The Trimble Total Station S3 mengambil elemen kunci kepraktisan

dari Trimble S-series dan menyusut menjadi sebuah paket yang
efsien dan nyaman untuk kampanye survei sehari-hari Anda
The Trimble S3 Total Station takes its key elements of practicality from the Trimble S-series and
KEY FEATURES shrinks it into an efficient and convenient packae for yo!r everyday s!rveyin campains
Everythin yo! need to perform efficient
s!rveyin #obs
$!ilt on proven% reliable% Trimble
&ependability backed by 'orld-class
trainin% service% and s!pport
Fo!ndation for (nterated S!rveyin
E)ERYT*(+, Y-U +EE& F-R EFF(.(E+T
SUR)EY(+, .A/0A(,+S
$UTU%&A! U!TU& E'(S(E!
ang Anda perlu melakukan
survei efsien
kampanye termasuk dalam
Trimble , S3
)obotic Solusi Total Station-
An akurat
dan instrumen yang dapat
diandalkan. terintegrasi
radio. populer Trimble TS/0
, controller dengan
pilihan perangkat lunak
lapangan. terintegrasi
baterai kapasitas tinggi dan
dual charger. dan
prisma The Trimble TS/0
controller. termasuk
dalam solusi ini. adalah
salah satu yang terbesar
dan pengendali data yang
dapat dipercaya dan
bekerja dengan
pilihan Anda Trimble bidang
perangkat lunak- Trimble
Access 1. Trimble Survei
/ontroller 1. Trimble
Survei Manager 1 The
Trimble S3 robot
sistem didukung oleh
Trimble luas dan
jaringan dealer
pelatihan kelas dunia.
pelayanan. dan dukungan
produktivitas Anda Apakah
Anda perlu
untuk melengkapi kru
survei baru. menggantikan
gigi. atau memulai kantor
baru. S3 Trimble
Total Station robot dapat
diandalkan untuk
mendapatkan pekerjaan
yang dilakukan dengan baik
All yo! need to perform efficient s!rveyin
campains is incl!ded in the Trimble
Robotic Total Station sol!tion2 An acc!rate
and reliable instr!ment% interated robotic
radio% pop!lar Trimble TS.3
controller 'ith
yo!r choice of field soft'are% interated
hih capacity battery and d!al charer% and
prism " The Trimble TS.3 controller% incl!ded
in this sol!tion% is one of the most tr!sted
and reliable data controllers and 'orks 'ith
yo!r choice of Trimble field soft'are2 Trimble
% Trimble S!rvey .ontroller
% Trimble
S!rvey /anaer
" The Trimble S3 robotic
system is backed by Trimble5s e6tensive and
kno'ledeable dealer net'ork providin
'orld-class trainin% service% and s!pport to
maintain yo!r prod!ctivity " 7hether yo! need
to e8!ip a ne' s!rvey cre'% replace older
e ar% or start a ne' office% the Trimble S3
Ro botic Total Station can be depended on to
e t the #ob done 'ell "
0R -)E+% RE9(A$9E TR(/$9E TE.*+-9-,Y
Th e Trimble S3 Robotic Total Station is
b! ilt !pon proven Trimble technoloies "
Th e instr!ment contains the reliable servo
dr ives based on /a&rive
te chnoloy 'ith fe'er movin parts 'hich
e d!ce servicin re8!irements " (t also incl!des
nt ellient battery and po'er manaement
sys tems for : ho!rs of operation on a sinle
ba ttery% and Trimble &R technoloy providin
e6 ceptional meas!rement performance
an d acc!racy "
TR (/$9E &R TE.*+-9-,Y
&i rect Refle6 ;&R< technoloy from Trimble
en ables meas!rement 'itho!t a prism
on almost any type of s!rface " -perators
n the field can capt!re information on
ha rd-to-reach tarets in danero!s=!nsafe
o cations " /eas!re 8!ickly and safely 'itho!t
co mpromisin acc!racy " -verhead cables%
t! nnels% brides% 8!arry faces% stockpiles%
b! ildins% and elevations can all be meas!red
8! ickly% easily% and safely "
.-A>(A9 -0T(.S% E&/% TRA.KER% 9ASER 0-(+TER
The Trimble S3 Robotic Total Station
optics by .arl ?eiss are f!lly coa6ial for f!ll
