Exercise 15
The text belovr is about stress.
Stress has aroused much confusion. The common question
is -
good or bad?'Actuaiiy, stress can be positive
therefore it brings out the best
in us. Yet, too many stress can he detrimentai. A person whc is constantly
overstressed is prone for diseases including high blood pressure, heart
attack, stroke and fatigue. $ince str*ss is part
and parce! for our lives, we must
learn how tc manage stress. l?elaxation is the better str"ategy to beat stress"
We can easily do so with watching cartocns or comedi*s. The funny seenes
and dialogues wlll help us ease the tensron. Alsn, learn how to iaugh CIn
depressing r"ncments as laughter was the best medicine. K**ping a
another way of de-stressirrg yor:rs*lf. Ey spending tinres with yaur pet,
you were able tc push
the worn*s away trcm your rnind. lf k*eping a p*i
do not appeal tr you, indulge in a hcbby iike g*rd*ning. ts*sides ke*ping
fit, you wili a*hieve a sense *f aehieverr-:*nt wh*n yCIu $*e ynur garden
blooin. Da irot stay at hame and brcad" inst*ad, *r: thing* you like ta da.
Exercise tS
text beiovv is about dengue fever,
As we ail know, dengue fsv*r is csr"!s*d hy the infeeted femal*
Aerles mosquitoes. They gggld
b* r**cgnized hy the niack and white bands
on their borjies a!'rd legs" These rnoscruito*s are active ai dawn from 6.3il
a.m. and 0.00 a.m. and at dlrsk beirv*en 5.3CI p"m. to 8.fi0 p.n"r. They can lay
eggs sornewhere as long as there is waier. Ai"*und our hsuse, they can be
found into empty containers in the garrien
and even an the piates
under the
flower pots.
Vases anci v,iaier buci<ets are
bre*ding grounds for it. ln
schools anti public places,
they breeding in cirains, dis*arcled plastic
tires and septic tanks. Rain gutters with stagnant water heips them to breed
too. Th*re are certain steps we can take every daV ur week to stop theirs
breecling. lVe should check our houses car"efully^ Of course, we cffn empty all
open containers of stagnant water or otherwise, we treated stagnant water^ And
when we see old containers or tires, we dispose them properiy so that they
do not lie arounci, collecting water. Laetiy, we have to rep*rt if lhere are any
cases of d*ngue tc the local auihority ar:d h*aith depadment imrn*diately.
e.g, bec:;:*
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!r PN! Neuron (lvl) sdn. Bhd 1CI
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