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What you need to know about Toyota Rav4
Toyota Rav4 is a compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that has undergone several
changes since its inception to be what it is today. I you are thin!ing o buying a
car and not sure yet which one to go or then Toyota Rav4 might "ust be the car
to go or. Its earlier success opened way or other compact SUVs li!e Subaru
#orester into the mar!et. R$V4 which stands or Recreational $ctive Vehicle with
4%wheel drive is by ar the only compact SUV that is provided by Toyota.
Feature of Toyota Rav4
Toyota Rav4 has several eatures that ma!e it stand out among other SUVs in the
!. "le#ant "$ternal %ei#n
Toyota Rav4 has a slee! e'ternal design that ma!es it elegant and beautiul to
the eye. It has a slee! design that not only ma!es it loo! lean but also sporty and
dynamic. It has standard roo rails that are strong enough to allow you carry
anything on it. Rav4 also has a powerul rear door that can be opened and closed
by simple press o a button.
&. 'tylih (nterior %ei#n
The internal area o Toyota Rav4 more or less loo!s li!e a coc!pit. The (nishes
are made o )uality material all round and the leather seats are awesome and
(ts someone who loves a touch o class in everything they own. The space within
is unctional* creative and stylish ma!ing its occupants comortable. The trun! is
spacious enough and the passenger seats are easily ad"ustable to create more
space in the trun! in case o more or bul!y luggage.
). Technolo#ically *dvanced
Toyota Rav4 has been designed to (t the ultimate liestyle o the modern day
people who have embraced technology. It has an advanced pac!age o
technology that ma!es it a comortable drive that is convenient and -e'ible
enough to (t the needs o the driver. Some o the visible eatures o technology
in Toyota Rav4 include& air conditioner* automatic headlights* !eyless start*
.luetooth connection or hands ree mobile calls* and rear par!ing sensors.
4. *udio +avi#ation
Toyota Rav4 is (tted with an elegant audio board that provides entertainment
while on the road. It is (tted with a display auto system that is controlled by the
/01 audio touch screen or an audio control button that is (tted on the steering
wheel. It also has .luetooth connectivity or audio streaming. It has an $2,#2
re)uency tuner as well as a slot or US. where one can stream their own music
rom another device.
,. 'afety %evice
Toyota Rav4 comes with a range o saety devices and measures that ensure
saety while on the road. It has a bra!e assist that helps in emergency bra!es
when need arises* vehicle stability control that ensures you have proper steering
control* traction control that help minimi3e wheel spin when driving on slippery
or uneven road suraces and anti%s!id bra!ing system that ensure you have ull
control o steering while ta!ing bra!es.
Toyota Rav4 has eatures that (t the li!es* preerences and liestyles o many
people. It is also (t or sporty people who love sporty utilities or their
4lease visit! or more inormation.