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September 17, 2014

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American Chop Suey





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American Chop Suey
- subm itte d by Dahlia on 04-06-2010

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'American Chopsuey' is an Indo Chinese dish which is available
in all the Chinese restaurants in India. But in America, 'American
Chopsuey' refers to a pasta dish made with Macaroni and Beef. Only
God knows how the Indo Chinese dish got its name as 'AMERICAN
Whatever be the name confusion, the "Indian" American
Chopsuey is an all time favorite for all Indo Chinese food lovers. The
combination of crispy noodles, crunchy vegetables topped with sauce
and egg makes it look and taste appetizing.

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to taste Pepper Powder . shredded cabbage. julienned carrot.1 " piece (minced) Garlic .aspx 2/8 .2 cups (Vegetables can include baby corn.1 medium (sliced) Vegatebales of choice .1/2 tsp Chilli Sauce . (Take approximately as you need) Oil .4 tblsp Chicken/Vegetable Stock . beans. capsicum. sliced mushrooms. I've used a packet of frozen mixed stir fry vegetables) Tomato Ketchup .1 cup Corn Flour/Corn Starch .3 tsp Soy Sauce .for deep frying For Sauce Chicken Breast .250 gms app.3-4 cloves (minced) Onion . cauliflower florets etc.to taste http://simpleindianrecipes.1 tsp Salt .com/AmericanChopSuey. brocooli florets.1 (cut into thin strips) Ginger .9/18/2014 American Chop Suey | Simple Indian Recipes Finger Foods Salads Soups Snacks Beverages Pickles Chutneys Condiments Vegetarian Gravies Vegetarian Sides Non-Vegetarian Gravies Non-Vegetarian Sides Biryanis and Pulaos Fast Food Breakfast / Tiffin Idli/ Dosa Varieties Roti (Bread) Varieties Cakes & Cookies International Desserts Indian Sweets Fusion Food Festival Recipes Regional Recipes Andhra Cuisine Bengali Recipes Chettinad Recipes Ingredients Noodles .

After draining the noodles. (Break the eggs one at a time in a hot pan such that the yolk is in the center. 2. chilly sauce.) 3. 4. 2.671 people like Simple Indian Recipes. Simple Indian Recipes Like 10. Remove on paper towels to remove excess oil. Top the noodles with the sauce just before serving to retain the crispiness of the http://simpleindianrecipes. deep fry in oil little at a time till it becomes crispy. Once the egg is cooked. Add this mixture to the cooked veggies and let it cook for about 10 minutes till the sauce is reduced and thickened.aspx 3/8 . Put some of the sauce with the veggies and chicken on top of the noodles.3 Oil . 3. In the mean time. Do not overcook it.com/AmericanChopSuey. Season with some salt and pepper. 6.1 tblsp Pepper & Salt . Garnish with a 'bulls eye' egg on top and serve hot. Make 'bulls eye' eggs. 5. ► Dishes Indian ► Recipes ► Indian Curry Follow 3.9k Follow @SIRecipes To assemble the chop suey 1. ginger and sliced onions. Put a wok or stir fry pan on high heat. Add 1-2 tblsp of oil. Place the fried noodles in a plate and crush it slightly with hands. take the corn flour in a seperate bowl and add the chicken stock to it little by little so that it gets mixed up without forming any lumps. tomato ketchup. remove and keep aside. 3.9/18/2014 American Chop Suey | Simple Indian Recipes Goan Cuisine Gujarati Recipes Indo American Recipes Indo Chinese Recipes Indo Pakistani Recipes Italian Recipes Karnataka Recipes Kerala Recipes Maharashtrian Recipes Mexican Recipes Punjabi Recipes Tamilnadu Recipes Thai Recipes Vegetables Asparagus Beetroot Bell Peppers (Capsicum) Bittergourd Bok Choy Basil (Thulsi) Bottleguard Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage For 'Bulls eye' egg Egg . Now add all the veggies and stir fry on high heat so that all the vegetables should be cooked but still retain their crispiness. Boil the noodles according to the package instructions or till the noodles is perfectly cooked. Taste the sauce to check for seasonings. 2. salt and pepper to this. Add the finely chopped garlic. Continue to fry till the chicken gets cooked. Add the chicken strips to this and stir fry on high heat for about 2 minutes. Add the soy sauce. For making the sauce (Skip the meat to make it vegetarian) 1.a pinch Method Preparation steps 1.

