Use: 1.

Order quantity not complete or
2. Required delivery date has not been confirmed in time.

Backorder processing is functionality in SAP where we can change the commitments and over-ride the
blockage of stocks marked against sales documents/deliveries.

1. You receive an order from a very important customer for material "A" but the entire quantity of A is
committed to another customer "B" via earlier sales orders. BACKORDER processing helps to
change the commitment and shift stock due for B to A.
2. While doing sales order the material is not available sometimes at that time we give the delivery date
whenever we expect goods. If the goods available earlier than delivery date we can go back with
sales order and deliver the goods before first delivery date
Types of Backorder
There are two types of Back order processing
1. Manual Backorder
2. Reschedule Backorder

1. Manual Backorder Processing:
In this process we can reduce the confirmed quantity of line item of one sales order and reallocate that
quantity to item of another sales order.

There are 2 transactions to do it:
Based on the SD Document: V_RA
Based on the Material: CO06

Transaction Code: V_RA
Here we have to fill either Material date or Customer Data along with Organizational Data

Select all open sales order for which you want to do Backorder processing.
Then click or “Backorders” button.

row tell us on dated 12.08.2012 plant 1000 (summation of all storage locations) received total stock of
row tell us, sales order number 12100 required of 10pcs and confirmed also 10pcs which is available
on dated 17.08.2012
row tell us, another sales order number 12101 created which required quantity is 5pcs but not able to
confirmed on material available date.
row tell us, mobile material is available 10pcs in only storage location 0001 of plant 1000 from dated
Because of few reasons business wants to do delivery on basis of high priority of sales order 12101.
For this we have to deallocate the 5pcs from sales order 12100 and reallocate to the sales order 12101.
Sample result
Sample result

Select the 2
row which represent to sales order 12100 and clicks on “Change confirmation” button.

Change committed field from 10 to 5.
Click on “Copy” button.
Sample result

Now you can see the 2
row sales order number 12100 confirmed quantity changed from 10to 5.
And for that deallocated quantity 5pcs from sales order 12100 can reassign to sales order 12101 and
confirm on dated 17.08.2012
For this select 3
row sales order 12101 and click on “change Confirmation” button
Sample result

Now change the committed field from 0 to 5 and press enter then you will find above screen.
Then Click Copy Button
Sample result

Now you can see for sales order 12101 is available on dated 17.08.2012 with confirmed quantity 5.

Sample result
2. Rescheduling Process.
This could be used:
a. When we reduce the confirmed quantity of one sales order and want to allocate it to another
sales order automatically on basis of delivery priority rule.
b. To redetermine the available date and delivery date on basis of delivery priority rule for the sales
orders created during non availability of stock (at that time system would have provided a delivery
date in future).
The Delivery priority is taken from the customer master in sales order and can be used as a sort criterion
for orders during rescheduling process.

Transaction Code: V_V2

By default the “Simulation” checkbox is flagged.
To actually execute the transaction V_V2 fill material and plant deselect “Simulation” and execute.

Click on YES button in pop up box of “Updating Backorders in sales”

Here system shows that for sales order 12100 get new confirm quantity is 10pcs before that it was only
The backorder reschedule does the job that your users are doing manually i.e. "re-allocating" the available
stock to the open orders.
V_RA:- backorder list and V_V2:- backorder reschedule for online processing.
V.15 – Backorder List
*It is also possible to set up a batch job with programs SDV03V02 and/or RVV50R10C.

Sample result