LEmed Adding Immune Based Therapies to Its Treatment Profile

Hong Kong LEmed (Leading Edge Medical Ltd.), the specialist stem cell and laser
therapy research and distribution group, announced today that it is adding immun
e based therapies to its list of 21st century medicines, joining with stem cells
and laser therapies.
Wan Chai, Hong Kong, September 24, 2014 -- Human immune systems can be induced t
o respond against cancer using a range of approaches including autologous immune
cells. Immune cell based therapies are demonstrating much promise as potential
therapies for cancer in recent studies and the only noninvasive treatment option
for advanced cancers. Even more surprising is that similar to laser therapy, im
mune based therapies are being utilized in conjunction with stem cells in the mo
st modern stem cell clinics. In immune cell therapies, autologous patient leukoc
ytes are isolated and manipulated in vitro before transfer back, as dendritic ce
lls (DCs) or activated cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs).
Researchers have shown that fresh and vital dendritic cells can be introduced in
to the body in the form of a vaccine. If cancer is present, inoculation with new
dendritic cells alerts the immune system to the presence of cancer and restarts
proper immune function. This serves to mobilize the exceptional power of the im
mune system to identify Cancer and combat it. These dendritic cells are cultured
from the patientâs own white blood cells (so they are described as âautologousâ. Initia
after a simple blood draw, the blood is sent to a high-tech medical laboratory
where specially trained cell biologists and technicians separate out certain whi
te blood cells (monocytes) from the blood. These cells are then cultured and tra
nsformed in seven days into a new generation dendritic cells. This new generatio
n of vital, activated dendritic cells is re-introduced into the patientâs body throu
gh simple intractaneous injections as shown above. The results are remarkable by
any standard, increasing immune response, patient survival, and quality of life
According to Don Margolis, the Chairman of LEmed, "This approach harnesses the p
ower of the immune system by recruiting the bodyâs own specific immune cells that ca
n recognize and then marshal an attack against foreign invaders and diseased cel
ls. In theory, malignant cells should be ideal targets for immune cells, but tum
ors have ways of shielding themselves from our immune attack. With our new immun
e cell based therapies, we aim to restore these crucial defending lines against
the tumors. All this without the devastating side effects of chemo and radiation
Further, Mr. Margolis revealed that he has associated LEmed with two stem cell c
linics already treating patients with immune-based therapies, one in Asia and on
e in North America. But his most surprising revelation was that both of these es
tablished stem cell hospitals are using T-Cells and Dendritics along with stem c
ells to treat Renal failure, MS, Parkinson, and Lupus in addition to Cancer. Any
one wishing to learn more about these two clinics need only email Mr. Tobin at L
About Leading Edge Medical Ltd.:
Cellular medicine is revolutionizing medical treatment in the 21st century and L
eading Edge Medical's treatments are at the forefront of the field. Thousands of
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LEmed is committed to applying modern day best practices to the growing field of
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Jeffery Tobin
Client Services Director
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