support an $aintenance.................................................................2!
Section % – Response to Re&uirements..........................................................................................2"
Section 8 – Pricin'.........................................................................................................................2%
Section ( – )erms an Conitions.................................................................................................2(
Section 1 – Executive Summary
)*is ocument is prepare in response to t*e Re&uest for Proposal +,R-P./ issue 0y Sin'apore
Police -orce 1s #nvesti'ation an Report 2ranc* +,#R2./ for a Re 3i'*t Camera System
+,R3C./ Pro4ect at 4unction of 2u5it )ima* Roa an Clementi Roa +,Site./. Camatrix Pte 3t
is please to su0mit t*is proposal 6it* t*e o04ective to provie top7notc* service offerin's an
tec*nolo'y to meet t*e nees of #R2. Camatrix aims to provie t*e esi'n8 installation an
maintenance of a R3C system at site8 to tac5le increasin'ly issue of re7li'*t 0eaters.
#n formulatin' t*is proposal8 Camatrix *as performe its ue ili'ence in 'at*erin' an
analysin' 'iven an self7researc*e information8 c*ec5in' t*e accuracy an relia0ility of t*ese
)*e proposal 6ill clearly communicate t*e competitive avanta'e of Camatrix in t*e area of
tec*nolo'y an maintenance support for t*is pro4ect. Camatrix1s innovative iea of usin' an
inte'rate function of 3icense Plate an -acial Reco'nition +,3P-R./8 9lo0al Positionin'
System +,9PS./ an mo0ile evice notifications8 in aition to t*e existin' structure of R3C8
6ill solve t*e current s*ortcomin's #R2 face8 an provie aitional 0enefits. )*is inte'rate
system is 5no6n as Cam36!.
1.1 #ntrouction – 2ac5'roun of R3C
)*e increasin' num0er of ve*icles t*rou'* t*e years *as t*reatene t*e issue of roa safety for
0ot* rivers an peestrians. )*ere *as 0een a 3.6: increment of traffic violations in 2!12. ;f
t*e violations8 speein' an re7runnin' etecte *ave 0een ma4or contri0utors to roa fatalities.
)*is pro0lem *as prompte t*e implementation of Re 3i'*t Camera System +,R3C./8 to
effectively capture re7li'*t 0eaters8 an reucin' t*e c*ances of roa fatalities.
1.2 ;04ectives of Pilot ERP ## Pro4ect
)*e o04ectives of t*e R3C Pro4ect for #R2 at t*e propose site are
i. )o monitor rivin' 0e*aviours of rivers<
ii. )o eter rivers from re7li'*t 0eatin'<
iii. )o reuce traffic fatalities< an
iv. )o effectively an efficiently capture traffic violators.
1.3 2enefits of Propose R3C Pro4ect 7 Cam36!
i. 2enefits to ve*icle o6ners= Cam36! 6ill *elp to monitor t*e rivin' 0e*aviours of all
rivers. >s suc*8 rivers are more conscious of t*eir rivin' an t*is 6ill *elp all ot*er rivers to
feel safe in rivin' t*rou'* t*e site. ?iolatin' ve*icle o6ners can also access #R2 6e0site to
recall or vie6 t*eir violatin' 0e*aviours8 t*rou'* poste information an p*otos.
ii. 2enefits to Sin'apore )raffic Police +S)P/= Cam36! 6ill *elp S)P to monitor traffic
0e*aviours8 an t*us introucin' relevant measures to enforce traffic la6s an eucate t*e
importance of traffic safety.
iii. 2enefits to #nvesti'ation an Reports 2ranc* +#R2/= @*en a traffic violation suc* as re7
li'*t 0eatin' is 0ein' conucte8 Cam36! can automatically etect an recor t*e ve*icle
num0er an facial ima'e of t*e traffic violators 6it* its 3icense Plate an -acial Reco'nition
function. Suc* information 6ill t*en 0e transferre via mo0ile evice notifications to traffic la6
enforcers. Suc* 6ell7connecte flo6 of information ena0les traffic la6 enforcers to receive real7
time information an ta5e immeiate enforcement actions.
>s t*e Cam36! can self7etect an provie information irectly to t*e traffic la6 enforcers an
#R21s 6e0site8 it also *elps to eliminate t*e nee of manpo6er to carry out suc* tas5s at t*e
operation centre.
)*e traffic la6 enforcers are connecte to t*e Cam36!8 6*ere t*eir locations are monitore via
9PS8 installe in eicate mo0ile evices. )*us8 Cam36! 6ill ecie 6*ic* enforcers to receive
t*e traffic violation notice an 0e activate8 0ase on t*eir proximity to t*e violators. )*is is an
efficient eployment of manpo6er.
1.4 Propose System an #mplementation
)*e propose R3C system 6ill utiliAe t*e latest 3icense Plate an -acial Reco'nition8 mo0ile
evice notifications an 9PS tec*nolo'y to etect an capture re7li'*t 0eatin' ve*icles. > ata
centre 6ill 0e locate at #R21s ;peration Centre an it 6ill *ouse t*e central computer system of
t*e propose Cam36!. Camatrix 6ill install t*e Cam36! at t*e propose site8 6it* i'ital still
an vieo camera. Camatrix 6ill also issue communication evices to t*e traffic la6 enforcers.
