PART II – READING (30 pts.)
Barack Obama is the forty-fourth
President of the United States, but he
is the first African-American President
in the history of the country. He was
born on the 4
August, 1961.
He is married to Michelle, and they
have two daughters, Malia Anne and
Natasha, known as Sasha. The
children go to a private school in
Washington. The girls have a dog
called Bo. Michelle is a lawyer. She
doesn’t work now because her
husband is the President.
Barack Obama loves basketball. He
has his own basketball court in the
White House. He always invites
professional basketball players to
come and play with him. He also goes
to the gym. In the evenings, he
sometimes plays billiards. He and
Michelle like going to restaurants and
the cinema, and visiting friends for
dinner in their free time. The family
goes to church every Sunday.
The President and his family live in
the White House. It has 132 rooms.
100 people work for him. His chefs
make his favourite food- chilli and
Mr. Obama works in the Oval Office
in the White House. He often works
more than sixteen hours a day.
A. Read the text and answer the questions according to
the text. (1.5 pts. each; 9 pts.)

1. What does Barack Obama do?
2. When is his birthday?
3. Why doesn’t Michelle work?
4. What sport does Obama like?
5. What do Obama and Michelle do in their free time?
6. What is Obama’s favourite food?
____ / 9 pts.
B. Read the sentences about the text and write True or
False. (1 pt. each; 6 pts.)
____ 1. Mr. And Mrs. Obama’s children do not go to a state
____ 2. Malia and Natasha’s dog’s name is Sasha.
____ 3. Mr. Obama plays basketball with professional players.
____ 4. Obama’s family goes to church once a week.
____ 5. Mr. Obama and his family live in different places.
____ 6. The White House is so small.
____ / 6 pts.


The Spark Family
Mr. and Mrs. Spark live in a small town near New York. They’ve got one son and a daughter.
Their son’s name is Jim and their daughter’s name is Katy. Jim is a student. Katy is an
architect. The Sparks have got a huge car. They always go out by their car. They like visiting
different places in New York. They spend their weekends visiting museums and parks in New
The Sparks have got two nice cats. Their names are Whitesnow and Ball. The cats eat meat,
biscuits and special cat food. They like their food very much. Mr. Spark buys their food in a
huge supermarket in New York because the shops in their small town don’t sell cat food. The
Sparks have got neighbours. Their neighbours are good people and they also have cats.
Mr. Spark goes to New York every day because he works there. He is a doctor. He comes
home at five. Mrs. Spark works in the town. She works in the town library. She likes her job
very much because she likes reading.
The Spark family is very happy because they live together and they come together every
evening and have a family dinner. Sometimes they have guests.
A. Answer the questions with the information from the text (2 pts. each; 10 pts.).

1. What are Mr. and Mrs. Spark’s children’s names?

2. What do the Sparks do at the weekends?

3. What are the cats’ names?

4. Why does Mr. Spark go to New York every day?

5. Why does Mrs. Spark love her job?

_____/10 pts.

B. Complete the sentences with the information from the text. Use one word in each gap (1
pt. each; 5 pts.).
1. Mr. and Mrs. Spark’s __________ is a student.
2. At the weekends the Sparks __________ museums.
3. The cats __________ their food very much.
4. The Sparks’ __________ are good people.
5. Mr. and Mrs. Spark sometimes have __________.
_____/5 pts.
READING TOTAL _____/30 pts.


A. Complete the paragraph by using subject pronouns or possessive adjectives (0,5 pts.
each; 5 pts).
Jane Clark is a young woman. (1) _____ is English. She has a boyfriend. (2) _____ name is
Boris. (3) _____ are from London. (4) _____ city is very big and beautiful. (5) _____ like
London very much. Jane has a small car. (6) _____ car is red because her favourite colour is
red. (7) _____ likes her car very much. Jane is a teacher at London College. (8) _____ school
is very large. (9) _____ has many students from different countries. Habib is from India and
Mahmud is from Iran. (10) _____ like Jane very much.
_____/5 pts.
B. Complete the conversations with appropriate questions (1 pt. each; 5 pts.).

I. A: Hello! Can I help you?
B: Hello! Yes, please.
A: (1) __________________________________?
B: I need a sweater.
A: (2) __________________________________?
B: I want that one. I like the blue one over there.
II. A: Do you want to go to a movie?
B: It’s a great idea! (3) _____________________________?
A: At 12:30. Let’s meet at 12:00 near the cinema.
B: Okay.
III. A: (4) _________________________________________?
B: My birthday is on July 27
. (5) ___________________________?
A: August 15
_____/5 pts.
C. Complete the paragraph by using the correct forms of the verbs in brackets (1 pt. each;
10 pts.).
Mrs. Smith is in a shop with her two daughters, Angelina and Maria. Angelina (1) _____
(like) the red dress. She also (2) _____ (want) the blue one because she (3) _____ (have)
beautiful blue shoes. The shop assistant shows Angelina a nice colourful dress. Angelina (4)
_____ (not want) it.She (5) _____ (not need) a colourful dress.Maria (6) _____ (not want) a
dress.She (7) _____ (have) a dress.She (8) _____ (need) a blouse. Mrs. Smith and Maria (9)
_____ (like) the green jacket. They (10) _____ (not have) green jackets.
_____/10 pts.
LANGUAGE USE TOTAL _____/20 pts.

A. Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word from the box below. Do not change the form
of the word. Use each word only ONCE. There are two EXTRA words. Do not use them
(1 pt. each; 10 pts.).
newsstand bookstore chef take pharmacy pilot
school colleagues grandfather walk drives handsome

My name is Sara. I’m a teacher. This is my friend Kate. She is a teacher, too. We are (1)
_______________. We work in the same school. This is my father. His name is Alec. He’s a
(2) ______________. He cooks delicious food. This is my younger brother. His name is
Frank. He’s a (3) _______________. He likes flying in the sky. I live in Oxford. Our house is
next to a (4) ______________. We always go there to buy books. (5) A _______________ is
across the street. We buy medicine there. In the mornings, I go to the (6) ______________ to
buy newspapers and some magazines. I (7) ______________ to work because my school is
around the corner from my home. I don’t (8) ______________ the bus. My friend (9)
_______________ to work because her home is not next to our school. I have a boyfriend and
he is very (10) ______________.
_____/10 pts.
B. Fill in the gaps with a suitable word (1 pt. each; 5 pts.).
This is Mark. He is (1) _____ scientist. He is (2) _____ the USA. He works at Harvard
University. He goes to work (3) _____ car. He has got a daughter. She is five years (4) _____.
His daughter is (5) _____ cute!
_____/5 pts.
VOCABULARY TOTAL _____/15 pts.