Since time immemorial, healing ceremonies have been a

traditional part of the tribal culture in the Peruvian Amazon
rainforest. For many centuries these sacred ceremonies have
utilised a vine which is also known as the vine of the souls,
as an elixir to connect to Mother Earth, the elements and to
the spirit world. This reconnection resulting in a union of the
physical, emotional and mental bodies brings the individual
into perfect harmony.
If you are looking for an opportunity for self development
and self improvement, then this Vision Quest experience is for
you. It will eliminate any negative energy and toxins that you
have taken in since the day you were born and which could
not otherwise be shifted through healthy diet, exercise and
without years of intensive meditation. These energies will have
been stored by the body in the past or will have been absorbed
in the presence of others, causing blockages in the normal
fow of energy in the body. The consequences are physical
pain or malfunction of the organs, sadness or depression on
an emotional level and from the spiritual point of view it shows
in a sense of loss of one's purpose or mission in life.
Shamanic Vision Quest Ceremonies are successfully used
to help anxiety related disorders, addictions (soft drugs like
cannabis, hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, food, alcohol,
internet-addictions, games, porn), dysfunctional family
relationships and for those whose lives have been inhibited as
a result of those relationships. Physiologically there is boost in
brain function, concentration and memory and you will fnd
that your mind is clearer and calmer. Anyone on a spiritual
quest but who does not know how to structure their inner
work and intuitions will also beneft greatly.
It will help you to overcome blockages and barriers to your
true destiny as the process strips away the false, the pretentious,
the negative, and opens you to a world of life, possibility. This
experience is a gateway beyond fear. The roots of diseases
(spiritual, emotional and physical) are fear, repression, the
calcifcation of love and the life force within a person. During
the ceremony, visions answering questions like "What is my
life purpose? Who am I? What is the best decision?" often arise,
enabling you to look at yourself and your life situations from a
clearer perspective.
According to Charles Grob, M.D., a professor of psychiatry
and pediatrics at UCLA's School of Medicine, vision quests pro-
voke a profound state of altered consciousness that can lead to
temporary "ego disintegration," as he calls it, allowing people
to move beyond their defence mechanisms into the depths of
their unconscious minds - a unique opportunity, he says, that
cannot be duplicated by any nondrug therapy methods.
"You come back with images, messages, even
communications," he explains. "You're learning about yourself,
reconceptualizing prior experiences. Having had a profound
psycho-spiritual epiphany, you're not the same person you
were before."
About the experience:
"As attested to by all who have had any signifcant exposure
to sacred plants, the efects of this brew can be stupefying to
the utmost. Both in the literature and in reports of people I have
interviewed, again and again I have found the visions to be
characterised as exhibiting a beauty that is beyond imagination.
Invariably, the visions impress their viewers as marvellous, and
when powerful they introduce participants to what seem to
be enchanted realities that fll them with wonder and awe. The
afective and spiritual impact that the experience may have on
people can be very profound. Often, people say their exposure to
the vision quest has radically changed their lives; many say that
after this exposure they were no longer the same person. But even
when it does not have radical ramifcations on people's lives at
large, the vision quest is a wondrous experience that those who
have been subject to it almost invariably describe as like nothing
they had experienced before. I am saying all this by way of
apology, for in a deep sense the efects to be discussed here defy
verbal description. In order to be fully appreciated they have to be
experienced frst hand."
from "The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology
of the Vision Quest Experience",
by Benny Shanon, Professor of Psychology at the University of
Oxford University Press, 2002, ISBN 0199252920,
In a controlled double-blind experiment, one third of the
participants rated their vision quest experiences as the single
most meaningful experience of their lives and two thirds as
among the top fve most meaningful experiences of their
lives! 79% of the participants reported a moderate to greatly
increased sense of well-being and life satisfaction two months
after the Shamanic Vision Quest Healing Ceremony.
None had previously used any hallucinogen and over half
were active in church or another spiritual community.
At 2 months, the volunteers rated the experience as having
substantial personal meaning and spiritual signifcance and
attributed to the experience sustained positive changes in
attitudes and behaviour consistent with changes rated by
community observers. Even months later subjects who had
taken the medicine reported overall better mental health
and a more positive outlook on life than those how did not
receive the medicine. No long-term negative side efects were
The Vision Quest Healing ceremonies lead the individual
back to their essence - returning to you to your inner self.
Every person will be caringly compassionately led through
their individual process.
Shamanic Vision Quest Ceremony
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