Betails of t*e Cam36! system can 0e foun in Section 4.
)*e pro4ect is spanne over a perio of approximately 3 mont*s. @or5flo6 etails an
consierations for t*e implementation can 0e foun in Section ". )*e implementation plan
inclues 6or5 0rea5o6n structure8 responsi0ility matrix8 net6or5 ia'ram8 activity list an
9antt c*art.
@e *ave ientifie various possi0le ris5s an its respective responses. )*ese are reporte in
Section 6 of t*is proposal. Camatrix 6ill provie an one7year support from system operation
commencement ate. Support structure8 type an level of support can also 0e foun in Section 6.
1." R3C System Pro4ect Pricin'
Propose pricin' *as inclue a 0asic set of *ar6are8 soft6are8 la0our8 services8 over*ea an a
127mont* maintenance fee. 3ocal travel cost 6ill 0e 0orne 0y Camatrix. >ny aitional sets of
items suc* as operation manuals8 trainin' lessons8 evices or extene support8 are c*ar'ea0le
0ase on t*e rates in Section 8.
Section 2 – Company Profile
2.1 ;vervie6
Camatrix is 0ase in Sin'apore an 6as foune 0y CE;8 >lfre 3im8 in year 2!!18 specialiAin'
in infrastructure en'ineerin' pro4ects in Sout* East >sia. -rom a local start7up to one 6it*
re'ional exposure in t*e last 1! years8 Camatrix is no6 one of t*e fe6 contractors t*at supplie
an installe traffic li'*t8 re li'*t an spee camera systems to 'overnmental 0oies.
2.2 ?ision
Camatrix aims to levera'e on its competitive avanta'e of latest infrastructure tec*nolo'y to
raise t*e operational efficiency of various local infrastructures. )o ac*ieve t*is vision8 Camatrix
constantly explores ne6 tec*nolo'y 6it* Retron from Cet*erlans. Camatrix 0elieves t*at a
safe an *i'*ly efficient infrastructure is essential to t*e country1s economy 6ell70ein' an its
sustaina0le an safe livin' conitions.
2.3 Capa0ility
Camatrix *as t*e experiences of proviin' an maintainin' infrastructure en'ineerin' pro4ects in
t*e Sout* East >sia countries. Camatrix *as its o6n in7*ouse systems en'ineerin' an
manufacturin' operations. )*is allo6s us to *ave full control of t*e system1s &uality. ;ur o6n
researc* an evelopment team *as come up 6it* t*e patent7o6ne Cam36! t*at fuses various
latest tec*nolo'ies for operational efficiency an effectiveness. )*e purpose of a very7o6n RDB
ensures t*at t*e customers al6ays 'ain access to t*e latest tec*nolo'y an t*e a0ility to
customiAe an evelop t*eir very o6n tec*nolo'y.
2.4 ;r'anisation Structure
Camatrix is 0ase in Sin'apore an *as current staff7stren't* of seventy. )*e company is *eae
0y C*ief Executive ;fficer8 >lfre 3im. $r Steve )an 6ill 0e t*e 2i an Pro4ect $ana'er for
t*is tener. Camatrix *as t*e follo6in' epartments=
7 Euman Resource Bepartment
7 Sales D $ar5etin' Bepartment
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 5 of 31
7 >ministration an Procurement Bepartment
7 )rainin' Bepartment
7 Ear6are #nstallation Bepartment
7 Solutions Bevelopment Bepartment
2." -inancial Situation
Profits of Camatrix *ave 0een increasin' steaily. @it* forty million ollars of 6or5in' capital8
6e *ave a0solute fait* in our operations an sta0ility to unerta5e t*is pro4ect.
2.6 -uture Plan
Camatrix aims to 0ecome t*e leain' infrastructure en'ineerin' systems provier in Sin'apore.
#n aition8 our company intens to expan our operations to evelopin' countries suc* as
$ile East. )*e expansion 6ill ena0les us to levera'e on t*e 'ro6in' economy of $ile East
an increase our presence 0eyon Sout* East >sia. Camatrix 6ants to 0e part of t*e solutions to
a 0etter livin' 6orl8 0y s*apin' infrastructure to meet t*e emans of an ever7c*an'in'
economy an ever7'ro6in' population.
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 6 of 31
Section 3 – Client References
-or t*e past 1! years8 Camatrix *as 0een transformin' t*e infrastructure systems in various
Sout* East >sia1s countries. @it* our innovative infrastructure en'ineerin' tec*nolo'y8 our
customers *ave 6itnesse tremenous improvement in terms of t*e roa safety8 traffic la6
enforcement an manpo6er efficiency. 2elo6 are t6o of t*e clients 6*om 6e *ave 6or5e 6it*=
Company Eon' Hon' )ransport Bepartment an Eon' Hon' Police -orce
#mplemente System Re 3i'*t Camera systems
)o procure an install 6! ne6 i'ital re li'*t camera units to
replace oler systems an esta0lis* 1! ne6 sites8 as part of t*eir
expansion plan
Start Bate of Pro4ect " $arc* 2!1!