meas!rement confidence and reliability "
7ith over @AA years of hih acc!racy optical
instr!ment kno'lede and e6pertise% Trimble
b!ilds the Trimble S3 and its components
'ith the same standards of 8!ality as other
Trimble optical total stations " 7e make
no compromise on deliverin the hihest
e6pectations yo! re8!ire from a hihly
acc!rate optical instr!ment "
*(,* .A0A.(TY (+TER+A9 $ATTERY 7(T*
(+TE99(,E+T SYSTE/ .*AR,ER
The Trimble S3 r!ns for si6 ho!rs in Robotic
mode on one internal interated lithi!m-ion
battery% 'ith no cable needed " The
is intellient% so yo! can immediately
ho' m!ch po'er each battery contains "
the convenient% all-in-one battery
incl!ded in the Trimble S3 packae%
yo! can rechare yo!r total station and
,0S=,+SS system batteries in the
same charer "
STE00(+, (+T- (+TE,RATE&
The Trimble S3 Total Station
provides the
fo!ndation for takin advantae of
prod!ctivity benefits of Trimble5s (nterated
sol!tions " 7ith (nterated
S!rveyin% yo! can seamlessly interate
complementary technoloies on the #ob
site% s!ch as Trimble ,0S=,+SS and optical
meas!rements% 'hich allo's yo! to !se
the most appropriate tool for the #obsite
conditions " Trimble5s field and office soft'are
combine and manae all the data% makin
it easy to take advantae of the best that
each technoloy has to offer " .ombine the
Trimble S3 'ith Trimble5s ,+SS receivers to
create a Trimble ( "S " Rover and start reapin the
prod!ctivity ains from (nterated S!rveyin "
For more information abo!t the benefits of
Trimble5s (nterated S!rveyin% check o!t the
technical 'hite paper at ''' "trimble "com=
(nteratedS!rveyin70 "
TR(/$9E S3 ToTa9 STaT(on
Anle meas!rement
Acc!racy ;Standard deviation based on &(+ @BC33< " " " " 3D ;A ": mon<
ED ;@ "E mon<
Anle readin ;least co!nt<
Standard " " " @D ;A "3 mon<
Trackin " " " 3D ;A ": mon<
Averaed observations " " " "A "@D ;A "A3 mon<
A!tomatic level compensator
Type " " " " .entered d!al-a6is
Acc!racy " " " "A "ED ;A "@E mon<
Rane " " " EF ;G@AA mon<
,E+ERA9 S0E.(F(.AT(-+S
.irc!lar level in tribrach " " " " BF=3 mm ;BF=A "AAC ft<
Electronic 3-a6is level in
the 9.-display 'ith a resol!tion of " " " A "3D ;A "@ mon<
Servo system " " " " /a&rive servo technoloy% interated servo=anle
sensor electromanetic direct drive
Rotation speed " " " "B: derees=sec
Rotation time Face @ to Face 3 " " " H "A sec
0ositionin speed " " " H "A sec
.lamps and slo' motions " " " " Servo-driven% endless fine ad#!stment
&istance meas!rement
.enterin system " " " "Trimble 3-pin
Acc!racy ;S " &ev "<
-ptical pl!mmet " " " " (n Tribrach
0rism mode
Standard " " " G ;3 mm I 3 ppm< G;A "A@ ft I 3 ppm<
foc!sin distance " " " 3 "3J=A "E m to infinity ;@ ": ft to infinity<
Trackin " " " G ;E mm I 3 ppm< G;A "A@: ft I 3 ppm<
&R mode
/anification " " " " 3AJ
Standard meas!rement G;3 mm I 3 ppm< G;A "A@ ft I 3 ppm<
Apert!re " " " HA mm ;@ "EC in<
Trackin G;@A mm I 3 ppm< G;A "A33 ft I 3 ppm<
Field of vie'
/eas!rin time
at @AA m ;33B ft< " " " " 3 ": m at @AA m ;B "E ft at 33B ft<
0rism mode
Shortest foc!sin distance " " " " @ "E m ;H "K3 ft to infinity<
Standard " " " " 3 s
(ll!minated crosshair " )ariable ;@A steps<
Trackin " " " A "H s
Trackliht b!ilt in " " " " Standard
&R mode
-peratin temperat!re " " " -3A L. to IEA L. ;-H LF to I@33 LF<
Standard " " " " 3-@E s
&!st and 'ater proofin " " " " (0EE
Trackin " " " A "H s
0o'er s!pply
Rane ;!nder standard clear conditions
0rism mode
(nternal battery " " "
-peratin time
