Notes on Civil Procedure by Lawrence Villamar

Source: “Revised Rules of Procedure Annotated” (sto!ia" #$%&'
Rule 47
Annulment of Judgment of Final Order and Reolutions
• Period to file is ( years if based on e)trinsic fraud
• *f based on lac+ of ,urisdiction" before it is barred by lac-es.esto!!el/
• Relief covers ,ud0ment" orders" resolution of R1C for w-ic- ordinary remedie of new trtial"
a!!eal" !etition for relief from ,ud0ment or ot-er remedies are no lon0er available/
• 2rounds: (%' e)trinsic fraud3 and" (#' lac+ of ,urisdiction
• )trinsic fraud is not a valid 0round if it is.could -ave been availed of in motion for new
trial.!etition for relief from ,ud0ment
• Doctrine of estoppel: !artie can not 4uestion ,urisdiction unless based on e)trinsic fraud/
• Extrinsic fraud: any fraudelent act of t-e !revailin0 !arty in t-e liti0ation w-ic- is committed
outside trial of t-e case w-ereby t-e unuccesful !arty -as been !revented for e)-bitin0 full -is
case by fraud or dece!tion !racticed on -im bu is o!!onent/ Preventin0 a !arty from -avin0 -is
day in court/
• Lac+ of ,urisdiction as 0round for annulment refers eit-er to lac+ of ,urisdiction on t-e !erson of
t-e defendant and.or sub,ect matter/
• Annulment of ud0ment is recourse e4uitable in c-aracter allowed only in e)ce!tional caes a
w-en t-ere is no available or ot-er remedy/

Jurisdiction Exercise of jurisdiction
Aut-ority to decide a cause 5ecision
Sub,ect 6atter.Person of t-e 5efendant 5ecision on all ot-er 4uestions arisin0 in case
Court7s aut-ority to decide Content of t-e 5ecision
• Rule (8 does not cover Securitie and )c-an0e Commission (only Re0ional 1rial Court'
• 9urisdiction (Latin “,uris” and “dico” (* s!ea+ by t-e law'': t-e !ower or ca!acity 0iven b t-e
law to a court or tribunal to entertain3 -ear ad determine certain controversies/
• Lac+ of ,urisdiction means all acts of t-e court are void/ As if it was not done/
• A wron0ful or defective e)ecution of !ower is voidable/ Reversed or corrected by a motion/
• 1-ree elements to validaly try a case: (%' 9urisdiction over t-e sub,ect matter3 (#' ,urisdiction
over t-e !arties.res in t-e case for non:resident defendant3 and (&'" t-e !oint to be decided in
substance.issue !resented in t-e !leadin0/
• Annulment may be availed of even if t-e ,ud0ment -as already been fully e)ecuted.
• The upreme !ourt is not a trier of facts e)ce!t w-en t-e factual findin0s of t-e Court of
A!!eal and t-e trial courts are conflictin0.contradictory/
• 1-e failure to file an a!!ellant brief results to dismissal of t-e case (Sec % (e' Rule ;$'/ 1-e
ne0li0ence of t-e lawyer binds t-e client/