En Bate of Pro4ect 2! ;cto0er 2!1!
Buration >0out % mont*s
Status of #mplementation
Supportin' t*e ay7to7ay operation an maintenance of t*ese
Contact Person C*arlie -an
Besi'nation Eea of Procurement
Contact Cum0er +8"2/ 2"2% %1%%
41st floor8 #mmi'ration )o6er8 % 9loucester Roa8 @an C*ai8
Eon' Hon'
Company 3an )ransportation ;ffice of P*ilippines
#mplemente System Re 3i'*t Camera systems
Bescription #t is installe in $a5ati City. #t is t*e first city in P*ilippines to
0e installe 6it* suc* system. #t 6ill p*oto'rap* an capture on
vieo ve*icles 6*ose rivers 0eat t*e re li'*t traffic si'nal at
an intersection. )*e foota'e an p*oto'rap*s ta5en 6ill 0e sent
to a nerve center t*at 6ill process t*em as evience in filin'
traffic violation c*ar'es a'ainst t*e errin' river.
Start Bate of Pro4ect Septem0er 2!11
En Bate of Pro4ect Septem0er 2!12
Buration 12 mont*s
Status of #mplementation )rac5in' system is implemente successfully8 currently in
operation. #n plans to exten to ot*er cities
Contact Person Er6in 2inet
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e of 31
Besi'nation Procurement $ana'er of 3an )ransport ;ffice8 P*ilippines
Contact Cum0er +632/ (227(!61 to 66
>ress East >venue IueAon City 11!!
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e ! of 31
Section " – Propose# System an# Solution
4.1 System ;vervie6
)*e propose ne6 R3C system8 name Cam36!8 utiliAes t*e latest 3icense Plate an -acial
Reco'nition8 mo0ile evice notifications an 9lo0al Positionin' System +9PS/ tec*nolo'y 6it*
its *ar6are an soft6are features. #t aims to provie all7roune support to #R28 from t*e entire
process of traffic monitorin' to la6 enforcement. Cam36! 6ill first 0e implemente to t*e
propose site8 an 0e consiere to 0e implemente across ot*er sites 6*ere re7li'*t70as*in' is
4.2 $ain -eatures of Cam36!
i. Smart Camera
)*e camera is a0le to capture ima'es at a *i'*7spee of 18"!! frame per secons. Suc* 'roun7
0rea5in' feature ena0les accurate t*e 3icense Plate an -acial Reco'nition function of Cam36!8
6*ere clear ima'es of speein' ve*icle can 0e capture. )*e current spee of ima'e7capturin' in
t*e mar5et is pe''e at 18!!! frames per secon.
)*e camera is also a0le to auto7a4ust its ima'e7capturin' to t*e various li'*tin' conitions. )o
suit Sin'apore1s climate8 6e *ave customiAe t*e camera an its relate *ar6are li5e pole an
enclosure 0ox8 to 0e 6eat*er7proof. )*is *elps to reuce maintenance costs.
ii. Seamless #nformation -lo6
>ny etecte re7li'*t 0eatin' incient 6ill 0e capture an transmitte to various c*annels for
actions. P*otos of t*e ve*icles an rivers8 t*e ate an time of incient 6ill 0e automatically
capture an sent to t*e centraliAe server an ata0ase for ata75eepin'. )*e ve*icle num0er
s*o6n in t*e p*otos 6ill 0e encrypte. Cam36! 6ill o a cross7c*ec5 on t*e ve*icle num0er
6it* t*e existin' rivers1 recors in t*e 3an )ransport >ut*ority. >s suc*8 t*e 0io7ata of t*e
rivers can also 0e ientifie an retrieve. >ll t*ese information 6ill 0e sent as a notification to
t*e eicate mo0ile evices8 *el 0y t*e traffic la6 enforcers. >s a result8 la6 enforcers 6ill
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e $ of 31
*ave full information of t*e violators. )*ese ata 6ill also form as an open7case in t*e system to
recor an trac5 t*e outcome.