..A traditional Lassi.Mushroom Hotdogs. Healthy Vadais) .. indian breakfast This is . Cauliflower Celery Cilantro Cucumber Curry Leaves Random recipes which you may be interested: Corn Eggplant (Brinjal) Fenugreek Leaves (Methi) Drumstick Green Beans Greens Cherry Lassi.aspx 4/8 . Mushr..9/18/2014 American Chop Suey | Simple Indian Recipes Carrot noodles. (Semolina Coconut Recipe for Cherry Baked Vadas.. Ivygourd • Easy Chicken Recipes Lotus Root Mint (Pudhina) • Quick And Easy Recipes Green Peas • Pork Roast Gravy Okra • Free Cooking Recipes Onion Potato • Shrimp Chop Suey Pumpkin • Pork Roast Recipes Radish ads Ridgegourd Rutabaga Post a new comment Scallion Snakegourd Yam Spinach http://simpleindianrecipes. Mushroom Burger.com/AmericanChopSuey. Sweet Corn Vadai (Mixed Mushroom Cutlet Rawa Upma Lassi . Upma) ... (Mushroom Patties.Simple Vegetable Vadai.. made wit.

Plz put sme child friendly recipes which r yummy to eat Reply http://simpleindianrecipes.as.aspx 5/8 .. Reply Shilpa (August 18. Do scale up the ingredients according to ur need. Email ► Cuisine Indian ► Indian Veg Food ► Dishes Indian Email will NOT be displayed publicly... 2013) receipe for 50 people chicken biryani and method for preparation Reply Dahlia (S. Author) (November 13.9/18/2014 American Chop Suey | Simple Indian Recipes Squash Varieties Sweet Potato Tapioca Tomato Turnip 2000 Characters left Yellow Squash Zucchini Name Your name will be displayed next to your comment.com/ChickenBiriyani. Cancel Save Comment Comments (5) kayum shaikh (November 7. 2013) Here is the recipe for chicken biriyani http://simpleindianrecipes.I.....com/AmericanChopSuey.R. 2012) I loved the American chopsuey a loootttt.

. I would like to thank you again for the really good recipe..9/18/2014 American Chop Suey | Simple Indian Recipes Priya (June 12. 2012) If you want something similar to American Chopsuey in America. Reply Post Comment Old Comments C om m e nt by m oone ba siddiqui very nice recipe Reply :Thank you. 2012) oh.R. Thanks for the info. ask for "Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles" Reply Dahlia (S. I have posted about it on my blog with a link to your site. C om m e nt by Anisha Kurian Hi I tried your american chop suey . It was extremely lovely.I..wordpress. C om m e nt by R ose lyn R e gala Nice and cool chopsuey Reply :Thank you Roselyn. The link to my blog is here http://anishathefoodie. Author) (June 13.com/AmericanChopSuey.aspx 6/8 .com/2011/05/05/american-chop-suey/ Kindly check it out when you have the time http://simpleindianrecipes.

..9/18/2014 American Chop Suey | Simple Indian Recipes Cheers Anisha Kurian Reply :Hi Anisha.aspx 7/8 ... Com m e nt by Me he r Mirza on 07 April 2010 09:00AM lovely thanx I made it yummy u r great. i try like that beafore was good try u too also Reply :I appreciate your feedback bunty.com/AmericanChopSuey.. Not only kids.it left the kids asking for more. C om m e nt by lopa das It's very testy & a good breakfast on sunday for me.. You have a good collection of recipes in your blog..tthanx again :) Reply :Yes Amina. even adults will enjoy this.on top for vegtrain spring onion celery leavs chopped.. Keep trying more new dishes and also sharing your recipes...so easy to make yet so delicious.and for vegtrain vegstok and vegtable thir choice last on top no egg. thank you very much.. C om m e nt by am ina qadir thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe.. I'm surely going to try your chicken curry and potato fry... http://simpleindianrecipes.. Reply :Thanks Lopa C om m e nt by bunty bhai hakka noodle should be bolid and must put cornfloor mix and deep fry make it little bit brown colour....sweet and little spice and in red colour gravy am i right.and gravy should be sour.

and remove the bowl. Overturn it on a plate. :) Try putting the bull's eye egg in a bowl.. Voila: Mauritian Bol Renversé :D Reply :wow thats new to me. Thanks for your contributions!!! Home | Recipes By Category | Recipes By Region | Recipes By Ingredients | glossary © simpleindianrecipes..aspx 8/8 . then the meat preparation and top with plain rice.com all rights reserved Terms Of Use Privacy Statement http://simpleindianrecipes.. Meher. C om m e nt by Inte re ste d R e ade r That looks delicious.9/18/2014 American Chop Suey | Simple Indian Recipes Reply :Thats great that you tried and liked it...com/AmericanChopSuey..