HNeraise 27

The iext belour is about snakes.
Exer*ise ?E
The t*xt belcw is abaut a camping trip.
A snakc is a reptile, a coid blcnded-anirn*i" ii has scal*s *ll *ver its body"
It d*es not r:ave legs but it has br*ad scaies *il the und*rsreje cf
*.g. its
Th*se s*sles helps the sn*k*s to mcve alcng ihe
1,4*st *f the
sr-:akes changc their sklns a few tim*s e year. A s**k*s b.:dy t*mperatur*
changes according ta its slirrounding. Most snakes eat lizards, fish, frogs,
birCs and rl*me nranimals. Snak*s such es
harl flexii:!e
i {di
all*w then: lo swail*w anim*trs far larger than their ewn i:e*cs. A.!! prey is
sw*liow*d whole and might iake s*v*ral rla.v,* cr- €u*il r,r,**ks t* fully digest"
$*me snak*s h*ld th*ir pr*ys with th*ir sharp te*ih. 5*n:* snakes such as
I tgl
ccbras and b:lack membas u$e v*nr:i-n t* i:unt *r:* iiili iheir nrey. Ther* rs
m*re thsn 2$CI0 speries of sn*kcs in the worid. Ti:*y iiv* r:n desserts, forests,
r:Ce&ns, strearns and lakes The King *abras, c*rai snai.;*s, mai*nbas *r the
I *l
vipers ars soffie of the dangeraus snak**q lri th* w*rld" A scientifie study has
discevered that a bit* frcrn a King Cr:*ra ran kili *n *!e$n*ni nrithin an hcur"
along v. y.
We went camping with our teacher at Pulau Bukom. As I was feding
bored, my friend and I decided to take a walk acrcss tfre
mL ft was
already seven in the evening. The wind was fresh but @1. tt nshed onb my
face, arms and body. I closed my eyes feeling cornpletefy rdaL Then I heard
my friend screamed,
walk further! Stop!" I stop@. I had been ahead
of him. Then I looked down. A metre away was the black cobra all coiled up,
hissing, ready to attack. Cold shivers ran down my spine. I stand there, with
my legs rooted into the ground. I could have made an attempt to run, but
my mind is compietely blank. My friend came and dragged me away. Then I
came to my senses and start running. We ran until we were away from the
Soon, we reached ours camp. We were breathing heavily. I was so
relieve I had been saved from a fatal bite. I surely would have died. I thanked
my friend for his tremendous help" He had saved my life. Our teacher advised
us not to wander away again.
e-rPNI htreuroil (M)Sdn. BhL!.