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Environmental protection in South Africa
Author: Lloyd, P J

Ind. Petrochem. Consultants, P.O. Box 651774, Benmore 2010, South Africa

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Abstract (English): Society is fully justified in its concern abut the environment, but that concern may, at
present, be too uncritical. It is, for instance, essential to establish that there is a valid environmental impact, and
that there is truly a causal link between a human activity and an observed shift in environmental conditions. In
establishing these, one must recognize that while scientific proof offers consistency, it can never provide
completeness. Thus no amount of scientific endeavour can ever prove that mitigation of the effects of human
activity will be perfect. Society normally expresses its concern through regulation. A review of existing legislation
was therefore carried out, and it was found that: laws regarding water were probably too stringent to be
effective; legislation regarding air and land use was probably too lax; all environmental regulation was too
fragmented to be efficient; and the Department of Environment Affairs was hamstrung by inter-departmental
rivalry, and that its present proposals towards environmental protection via an integrated environmental
protection procedure were incompatible with sustainable development. I therefore conclude that, if means are to
be found for ensuring adequate mitigation of environmental impact in the face of ongoing economic
development, it will be necessary to: accept that technology has a significant role to play in ensuring sustainable
development, seek a revised structure that is better equipped to resolve the complex legal issues that have
arisen than a government department, and look to economic forces and fiscal instruments to reinforce the
relationship between the state and business in creating a climate in which development may proceed in an open
manner that does not impact adversely on our environment.
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Subject: environmental protection; legislation; government policies; government policy;
Location: South Africa, South Africa
Classification: D 04901: Legislation; P 9000: ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION
Identifier / keyword: government policy, government policies, government policies, government policy
Correspondence author: Lloyd, P J  
Publication title: South African Journal of Science
Volume: 91
Issue: 7
Pages: 331-334
Number of pages: 4
Publication year: 1995
Year: 1995
ISSN: 0038-2353
Source type: Scholarly Journals
Peer reviewed: Yes
Summary language: English
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Language of publication: English
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