" Rechareable 9i-(on battery @@ "@ )% H "H Ah
@ prism 3%EAAm ;B%3A3 ft<
3 prism "E%AAA m ;@:%HAH ft<
Shortest possible rane " " " " A "3 m ;A ":E ft<
&R mode ;typically<
Kodak ,ray .ard ;@BM reflective<
" " " " N3EA m ;B3A ft<
Kodak ,ray .ard ;KAM reflective<
" " " NHAA m ;@%3@3 ft<
.oncrete " " " @EA-3EA m ;HK3-@%@HB ft<
7ood constr!ction " " " @EA-HAA m ;HK3-@%3@3 ft<
/etal constr!ction " " " " @EA-3AA m ;HK3-KBH ft<
9iht rock " " " " @EA-3AA m ;HK3-KBH ft<
&ark rock " " " " @AA-@EA m ;33B-HK3 ft<
Reflective foil 3A mm " " " " N3AA m ;:E: ft<
Reflective foil :A mm " " " NEAA m ;@%:HA ft<
Shortest possible rane " " " @ "E m ;H "K ft<
E&/ S0E.(F(.AT(-+S
9iht so!rce " " " "9aser diode ::A nmO
9aser class @ in 0rism mode%
9aser class 3R in &R mode
9aser pointer coa6ial ;standard< " " " "9aser class 3R
$eam diverence 0rism mode
*oriPontal H cm=@AA m ;A "@3 ft=33B ft<
-ne internal battery " " "
Three internal batteries in
m!lti-battery adapter " " "
(nstr!ment ;Robotic<
Tribrach " " "
(nternal battery
Tr!nnion a6is heiht " " "
.omm!nication " " "
R-$-T(. SUR)EY(+,
Robotic Rane
0assive prisms " " "
Shortest search distance " " "
Anle readin ;least co!nt<
Standard " " "
Trackin " " "
Averaed observations " " "
Type of radio internal=e6ternal " " "
Search time ;typical<
" " "
TR(/$9E ("S" R-)ER
" Appro6 " : ho!rs
" Appro6 " @B ho!rs
E "3E k ;@@ "EC lb<
A "C k ;@ "EH lb<
A "3E k ;A "CC lb<
@K: mm ;C "C@ in<
" US$% Serial
3AA-EAA m ;KBH-@%:HA ft<
A "3 m ; ":E ft<
@D ;A "3 mon<
3D ;A ": mon<
A "@D ;A "A3 mon<
" 3 "H ,*P fre8!ency-hoppin%
spread-sprectr!m radios
" 3-@A s
)ertical H cm=@AA m ;A "@3 ft=33B ft<
$eam diverence &R mode
*oriPontal 3 cm=EA m ;A "A:: ft=@:H ft<
)ertical 3 cm=EA m ;A "A:: ft=@:H ft<
Atmospheric correction " " " -@3A ppm to @:A ppm contin!o!sly
;(nterated Trimble ,0S=,+SS and Trimble S: robotic rover<
Trimble S3 Robotic Total Station
Trimble ,0S=,+SS System " " " " Any Trimble RB% Trimble R:%
or EBAA system
.ontroller " " " " Trimble TS.3
2 standard clear- no ha3e4 overcast or moderate sunlight 5ith very light
heat shimmer4
60778. Trimble navigation 9imited4 all rights reserved4 Trimble. the "lobe : Triangle logo and Ts/0 are trademarks
o; Trimble navigation 9imited registered in the united states and in other countries4 access. (ntegrated surveying. Magdrive. survey Manager. and Trimble survey
/ontroller are trademarks o; Trimble navigation 9imited4 all other trademarks are the property o; their respective o5ners4 pn 700<=3-=80 >27?78@
0 )ange and accuracy depend on atmospheric conditions. si3e o; prisms
and background radiation4
3 &odak "ray /ard. /atalog number E2<0AA8<4
= The capacity in -07 B/ >-< B'@ is A<C o; the capacity at D07 B/ >EF B'@4 < dependent on selected si3e
o; search 5indo54
specifcations subject to change 5ithout notice4
9aser Radiation
Avoid direct eye e6pos!re
.lass 3R 9aser 0rod!ct
.7 0o≦H"CEm7 λQ:3A- :BAnm
0!lse 0p≦B"CEm7 0o≦H"CEm7
@"3- @":nsec fQ33A- HAA/*P
(E. :A B 3E - @2 3A A C
T)(M$9E auTho)(3Ed d(sT)($uT(on pa)TnE)
+-RT* A/ER(.A EUR-0E AS(A-0A.(F(.
Trimble Enineerin Trimble ,mb* Trimble +aviation
R .onstr!ction ,ro!p Am 0rime 0arc @@ Sinapore 0ty 9imited
EHCE Kellenb!rer Road :EHCK Ra!nheim S ,ER/A+Y BA /arine 0arade Road
&ayton% -hio HEH3H-@AKK S USA IHK-:@H3-3@AA-A 0hone T33-A:% 0ark'ay 0arade
BAA-E3B-CBAA ;Toll Free< IHK-:@H3-3@AA-EEA Fa6 Sinapore HHK3:K S S(+,A0-RE
I@-K3C-3HE-E@EH 0hone I:E-:3HB-33@3 0hone
I@-K3C-333-KHH@ Fa6 I:E-:3HB-3333 Fa6