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Summary of Experience:
 Total 2.2 years of experience in IT Field as a application developer.
 22 months of experience as a Android Developer and UI Designer in Mobile
Application Development.
 4 months of experience in Web Designing as freelancer.
 Good knowledge on photoshop.,Adobe flash, Adobe After effects.
 Good communication, analytical, computational skills.
 Good Knowledge in Android Framework and Core Java (J2ME).
 Good Knowledge in Webdesign and Developing .
 Testing and modifying codes for quality.
 Strong analytical and problem solving skills and presentation skills and a good team
 Hardworking and willing to take on new responsibilities and respond to it.

 Operating Systems - Windows XP/7.
 Programming Languages – Android, JAVA
 Databases – SQLITE, MYSQL
 Tools - Eclipse Indigo, Eclipse Juno ADT
 Office Packages - MS-Office (Access, Word, Excel)
 Web Technology - HTML,XML, Java Script CSS,HTML5.
 Applications- Adobe Photoshop.

Educational Qualification:
Qualification : Bachealor of technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
College : C. R.Engineering college(JNTU), Anantapur.


Professional Experience:
Organization : Anira solutions.(tieup with inspire innovations)
Designation : Software Engineer.
Period : APRIL 2012 to FEB 2014

Android Projects:
Project Name : ON THE MOVE.
Technologies Used : Android, Voice Recognition, GPS , Maps
Responsibility : Coding and Designing
Team Size : 1
Project Description :
On the move is a hand-free application helps in all situation and this is
designed for smart people, the Main purpose of this application is giving an advance
options to the user. This application is designed by using voice. Until now many smart
phone application is operating by user interaction via touch or hardware button, but
this application mostly avoid usage of touch and hardware button. By using this
application we can handle the network provide application like incoming calls and
messages, and we can handle system level application(or inbuilt tools) like profile
changes some web based application like browsing, Mails etc..and also we can handle
Geo Application like Google maps, Location info, driving direction and Navigations
with location details. And one more tool is music player like play, pause, stop, next,
previous etc. These are only few modules we are handling using this application but in
single word we can say that mostly we can handle our android mobile.

Technologies Used : IOS, Android, GPS, HTML, Google Maps, Web
Responsibility : Complete UI design, Coding and deploying.
Team size : 2
Project Description :

Main Purpose of this application is saving life and fast recovery. This Project
will give the list of main injuries and illness (like asthma, burn etc..) and gives you
description, symptoms about that problem or injuries. It will guide you how to treat
that problem by three ways like videos, text and images. Some extras like Accidents
Quick Helper, Nearest Hospitals and Medical Shops and emergency calls for
ambulance and police

Project Name : MY NUMBERS
Technologies Used : Android, Database, Web Services,
Responsibility : Complete UI design, Coding and deploying.
Team size : 1
Project Description :
Main Purpose of this application is to secure our personal or private numbers
like bank account, ATM pin numbers, passport numbers etc. These records are stored
in database with security by providing authentication.

Project Name : SMS AND LOCATION SPEAKER Application.
Technologies Used : Android, TTS Engine, GPS, Web Services.
Responsibility : Complete UI design, Coding and deploying, testing.

Team size : 1
Project Description :
This application is used for SMS speech and Knowing users current address of
location. When a user receiving a message by pressing it will speech the total
message. By touching Location it’ll get the longitude and latitude values of current
place from this it will convert into address and it speaks out the current address. This
is useful for blind people.

Project Name : Tracking 24hr’s
Technologies Used : Android, GPS, SQ Lite, Google Maps.
Responsibility : Complete UI design, Coding and deploying.
Team size : 2

Project Description :
User starts service of this application which tracks current location of user and stores
in database. When user wants to know at what time where he is he can track it and he can
know driving directions and if he goes in wrong direction application will alert the user.

Project Name : Destination remainder
Technologies Used : Android, GPS, SQ Lite, Google Maps.
Responsibility : Complete UI design, Coding and deploying.
Team size : 2
Project Description :
Destination Reminder is the mobile application in which the user gives his destination
when he has started from his place. As soon as he has arrived to that particular
destination the application triggers an alarm that he has reached his destination and
reminds him.
This mobile application provides the user to feel comfortable about the routes and
unknown stops where he has to get down from bus and also wake up the user if he is
Project Name : Event notifier
Technologies Used : Android, GPS, SQLite, Google Maps.
Responsibility : Complete UI design, Coding and deploying.
Team size : 2
Project Description
Event Notifier is the mobile application in which the user gets notification in mobile
when that particular day has any international event. For this the user should just
start the application by clicking on start button once when he installs the application
to receive notifications, and if the user want to stop notifications without uninstalling
the application he can just click on the stop button.
When user gets the notification about the event of that day by clicking the
notification in the notification bar the user will be redirected to the Event Notifier
application in the mobile, the user can view the description of the event arrived on
that day. As the user directed to the application with events he will be provided with
two options SMS and FACEBOOK through which the user can compose an sms and
send through event notifier and update his status in FACEBOOK

Father’s Name : Nadhamuni reddy
Date of Birth : 12-07-1989.
Sex : Male.
Religion : Hindu.
Nationality : Indian.
Marital Status : Single
Languages Known : English, Telugu
Contact Address : plot no : 213, diamond palace Apartments,
nizampet, Hyderabad-90.

I hereby declare that all the statements above are true, complete and correct to the best
of my knowledge and belief.

(E.Rohith kumar reddy)