>itional feature of t*is mo0ile evice is t*at la6 enforcers can recor t*e outcome of t*eir
1c*ase1 an any ot*er information8 suc* as t*eir conversations 6it* t*e violator. >ll t*ese
information can 0e transmitte 0ac5 to t*e system an serves as a *istory trail. )*is reuces t*e
nee for la6 enforcers to recor via paper an pen8 an return to operation centre to upate. 3a6
enforcers can immeiately move on 6it* t*eir uty8 improvin' prouctivity.
iii. Beployment ;f $anpo6er ?ia 9PS
#n orer to improve on manpo6er eployment efficiency8 6e *ave a4uste t*e system to 6or5
on a 9PS tec*nolo'y. )*e location of t*e patrollin' traffic la6 enforcers 6ill 0e monitore via
9PS in t*e mo0ile evices. Cotifications of any traffic violations8 capture 0y Cam36! 6ill 0e
sent to la6 enforcers8 6*o are near to incient site. )*is 6ill *elp to reuce t*e past inciences
6*ere officers from furt*er places *ave to travel to t*e actual site. )raffic violators can also 0e
arreste more &uic5ly.
iv. Ei'* Spee >n Secure #nformation )ransmission
)*e central computer system 6ill 0e *ouse 6it*in #R21s operation centre. >s t*e system 6ill 0e
runnin' on 24J% *ours8 moerate air7conitionin' is recommene. )6o eicate servers8 6it*
*i'* spee fi0re70roa0an 6ill 0e allocate to eal 6it* t*e *i'* volume of ata transmission. 1
ata 0ac5up system 6ill 0e in place8 to o a conuct a aily system 0ac57up at 2am. Security
measures 6ill 0e in place8 as t*ere is stora'e an retrieval of 0io7ata.
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 1% of 31
Section 5 – &mplementation Plan
)o'et*er 6it* its tec*nolo'y partner8 Retron from Cet*erlan8 Camatrix *as 0een evelopin'
ne6 traffic li'*t systems. @it* #R2 issuin' t*e R-P8 t*e CE; of Camatrix8 >lfre 3im8 vie6s it
as a strate'ic pro4ect 6*ic* coul convince #R2 to increase t*eir purc*ase for similar systems.
)*e pro4ect coul 0e a 'oo reference site 6*en Camatrix 0is for similar systems in overseas.
#n orer to *ave a compre*ensive plan8 steps must 0e esta0lis*e to ensure proper service an
support level. )*e pro4ect scope ocument s*all 0e prepare to escri0e t*e 6or5s to 0e one
an list of items to 0e ac*ieve 0ase on t*e pro4ect o04ective for esta0lis*in' a common
unerstanin' 0et6een t*e pro4ect sta5e*olers.
#n orer to ac*ieve customerKs satisfaction8 Camatrix *as to ensure t*at pro4ect is complete in
time8 6it*in t*e 0u'et an matc*es customerKs re&uirements an expectations. ;nce t*e pro4ect
scope ocument *as 0een a'ree on8 Camatrix s*all 6or5 on plans suc* as creatin' a etaile
@or5 2rea5o6n Structure +@2S/8 responsi0ility matrix8 net6or5 ia'ram8 activity list an
9antt c*art.
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 11 of 31
a. 'or( )rea(#o*n Structure +@2S/ is an approac* to arran'e all t*e elivera0les an pro4ect 6or5 into 'roups an su0ivies
t*em into more mana'ea0le components calle 6or5 items. )*is is to ma5e sure all t*e elivera0les an 6or5 are ientifie an
inclue in t*e 0aseline pro4ect plan +Clements D 9io8 2!128 p. (%/. )*e lo6est7level 6or5 item of any 'roup is calle a 6or5
pac5a'e. -i'ure ".1 s*o6s t*e @2S for #R2 Pro4ect.
Figure 5.1 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for IRB Project
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 12 of 31
b. )*e responsibility matrix is a tool t*at *elps in *i'*li'*tin' t*e 6or5 responsi0ility of all
iniviuals in orer to complete eac* 6or5 items in @2S. -i'ure ".2 s*o6s t*e
responsi0ility $atrix for #R2 pro4ect.
Figure 5.2 Resonsibi!it" #atri$ for IRB Project
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 13 of 31
c. +et*or( #ia,ram is a tool use to or'anise t*e specific activities in appropriate se&uence an escri0e t*eir epenent
relations*ips +Clements D 9io8 2!128 p. 1!4/. 3aerin' is one of t*e tec*ni&ues in t*e net6or5 ia'ram aopte 0y Camatrix as
it allo6s t*e pro4ect to 0e accomplis*e in t*e s*ortest possi0le time usin' resources availa0le. )*e net6or5 ia'ram for #R2
pro4ect is s*o6n in fi'ure ".3.

Figure 5.% &etwork 'iagra( for IRB Project (using #icrosoft Project)
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 1" of 31
Figure 5.%.1 &etwork 'iagra( for IRB Project (Start fro( Point )) for IRB Project (using
#icrosoft Project)
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 15 of 31
Figure 5.%.2 &etwork 'iagra( for IRB Project (Start fro( Point B to *) for IRB Project (using
#icrosoft Project)
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 16 of 31
d. -ctivity list in fi'ure ".4 s*o6s t*e )otal Slac5 for t*e iniviual activity in t*e #R2 Pro4ect.
Cone of t*e activities *as ne'ative slac5. Eo6ever8 t*ere coul 0e impact to t*ose activities
6it* ! slac5 if any critical activities are elaye. )*ere are some activities 6*ic* *ave free
or positive slac5 an one of t*em is ,Prepare contract. +#tem 4/. #ts estimate completion
uration is 1" ays 0ut it *as a total of 28 ays of positive slac5. Eence8 t*is particular
activity can 0e elaye 6it*out affectin' t*e completion ealine of t*e pro4ect.
