Global And China Refractory Material Industry Report, 2014


Refractory aterial is one of the indispensible aterials in
such hi!h-teperature industries as iron and steel, buildin!
aterials, cheicals, nonferrous etals, etc" #$er %0& of
refractory aterials 'orld'ide are applied in iron and steel
seltin!, 1%& in buildin! aterial industry and 4& in
cheical industry"
(o', China is the lar!est producer and e)porter of refractory
aterials around the !lobe" In 201*, China+s refractory
aterial output hit 2,"1,- illion tons, s'eepin! ore than
66& of the 'orld+s total. e)port $olue topped 1"%6- illion
tons, /1"% ties the iport $olue"
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6espite the !lobal leadin! position, Chinese refractory
aterials ha$e been confronted 'ith the proinent proble
of o$ercapacity in recent years" Additionally, sub7ect to
!ro'th slo'do'n in do'nstrea sectors, the fallin! deand
and other factors, ar4et copetition intensifies" 8nterprises
in the field recei$ed reduced orders and sa' sales $olue in
decline, soe copanies e$en in the red"
Accordin! to statistics of 9he Association of China
Refractories Industry :ACRI;, in 201*, /- 4ey refractory
aterial copanies in China posted a year-on-year rise of
*"1-& in refractory aterial output and a year-on-year
increase of 2",*& in sales but a year-on-year drop of 10"*6&
in profit"
In the future, Chinese refractory aterial industry 'ill enter
a ran!e of lo'er !ro'th and ay e$en e)perience soe
sli!ht decrease" It is pro7ected that durin! 2014-2016, Chinese
refractory aterial output 'ill re!ister an AAGR of around
A!ainst the slu!!ish ar4et, copanies at hoe and abroad
ha$e ade brea4throu!hs in $arious 'ays, in 'hich er!in!
and reor!ani5ation becoes an ed!e tool in ipro$in! ar4et
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R=I is the lar!est refractory aterial copany 'ith ** plants
in the 'orld, 4 of 'hich are located in China, capable of
producin! 1"% illion tons of refractory aterials annually"
In 201*, R=I !ained 6-"6& e>uity of #rient Refractories ?td"
$ia t'o successi$e ac>uisitions. in 2014, R=I planned to ta4e
o$er one ra' aterial plant in 8r5uru, 9ur4ey of Cihan
Group and the inin! ri!ht"
0esu$ius 'as once ac>uired by Coo4son Group in 1-,6 and
!ot separated fro it at the end of 2012 and listed in
?ondon @toc4 8)chan!e" 201* 'itnessed 0esu$ius achie$e
re$enue of GAB1"41 billion, in 'hich GAB460 illion cae
fro refractory aterials"
Buyan! Refractories Group Co", ?td" has successi$ely ac>uired
and reor!ani5ed Cunin! Iron and @teel Refractories,
@han!hai Aaoin! Refractories Co" ?td", Diao5uo Ai!!er
Refractories Co", ?td" and so forth. in 201*, Buyan!
Refractories !ained 100& e>uity of Ehen!5hou =ua'ei
Refractories Co", ?td" and in 2014 it planned to obtain 100&
sta4e of Maanshan Fushan Metallur!ical (e' Materials Co",
?td" and 100& sta4e of Ehen!5hou =uite Refractory Material
Co", ?td" $ia er!er and ac>uisition"
@handon! ?uyan! @hare Co", ?td" brou!ht in the o$erseas
strate!ic in$estor G Hnifra) Asia-Bacific =oldin! ?iited, and
!ained 100& sta4e of Hnifra) :@u5hou; in Au!" 2014"
Aei7in! ?ier =i!h-teperature Materials Co", ?td" finali5ed its
er!ers and ac>uisitions of ?iaonin! Dinhon! Minin! and
?iaonin! Ehon!)in! Minin! in 201* and planned to spend
RMA61"*- illion in ac>uirin! 100& e>uity of @han!hai
Iintaishan =i!h-teperature 8n!ineerin! Materials Co", ?td"
:held by @han)i Ii)iaopin! Refractories Co", ?td"; in 2014"
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