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A discussion

Sept. 2014
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Road Users and their expectations
• I wish there was more reliable public
transport options to take my family
• No option is as cost-effective as my
• But, I am scared driving in peak hours
with large vehicles passing by.
• We tuk-tuk guys
get blamed for
every problem
on the road. Yet
people cannot
live without us.
• Wish there were
ways to reduce
my idle time and
idle run to
increase my

• No one understands our work conditions or
challenges. We get blamed for all accidents.
• Our owners put pressure on us to increase
revenue, forcing us to make mistakes on the
• I wish there were better bus-bays.
• Pedestrians life is
so unsafe on the
roads. Roads are
just not walkable.
• How do I get to my
bus stop / train
station? No one
plans for
Private Car User
• I wish I had planned my
journey better. When will
this traffic jam will end?
• Waste 2-3 hours each
day behind the wheel….
• Don’t think I will get
parking space by the
time I reach…
Public Bus Driver
IPT Operator
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IBM Transportation Management Center
Key stakeholders for managing transportation in a city & their
Mayor / City
Control Room
City / Traffic / Transit
Traffic Warden / Field
Staff / Transit Operators
• We work in difficult field conditions,
and need to respond to situation with
little insight
• We cannot focus on violations during
peak hours, need to keep traffic
• Even if I talk to my
colleague on radio, I do
not get clear picture of
traffic situation even a
few blocks away
• I need fact based performance
analysis …. Not just
anecdotes / examples
• Despite a lot of investment in
road improvements, not sure if
traffic situation has improved?
• I need to know how well my
city is prepared for this
upcoming major event .

• Need a more dynamic way to
manage signages
• I need seamless communication
with other agencies
• Most of the loops are
dysfunctional and give
erroneous data

• How do we track and monitor so many
cameras ? We have only 2 eyes each !
• From Control Room, we only react! We
need to predict and plan for situations.
• I need direct and real-time awareness of major
issues… they need to be automatically brought
to my attention ..!

• I need long-term
reliable data on traffic &
transit for better
planning decisions
• Need to understand
trends, not just slice-in-
time data
• Need capability to
forecast, predict,

• Need to synchronize different modes of transport
• Need insight to optimize routes, and enhance
public transit ridership
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Transition from the traditional to a “smarter TMC” approach
From knowing and
reacting to the situation.
To anticipating to be able
to predict and avoid
undesirable situations
Situational Awareness
in Context
Intelligent Response
Ability to Anticipate,
Predict and Plan
Scalable, Flexible and
Open System
Attributes of a “Smarter Transportation Management Centre”
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IBM Transportation Management Center
Attributes of a “Smarter Transportation Management Centre”
Situational Awareness in
• Awareness as ‘insight” not just “data”
• Shared awareness of situation, wherever they
• Same information, many views
• Review past data / situations on-the-fly
• Alerts & notifications --- Managed
• Automated interpretation of the situation
• Quantifies the situation

Collaborative Intelligent
• Not just see the same truth together, but ACT
on it together
• Work across information and organizational
silos / domain boundaries of agencies
• Better utilize limited resources – optimize
• Respond & communicate in real time
• Embed institutional memory in process &
• Continuous improvement enabled
Ability to Anticipate, Forecast,
Predict and Plan
• Predict conditions in near future (traffic / bus
• Anticipate congestion, cascading impact of
• Enable all categories of road users to plan
their trips / journeys
• Simulate events & traffic impact of events
• Decision support for policy options (eg. Truck
Scalable, Flexible and Open
System & Readily deployable
• Solution can scale up as the city grows… an
expandable architecture
• Flexible – each city has unique requirements
– processes, KPIs. Enable without major
• Open – can be built upon
• Adaptable – integrates with vide variety of
legacy systems
• Pre-integrated, tested and delivered fast

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This is not a “Technology buzz”, the benefits are tangible
↓ Traffic delays
↓ Congestion
↑ Public transport ridership
↓ Wait at pedestrians crossings
↑ Walking and cycling travel
↓ incident response time
↓ vehicle collisions 30%
↓ cyclist injuries
↓ pedestrian accidents
Retail sales in congested areas
Many cities that have undertaken such
transformation have experienced:
Many cities around the world are
embarking on the Smarter
Transportation journey ….
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