Figure 5.+ )cti,it" -ist for IRB Project
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 1 of 31
e. .antt c/art in fi'ure "." s*o6s t*e overall vie6 of t*e sc*eule an slac5 information. )*e
relative uration of iniviual activity is represente 0y t*e len't* of t*e 0ar 6*ile t*e
overlappin' 0ars epict t*e concurrent activities. 2ase on t*e 0ar representations8 lon'
uration activity suc* as ,Besi'n an evelop application soft6are. coul 0e s*ortene
s*oul t*ere 0e a nee to 0rin' t*e pro4ect sc*eule 0ac5 on trac5 ue to elays in t*e earlier
activities in t*e critical pat*. >lso8 from t*e 9antt c*art8 t*ere are some concurrent activities
6*ic* re&uire same resources an care s*oul 0e ta5en to avoi over7allocation 6*ic* may
*ave impact on t*e pro4ect sc*eule.
Figure 5.5 .antt c/art for IRB Project

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Section 6 – &mplementation Support an# 0aintenance
6.1 Pro4ect Support Structure
)*e Pro4ect Support Structure is presente in -i'ure 6.1. )*e Pro4ect $ana'er8 $r. Steve )an8
6ill lea t*e pro4ect team t*rou'*out t*e entire pro4ect. Ee 6ill 0e supporte 0y mana'ers from
t*e various functional 'roups 6*o 6ill report to *im irectly on issues pertainin' to t*e
iniviual 'roup uner t*eir c*ar'e. Eac* of t*em *as ac&uire relevant eucational trainin' an
*as 'aine many years of experiences in t*eir specialise fiel of 6or5 function. )*ey *ave 0een
6it* t*e company for many years8 avera'ely more t*an ten years employment.
Figure 0.1 *a(atri$1s Project Suort Structure
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 1$ of 31
6.2 $aintenance an Service Support
Camatrix s*all fully 6arranty #R2 for all supplie proucts an services for uration of 12
mont*s. ;ur service support inclues preventive an corrective maintenance to ensure *i'*
availa0ility of installe system as 6ell as relia0ility of 6or5in' environment. @e provie
sc*eule maintenance service on a mont*ly 0asis8 an our tec*nical support specialists are
on call 24 *ours 0y % ays8 proviin' 0ot* p*one an email support. >sie from t*is8 our
maintenance team provies 2 *ours response7to7site support to ensure minimum o6ntime to
t*e system. Betails of t*e type an level of support urin' maintenance perio are s*o6n in
t*e 0elo6 ta0le.
2ab!e 0.23 2"e and -e,e! of Suort during #aintenance Period
Service 1eature 2escription 3evel
Remote Tec/nical
Camatrix *as a team of tec*nical support specialists
+6or5in' on 24 *ours rotatin' s*ift/ 6*o may 0e
contacte t*rou'* t*e service *otline or email.
)*ey are t*e first contact 6it* re'ar to tec*nical
issues reportin'8 information 'at*erin'8 symptoms
analysin' an fi'urin' t*e unerlyin' cause.
)ypically8 t*ey *anle strai'*tfor6ar an simple
issues. Eo6ever8 if t*ey are una0le to resolve t*e
issue over t*e telep*one or email8 t*e case 6ill 0e
escalate to t*e next level.
4n5site Support
Camatrix 6ill sen on7site support team to site to
6or5 on t*e issue 6it*in 2 *ours after t*e case *as
0een reporte an escalate from 3evel 1.
Servicin, 6
Replacement of parts
Camatrix 6ill provie complimentary servicin' an
replacement of faulty parts at no cost 6it*in t*e
6arranty perio an at a cost t*ereafter in t*e event
if t*e on7site support team is una0le to resolve t*e
issue at t*eir level.
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 2% of
Customer Service 7otline an# Email
)elep*one = L6" 623" 232"
-ax = L6" 623" 2326
Email ='
6.3 Escalation an Point ;f Contact
#n t*e event 6*en t*e *otline is not actively attene8 an ans6er p*one service 6ill 0e
activate an messa'es 6ill 0e replie to on t*e next 0usiness ay. >lternatively8 for issues
t*at re&uire immeiate attention8 our $aintenance $ana'er8 $r. Nason 9an8 may 0e
contacte on *is mo0ile p*one num0er of L6" (6"4 4"44.
6.4 Re'ular an Preventive $aintenance
Sc*eule maintenance= )o 0e conucte 6it*in 6arranty perio as part of our commitment
to ensure t*e relia0ility an security of t*e installe system for any 0u' fixes8 moifications
or up'raes t*at are 'enerate 0y ne6 le'islation an avances in tec*nolo'y.
Preventive $aintenance= @it*in t*e 6arranty perio8 Camatrix 6ill conuct &uarterly on7site
tests an surveys of t*e installe system to ensure t*at t*ey are functionin' properly an
a4uste accorin' to t*e manufacturer1s instructions.
