Yellowfin Extends Self Service BI and Data Discovery Capabilities in New Release

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, has
furthered its ability to support self-service BI and independent Data Discovery
with a series of important data visualization enhancements.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, September 24, 2014 -- The enrichment of Yellowfi
n's data visualization capabilities was included within the latest version of its
BI platform, Yellowfin 7.1.
Yellowfin 7.1 was released in a series of launch Webinars. The recording can be
accessed here:
ªWe want to ensure the best analytical experience possible when using Yellowfin,º sa
id Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie. ªThat's why we've incorporated a raft of visualization
improvements in Yellowfin 7.1, to support rapid, free flow visual analysis.º
Auto Chart supports over 50 best practice chart types:
Yellowfin 7.1 extends the Auto Chart functionality launched in Yellowfin 7, with
16 new chart types now supported by Yellowfin's Auto Chart feature ± including comb
ination charts as well as maps. As a result, Auto Chart now supports over 50 bes
t practice chart types and combinations.
ªThe end result is that, providing you have selected a metric, any combination of
attributes dragged into Yellowfin's Chart Builder will now instantly create an Aut
o Chart,º said Rabie. ªWith Yellowfin 7.1, you don't have to be a data analyst or a BI
expert to generate great visualizations and perform meaningful analysis.º
Increasing the breadth of visualizations supported by Yellowfin's Auto Chart featu
re offers further assistance to non-technical business-users, enabling self-serv
ice content creation and independent Data Discovery.
Improved color options for Auto Charts:
The use of color options within Auto Charts has also been improved dramatically
in Yellowfin 7.1. Users can easily apply conditional formatting on an Auto Chart
, within the Chart Builder, to create color-coding across dimensions or metrics.
ªFor example, dragging a metric into the color selection panel of an Auto Chart wi
ll automatically define the color of a thematic of bubble map,º said Rabie. ªUsers a
lso benefit from improved range settings for metric defined colors ± across all ch
art types and all existing Auto Chart combinations.º
Toggle from Auto Chart to manual chart selection:
In Yellowfin 7.1, users have the ability to toggle between Yellowfin's Auto Chart
option and manual chart selection, without affecting settings and fields, adding
a greater level of flexibility when building visualizations.
ªBusiness users can still enjoy the guided support offered by Auto Charts, while m
ore adept users ± with a predefined idea of the style of chart they want to create
± can simply toggle to manually create specific visualizations,º said Rabie.
For basic charts in `auto' mode, users can now also seamlessly swap back and forth b
etween chart types without having to rebuild content.
Customizable Big Number charts:
Yellowfin's output canvas, introduced as part of Yellowfin 7's overhauled Report Bui
lder, enabled users to drag-and-drop multiple charts onto a single space and arr
ange them side-by-side to produce multi-chart reports ± a miniature dashboard type
experience for data consumers.
This new feature allowed users to resize the charts, the canvas itself ± and add a
range of custom widgets (text, images, icons, etc) to the output canvas ± to crea
te a customized view of visualizations and add context to multi-chart reports.
ªYellowfin 7.1 adds to this experience by allowing users to also create bespoke Bi
g Number charts within the output canvas,º said Rabie. ªThis change empowers users t
o build customized summary charts within a multi-chart report, using the range o
f available font types within Yellowfin.
ªThe ability to further customize visualizations via Yellowfin's output canvas offer
s improved flexibility, empowering users to quickly add associated content to su
pport a rich and deeply insightful user experience.º
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