- --- ^^

S aDout CnristOpher.
Christopher's first day at school after his family moved in from
:- : : :i The other students came out to Christopher and tried to make friends
,,, :-
They asked him a lot of questions about oneself and his family.
-:,',e!'er. Christopher.iust turned away rudely without saying something. The
::-=r students was surprised and upset with Christopher's attitude. During
the other boys gathered into groups and
play together happily.
l^rsiopher was standing alone and watching them
play. He invited
3nristopher to
them but he refused. Seeing that Christopher wa$ so
croud and unfriendly, they do not want to be friends with him anymore.
Cnristopher felt very lonely, thus he did not tell anyone about it. He simply
<eot quiet and stayed in his room. His
parents were aiso warried with him.
tlis father bought hirnself a
parrot to keep him company" Christcpher spent
ali his tinre with his
parrct and loved it very much" CIne day, Christopher
forgot to close the door of the cage. His parrot flew away and never came
bacK. Christopher was s0 sad. He told everything to his ciassmates. His
:;assmates were verv supportive. Then, he became happy with his friends.
Exercise 1S
text below is about Malaysian and food.
f,/lalaysia is a food paradise. Perhaps this is the reason why Malaysians
wer_e food-iovers. Food seems to be the
predominant thought, no matter
itrhom they are with or where they are. For a lot of people at Malaysia, their
lifestyies can revclve about food. Malaysians can eat anytime. As early
as 6 a.m., they takes their breakfast consisting of rice or fried noodles.
prefer to go Western, settled for eggs and toast. Regardless of what
they eat, they are all quickly to teli you that they cannot start their day without
good breakfast. lf at work or in school, coffee or tea break is a common
practice. They can be a cup of coffee with sorne cakes. As for lunch, it can
be a light meal alone or heavy group affair. Usually the group sharecl the cost
of a heavy meal with a little dishes. Dinner, usually a family affair, is often
the best
part of the day. To Malaysians, an happy event must have a lct nf
eating. Food is parl of every celebration and festival. Weddings, birthdays
and social functions are usually celebrated with a big lunch or dinner.
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