6." )rainin'
)*e trainin' plan is to ensure t*e operational efficiency an effectiveness of t*e pro4ect. >fter
t*e pro4ect completion8 t*e operation staffs nee to fully unerstan t*e functional proceures
an operatin' re&uirements of t*e various types of systems installe. #n vie6 of t*is8
Camatrix 6ill cater series of trainin's to train #R2Ks staffs on system usa'e. >itionally8 our
trainin' epartment 6ill 0e fully responsi0le for t*e evelopment8 elivery an aministration
of t*e trainin' material an session. -inally8 t*e actual trainin' ates for t*e 0elo6 trainin'
pro'ramme 6ill 0e ecie at later sta'e 6*en t*e pro'ress of pro4ect closes to completion.
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 21 of
2ab!e 0.%3 *a(atri$1s 2raining Progra((e
+o8 Title 2escription 0et/o# 2uration Participant
#ntrouction an
overvie6 of t*e
;vervie6 of Cam36!
system an its
Seminar 3 *rs
>ll )raffic
#ntrouction to
Cam36! >pplication
;vervie6 of soft6are
for operational users
Seminar 3 *rs
>ll )raffic
Cam36! >pplication
+ Practical Session /
proceure an *ans7
on session
1 Bay
Cam36! $aintenance
+ Practical Session /
proceure an *ans7
on session
Seminar J
1 Bay
Cam36! net6or5 J
Stora'e $aintenance
+ Practical Session /
proceure an *ans7
on session
Seminar J
1 Bay
#) Cet6or5
an Stora'e
S#$ FC#?ERS#)G Pa'e 22 of
6.6 Ris5 >ssessment $atrix
Ris5 assessment prior to any pro4ect commencement is critical to ac*ievin' successful pro4ect
completion an customer satisfaction. @e *ave ientifie five ma4or ris5s t*at coul possi0ly
4eoparise t*e entire pro4ect t*erefore contin'ency an response plans 6ill 0e in place to aress
t*ose issues. )*e ris5 assessment matrix 0elo6 s*o6s a etaile 0rea5o6n of anticipate ris5s an
response plans to 0e activate 6*en t*e nees of suc* emer'encies arise.
Figure 0.%3 Risk )ssess(ent #atri$
Ris( &mpact
93: 0: 7;
93: 0:
S*orta'e of
3 E
more 2!:
source of
2/ Heep
System not
3 $
Stuy of
systems to
Nane C*en
-ailure to
?iolation of
t*e contract
$ E
Burin' t*e
esi'n D
Nane C*en
6it* ot*er
experts from
C*an'es of
of pro4ect
s5ills an
to carry out
t*e tas5
3 $
letter 0y
>ssi'n ot*er
staff 6it*
capacity to
cover uty
of resi'ne
-ailure to
meet time
in pro4ect
?iolation of
t*e contract
@*en t*e
CP# 'oes
0elo6 1
resources to
Section – Response to Re<uirements
Tec/nical re<uirements
2e,ree of Compliance
Remar(s Compli
)*e successful tenerer 6ill 0e
responsi0le for t*e esi'n8
installation an maintenance of a
re li'*t camera system at t*e site.
>ll civil8 electrical an
mec*anical 6or58 incluin'
ca0lin'8 erection of t*e pole to
*ouse t*e cameras must 0e

)*is is t*e o04ective of t*e
)*ere s*all 0e one set of cameras
eac* at t6o ia'onally opposite
corners of t*e 4unction.

@e 6ill install t6o sets of
cameras at 4unction of 2u5it
)ima* an Clementi roa
)*e successful tenerer s*all
inclue t*e evelopment of
soft6are8 an supply of a server to
*ouse t*is soft6are at t*e #R2Ks
;perations Centre at River ?alley
Roa8 for t*e purpose of remotely
uploa t*e violation ima'es8 ata
retrievals an online vie6in' of
ima'es 0y offeners.

@it* existin' soft6are8 6e
can customiAe anJor install
t*e soft6are an server at t*e
operation centre to receive
ima'es remotely.
)*e camera system s*all 0e
*ouse in a !." metre x !." metre
x !." metre enclosure8 3.6 meters
a0ove t*e 'roun an mounte on
a pole 1" metres in avance of t*e

@e 6ill construct t*e camera
system 6it* t*e stipulate
specifications. $oreover8 6e
6ill ensure t*e camera
system to 0e of 6eat*erproof
Eac* enclosure s*all *ouse one
i'ital still camera8 one i'ital
vieo camera an one moem.
)*e system s*all 0e a0le to
capture multiple i'ital still
ima'es of t*e violation incluin'
t*e license plate of t*e violatorKs
ve*icle an facial ima'e of t*e
river. )*e system s*all also
recor t*e ate8 time of ay8 time
elapse since t*e 0e'innin' of t*e
re si'nal.

)*e propose camera system
*as t*e tec*nolo'y to capture
ima'es an vieos8 6it* its
auto li'*t a4ustment8 at
spee of 18"!! fps8 an 6it*
timeJate stamp.
