1. What kind of animal is Fuleco, the mascot for
FIFA World Cup 2014?
a. Giant Anteater . Alpaca
c. Armadillo d. !tter
2. "ra#il has the most numer of World Cup
titles to its credit. $o% man& times has it %on
the World Cup so far?
a. ' . 4
c. ( d. )
*. In %hich &ear %as the footall World Cup
held for the first time?
a. 1+2, . 1+*0
c. 1+24 d. 1+*2
4. Which countr& %on the first footall World
a. "ra#il . German&
c. -ru.ua& d. Ar.entina
'. /aul, a marine creature, %hich supposedl&
predicted the outcome of man& matches in
World Cup 2010 %as a0an
a. 1ell& fish . Walrus
c. !ctopus d. 2eal
(. In %hich countr& is FIFA World Cup 201,
scheduled to e pla&ed?
a. 3atar . 4ussia
c. 2outh 5orea d. France
). 6o %hich countr& does the famous pla&er
4onaldo, %ho held the record for most numer
of World Cup .oals, elon.?
a. France . 2pain
c. /ortu.al d. "ra#il
,. In %hich countr& are the head7uarters of
FIFA 8International Federation of Association
Footall9 located?
a. 2%it#erland . "ra#il
c. France d. 6he :etherlands
+. Who has the record for scorin. the most
.oals in World Cup histor&?
a. 4onaldo . ;ie.o <aradona
c. <irosla= 5lose d. >ionel <essi
10. Who of the follo%in. %on the World Cup
oth as the captain and coach of his countr&?s
a. ;ie.o <aradona . <ario @a.allo
c. Fran# "eckenauer d. 1upp ;er%all
11. Which troph& %as a%arded to the %inners
of World Cup tournament until 1+)0?
a. Arsenal 6roph& . $eisman 6roph&
c. Grondona Cup d. 1ules 4imet 6roph&
12. $o% man& teams ha=e %on the World Cup
since its inception in 1+*0?
a. , .(
c. ' d. 4
1*. Who of the follo%in. %as a%arded the
Golden "all or the "est /la&er A%ard at the
2014 FIFA World Cup?
a. /aul /o.a . >ionel <essi
c. :e&mar d. <ario Got#e
14. Who of the follo%in. %as a%arded the
Golden "oot A%ard for most .oals in the
tournament of 2014?
a. <irosla=e 5lose . 1ames 4odri.ue#
c. 6homas <uller d. :e&mar
1'. Who %as a%arded the Golden Glo=e a%ard
for the est .oalkeeper at the World Cup 2014?
a. <anuel :euer . 6im 5rul
c. 1ulio Cesar d. 2er.io 4omero
1(. Who scored the %innin. .oal for German&
a.ainst Ar.entina in the finals of World Cup
a. <ario Got#e . <irosla=e 5lose
c. <ats $ummels d. 6homas <uller

1). $o% man& countries pla&ed at the World
Cup 2014 tournament?
a. *( .*2
c.2, d.*0
1,. <atch the pla&ers 8%inners of indi=idual
a%ards9 %ith their countries?
Pla!e" Co#nt"!
A. >ionel <essi 1. France
". <anuel :euer 2. Ar.entina
C. /aul /o.a *. Columia
;. 1ames 4odri.ue# 4. German&

a. A A *B " A 4B C A 1B ; A 2
. A A 2B " A 1B C A 4B ; A *
c. A A 2B " A 4B C A 1B ; A *
d. A A 2B " A *B C A 1B ; A 4
1+. Who %as the captain of the 2014 World Cup
%innin. team from German&?
a. /hilipp >ahm . <anuel :euer
c. <irosla=e 5lose d. <ats $ummels
20. $o% man& teams from the Asian continent
participated in the FIFA World Cup 2014
a. Four . 6%o
c. !ne d. 6hree
21. Who of the follo%in. pla&ers scored a hatA
trick of .oals in the World Cup 2014?
a. 6homas <uller . Cherdan 2ha7iri
c. "oth 8a9 and 89 d. :one of the ao=e
22. At %hich of the follo%in. stadiums %as the
final match et%een German& and Ar.entina
pla&ed in World Cup 2014?
a. <ineirao . <aracana
c. Arena Castelao d. Arena ;a Ama#onia
2*. Which team %as a%arded the FIFA Fair /la&
A%ard at the World Cup 2014 tournament?
a. German& . :etherlands
c. 2pain d. Columia
24. What %as the slo.an of the FIFA World Cup
a. All In !ne 4h&thm
. Celerate $umanit&
c. Footall For /eace
d. A 6ime 6o <ake Friends
2'. Who %as selected for the <an of the <atch
A%ard in the finals of World Cup 2014?
a. >ionel <essi . <ario Got#e
c. <ats $ummels d. 6homas <uller

1. c 2. a *. 4. c '. c. (. ). d ,. a +. c. 10. c 11. d 12. a 1*.
14. 1'. a 1(. a 1). 1,. c 1+. a 20. d 21. c 22. 2*. d 24. a 2'.