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Main Purpose of Job
Job Description Form
Job Title: Recruitment Consultant To develop and apply sales skills through successfully generating recruitment
assignments and placing candidates with clients to generate gross proft.
To manage the end-to-end recruitment cycle from sourcing, screening,
interviewing candidates and matching them with clients needs through to
negotiation of proftable rates placement of candidates.
Base Salary plus Commission
Reports to: Sales Team anager !"evel #$%$&' or Business anager
for: (direct
Main Responsibilities !PI"s and Dimensions
Sales Pro#le
• Sales resilience
• Sales Drive
• $istening s%ills
• Sales Con#dence
• &c'iever
• (ocused
• Disciplined
• &mbitious
• Commitment
• Integrity
• Competitiveness
• &ccountability for Results
• C'ange (ocus
• Self Management and
• Client Service
• Team )or% and Co*
• Communication
• Commercial and Mar%et
• Creativity and Innovation
(S+D or ,-D
• S * Standard, D . +eveloped+ ,-D * ,ighly +eveloped
Signature of $ine Manager ///////////////0 Signature of Job ,older ////////////////00 Date //////////0
• -dentify sales prospects amongst e.isting and new potential clients
through cold calling, networking, following up leads and referrals, and
attending client meetings to generate selection assignments
• /enerate leads through identifying opportunities which arise from
market knowledge or candidate movement and intelligence etc
• /ain commitment, sell brand and ma.imise opportunity whilst taking
0ob specifcations
• 1.pand and maintain a key contacts lists of leads$clients with
supporting information such as contact details, company information
• 2ork to identify, win and conduct regular client meetings to maintain
and build business and key accounts and e.plore future needs. 2ork
closely with the Business +evelopment team where applicable
• 3espond to client placement re4uirements by matching suitable
candidates to vacant roles with a view to making a proftable placement
• aintain a candidate database through correctly entering their details
into the candidate system to enable e5ective tracking and matching of
candidates to assignments
• Sourcing candidates !use of database, networking, recommendation,
headhunting and advertising' to match selection assignments
• 2rite e-marketing as re4uired to source candidates or promote 4uality
candidates with potential clients
• Screen and 4ualify C6s received against skills, e.perience and salary
• Conduct candidate 4ualifcation interviews and build relationships
• Candidate control through positively in7uencing candidates to achieve
their ob0ectives
• (egotiate with client and candidates on candidate o5er terms and
conditions of employment to successfully secure proftable placements
89- s to be established and agreed with anager
Main Responsibilities
ST'ree 1alues
Signature of $ine Manager ///////////////0 Signature of Job ,older ////////////////00 Date //////////0
• 9ro actively deal and respond to complaints from clients and candidates.
1scalate if no solution can be achieved
• )chieve 8ey 9erformance -ndicators !89-' and sales targets to build
4uality business, deals and gross proft
• 9lan and prioritise personal sales activities and customer$prospect and
candidate contact to achieve agreed 89-s and sales targets
• aintain up-to-date knowledge of own recruitment sector$discipline and
sta:ng dynamics to respond proactively to opportunities and advise
clients accordingly
• )dhere to and be fully compliant with company systems and processes
• )dhere to SThree;s internal 4uality standards and processes to ensure
good governance and high levels of professionalism
• <ndertake administration !including ma.imising the use and 4uality of
data held on )pollo'
• <ndertake reference checking for every candidate that is put forward
for a role with clients to ensure 4uality candidates are provided
=ur company values are an integral part of how we conduct business with our
clients, candidates and colleagues and we want them to be demonstrated and
visible in everything that we do.
2e believe that by living our values and acting with integrity in all that we do,
we will become the most successful and respected global recruitment
=ur relentless desire to succeed> The drive, determination and restless desire
to achieve our targets and make a di5erence.
The 0oy of reaching our goals and achieving success> 2e recognise service,
e5ort and achievement with a great social environment and we reward
personal success.
3espect for yourself, team, company and clients> 2e will treat our colleagues,
our clients, our company and candidates with the same respect we would
e.pect to be treated by them, and we will respect the laws and cultures we
operate within as well as aspiring to be highest possible ethical standards.
=ur ability to build trusted relationships with people> /reat communication
skills are vital to our business ? listening carefully and seeing things from the
other;s point of view, and showing that you understand them.
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