6. )*e system s*all capture a t6elve
+12/ secon i'ital vieo clip of
t*e violation +six secons
precein' t*e violation an six
secons post violation/.
 Fpon etectin' t*e ve*icle
of re7li'*t 0eatin'8 t*e
system 6ill automatically
filter out t*e precein' an
post 6 secons of violation.
)*is saves time for
investi'ators from 6atc*in'
t*e entire clip.
)*e system s*all 0e interface to
t*e existin' traffic li'*t timin'
controller. )*e soft6are interface
protocol 6ill 0e provie 0y #R2.

@e 6ill ensure a smoot*
system interface 0et6een
existin' traffic li'*t timin'
6it* Cam36!8 to effectively
monitor potential re7li'*t
)*e system s*all transfer t*e
ima'es an vieo to t*e computer
server at #R2Ks operations centre.
)*e tenerer s*all supply t*e

Server 6ill 0e supplie an
installe 0y us an 6ill
interface 6it* t*e camera
system at site.
)*e application soft6are s*all
automatically reco'nise t*e
licence plate num0er8 an retrieve
t*e car an o6nerKs etails from
3an )ransport >ut*orityKs

)*e soft6are inclues a *i'*
spee camera8 6*ic* ta5es
picture at 18"!! fps8 face an
ve*icle plate num0er
reco'nition function. #t 6ill
automatically retrieve ata
from 3)> ata0ase8 upon
capturin' information of t*e
re7li'*t 0eaters.
)*e application soft6are s*all
allo6 offener to vie6 t*e
p*oto'rap* at #R2 6e0site 0y
lo'in 6it* Sin'pass account.

Bata capture 0y Cam36!
system 6ill 0e automatically
poste into #R2 6e0site. @e
6ill 6or5 on t*e interface
0et6een Sin'pass function
an #R2 6e0site.
)*e )enerer s*all propose any
aitional features 6*ic* are not
liste a0ove8 0ut are useful to t*e
#R2Ks functions an its o04ective
to lo6er accient rates.

>itional features suc* as
6eat*erproof case closure8
auto7li'*t a4ustment an
real7time mo0ile evice
notification to increase t*e
effectiveness of
)*ere )enerer s*all propose a 24
*rs 0y % ays8 2 *ours response7
to7site support.

> team of uty officers s*all
0e on s*ift of every 6 *ours8
t*rou'*out t*e ay8 at our
customer support office to
Section ! – Pricin,
Camatrix Pte 3t
Pricin' Proposal for Cam36!
=uantity >
?nit Cost
Cameras an Eousin'
Ei'* Spee Bi'ital Still Camera +Colour/ 2 1!8!!!.!! 1 2!8!!!.!!
Ei'* Spee Bi'ital ?ieo Camera +Colour/ 2 1!8!!!.!! 1 2!8!!!.!!
)amper7Proof an @eat*er7Proof Camera
Eousin' D Pole
2 38!!!.!! 1 68!!!.!!
;ptical -i0re Cet6or5 ca0le +metre/ 2!! 2!.!! 1 48!!!.!!
Coaxial 6ires an ca0les +metre/ 2!! 2.!! 1 4!!.!!
3a0our for Cameras installation 2 1!!.!! 2 4!!.!!
3a0our for Eousin' an Pole installation 4 1!!.!! 3 182!!.!!
3a0our for Electrical an ;ptical -i0re Ca0lin'
2 8!.!! 2 32!.!!
3a0our an $aterial for Paint 6or5 2 1!!.!! 1 2!!.!!
Cet6or5 Ca0le8 E&uipment
Ei'* Spee moem +1!!m0ps/ 2 1"!.!! 1 3!!.!!
;ptical -i0re Cet6or5 ca0le +metre/ 2!! 1!.!! 1 28!!!.!!
Coaxial 6ires an ca0les +metre/ 2!! 2.!! 1 4!!.!!
3a0our for #nstallation of Cet6or5 J Ca0lin' 2 %!.!! 2 28!.!!
>pplication Server D Soft6are application
>pplication Server +@intel/ 1 1!8!!!.!! 1 1!8!!!.!!
Soft6are license 1 18"!!.!! 1 18"!!.!!
3a0our for #nstallation of Server 2 "!.!! 3 3!!.!!
Besi'n D Bevelopment an #nte'ration of
3 1"!.!! 1% %86"!.!!
;verall System )est D $onitorin' 3 1"!.!! % 381"!.!!
)rainin' an Bocumentation
Fser )rainin' 2 2!!.!! 3 182!!.!!
System ocumentation for user 1 1!!.!! 4 4!!.!!
;n7site $aintenance for Camera System an
>pplication Support
9ran 12(8%!!.!
)otal= !
)*e a0ove &uotation inclues one +1/ calenar year of maintenance service c*ar'es. #f customer
re&uires tec*nical support after t*e expiry of t*e maintenance contract8 our tec*nical
representative+s/ can 0e assi'ne for t*e re&ueste tas5 0y incluin' t*e 0elo6 service c*ar'es.
0anpo*er Per #ay
Service fee
Pro4ect $ana'er 1 28"!!.!!
Solution Bepartment $ana'er 1 1!!!.!!
Ear6are #nstallation $ana'er 1 1!!!.!!
>ministration $ana'er 1 1!!!.!!
$aintenance $ana'er 1 1!!!.!!
)*e &uotation 6ill 0e vali for six +6/ mont*s for t*e proposal from t*e tener closin' ate.
Iuotation may 0e revise upon expiry. >ll &uotations are &uote in Sin'apore Bollars an are
su04ecte to %: 9oo D Services )ax.
Section $ – Terms an# Con#itions
(.1 Scope of >pplication
)*e follo6in' )erms an Conitions s*all apply to t*e #R2Ks pro4ect contracte to Camatrix.
>itional terms re&uire 0y #R2 must 0e approve 0y Camatrix in 6ritten form.
(.2 Perio of Performance
)*e pro4ect 6ill inclue t*e ealine as specifie in #R2Ks Re&uest for Proposal. #f Camatrix is
una0le to meet t*e ealine8 #R2 must 0e informe of t*e reason for t*e elay an any a4ustment
of t*e ealine s*all 0e a'ree upon.
(.3 ?aliity of Proposal
)*is proposal an pricin' is vali for a perio of six +6/ mont*s from t*e ealine from t*e )ener
Closin' Bate.
(.4 Cancellation an Postponement
Camatrix reserves t*e ri'*t to c*ar'e #R2 2!: of t*e total pro4ect cost for any cancellation or
postponement of pro4ect start ate.
(." Penalties
i. #R2 *as t*e ri'*ts to re4ect t*e proposal of any tener 6*o attempts or is foun to *ave
offere a 0ri0e8 'ratuity8 0onus8 iscount or any sort of enticement to any of t*eir employee.
ii. #R2 s*all 0e entitle to rescin t*e contract in t*e event of canvassin' 0ein' iscovere after
t*e acceptance of t*e )ener.
(.6 Payment
i. )*e payment for materials an services re&uire except 'overnment furnis*e e&uipment
s*all 0e &uote in Sin'apore Bollars an inclues applica0le local taxes unless ot*er6ise
inicate in t*e R-P.
ii. )*e tener price s*all inclue 12 mont*s 24x% on7site maintenance support for t*e system
after commissionin' as state in t*e R-P.
(.% Payment Sc*eule
Payment sc*eule to Camatrix s*all 0e mae accorin' to t*e follo6in'.
i. 1!: payment upon receipt of t*e 3etter of >6ar.
ii. 2!: payment upon commencement of purc*ase of computer server8 cameras8 moem8
enclosures an poles.
iii. 2!: payment once application soft6are *as 0een evelope.
iv. 3!: payment 0efore t*e commencement of on7site installation 6or5.
v. 2!: payment upon completion of pro4ect 6it* overall system testin'
3ate payment at an interest of 1.": per mont* 6ill 0e c*ar'e to #R2 an any relate *anlin' fees
cause 0y late payment 6ill 0e 0ille to #R2.
(.8 Iuality >ssurance
i. Camatrix s*all 0e responsi0le for t*e tec*nical accuracy8 &uality8 completeness an
coorination 6or5.
ii. Camatrix s*all incorporate t*e Iuality >ssurance Plan into its performance an monitor t*e
&uality of 6or5 in all aspects of t*e contract.
(.( $aintenance Contract
Camatrix Pte 3t unerta5es to provie 12 mont*s 24x% on7site maintenance support for t*e system
after commissionin'.
Camatrix unerstans t*at t*is proposal plays an important role in assistin' #R2 in ac*ievin' its
strate'ic o04ectives. @e 0elieve 6it* all7roune information an plan8 Cam36! is a0solutely value
for money.
@it* its ura0le *ar6are an ynamic soft6are system8 our Cam 36! *as an 6ill meet to t*e
c*allen'es of real76orl application8 in reucin' re7li'*t 0eatin'8 accients an increase t*e
efficiency of investi'ation an eployment of manpo6er. $ost importantly8 it 6ill *elp to ensure
t*e safety of roa users.
;ur pro4ect team8 6it* t*eir experiences an expertise8 is ever7reay to partner an support you8
urin' t*is perio of time8 to ensure successful implementation an sustaina0ility of t*e pro4ect.
1. Clements8 N.P.8 D 9io8 N. +2!12/. 4ffecti,e Project #anage(ent +"
e./. Canaa8 FS>=
Cen'a'e 3earnin'.
2. 5ongkong 2ransort 'eart(ent. +2!13/. Retrieve from 1! >u'ust8 2!138 from EH)B=
3. -and 2ransort 6ffice7 P/i!iines *ontact. +2!13/. Retrieve 1! >u'ust8 2!138 from 3);
P*ilippines= *ttp=JJ666.lto.'ov.p*J
4. ,Roa )raffic Situation.. Retrieve >u'ust 1!8 2!13 from