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1.+-ylight in <o$way = %n %$chit!ctu$al 5!$sp!cti,!
Architecture not only glam up your place but make it your haven too. In homes, offices we all spend
most of our times. But it’s the architecture that makes it livable and appealing. 9om! $!no,ation in
#o$onto is becoming a trend day by day. People like to renovate their homes in the most elegant
#o$onto a$chit!cts have gained a lot of reputation and popularity in Toronto market. They bring
traditional to contemporary designs that people are really appreciating. An art work that captures
your instant attention is always praised. People install uniue architectural pieces that enhance the
+-ylight o. <o$way- %ma1ing %$t o$-
An ama!ing, ne"t to impossible architecture is been seen at #tavanger, $orway. It is a giant new
lighting installed in the lobby of a concert hall. It is designed by $ew %ork&based I$ABA to show
their gratitude towards their guests. It is depicted as their welcoming gesture. The geometric
structure of this massive light is simple but yet it gives an unforgettable e"perience. The design is
created in a cylindrical form with affi"ed '() lightning. It is a permanent eye&catching art work
that is called #kylight by I$ABA. It is appro" *+ feet tall and completely visible to people through
transparent glasses of the tall and large hall.
"ightning within th! &ings
The structure of the #kylight is formed in a way that the light gets reflected within the rings. The
outside of the beacon have glossy white coating for reflection of warmer day lights in the hall. The
main purpose of designing #kylight was to make a distinctive figure that reminds people of the
building which was designed by ,slo&based -atio Arkitekter.
>oint ?!ntu$! o. @<%4% and (%7#+%
I$ABA and his team want to take this structure a higher level that has ma"imum impact. They
shook hands with Argentinean fabricator )A.T#A, which invented the outer panels of $eil
)enari’s /'0+. The geometrical design was kept simple. Inaba was able to regulate the curvy
structure of installation that basically made the rolling of hollow steel tube easy and smooth.
,ne&inch suare aluminum tubes connected to frame were regulated. )A.T#A and I$ABA
worked on several models before fabricating cladding system. #kylight was designed by I$ABA in
rhino and they work 1ointly with Buro /appold on steel structure. It was a permanent 00 by +2 foot
installation, weighing 3.4 tons which is hanged from the ceiling by a double pin. It is aligned in a
way that throughout the day beacon has the least possible shadows.
%ma1ing %nimat!d "ightning
The lightning scheme was animated by $ew %ork5based .T6T7. The lightning changes with the
intervals, curtain calls, and when hall is vacant. They used pure white and aua marine lights to
differentiate it from house illumination and other lights. This was their way to take architecture at a
higher level that doesn’t have any cost constraints and technical barriers.
A"indy ConsultingB 'imited Architects has leaded numerous residential and commercial pro1ects
so far. 6e have e"pert architecture with creative minds who present you e"actly what you wish. 6e
would also guide you how to invest your funds to get ma"imum impact.
;.#op 8 %$chit!ctu$al 5$oC!cts = Dnow th! "at!st #$!nds a$ound th! 2lo/!
6hether, its a hom! $!no,ation p$oC!ct or adding a few elements to your office, architectural plan
is a must. The ,a$ious $!sid!ntial a$chit!cts in #o$onto understand that people are bending more
towards the contemporary home style. This is the reason they are presenting elegant and modern
home designs. An efficient architect is the one that has the capability of turning inspiration into
reality. There are numerous eye&catching architectural pro1ects that have attracted people around the
globe. #ome of the top 4 pro1ects include8
#$!! 9ous! /y 7i$o &i,!$a
Tree house created by .iro -ivera is a great e"ample of residential architecture. It is comfortable
providing generous living space. It comprises of four bedrooms and guest suite giving you the feel
as if you are lying in the lap of nature. The home has one concave and one conve" curved roofline.
The living, dining and kitchen renders a stunning view as it opens to a canopy of oak trees and a
pool. The windows provide clear outside view. It seems like the room is floating among the tree
)i$! +tation (o!tinch!m
7ire #tation )oetinchem is the perfect combination of style and sustainability. It offers an attractive
and livable environment. This fire station works 0* hours so keeping that in mind, working, living
and sleeping facilities are offered here. The visitors can easily have a look at the aesthetic internal
environment of the station. There is ample space provided to the fire trucks, workshops and car
wash on ground floor. The ma1estic stairs are connected to all the functional areas of the building.
Terrace garden and elegant patios offer great sculptural e"pression.
9ot!l &i,a
/otel -iva by #(7A- architecture is located in the foothills of northern Alps touching the shores of
'ake of 9onstance. It provides a serene view and tourists appreciate the level of standard and
elegance it offer. -iva has covered the vast area and is surrounded by glacial lake of around 00:&
suare mile. T($A-A fabric canopy allow the guests to have the overall view safely. /otel has
around *0 rooms and + suites that can accommodate a significant number of people easily.
"ang,ang +po$ts C!nt$!
'angvang is a #ports Building offering a multifunctional area for various sports activities and
events. It is euipped with 0::m, 3:m running track and facilities for pole vault, high 1ump, 1avelin
throw, short put, skating tracks, dressing rooms, conference rooms, caf; and many more. The large
roof of the building facilitates runners, skaters and skiing in winters.
?illag! Und!$g$ound
<illage =nderground is the striking architectural development situated in #horeditch, which is
known as the heart of 'ondon’s artistic community. -,9>6,,' ?roup’s company initiative has
lead to the development of such a uniue scheme. =nderground village aims to help the young
people developing some skills that can help them in workplaces. #ome of the olden train carriages
of 'ondon are converted into some stunning studios.
A"indy ConsultingB has got speciali!ation in residential architecture. 6e have handled several of
large and small $!sid!ntial p$oC!cts. ,ur e"perts can guide you about latest contemporary styles
that can transform your ordinary home into a splendid place everyone wants to live in.
E. 9ow %$chit!ctu$! &!.l!cts th! (i,!$sity o. 7od!$n F$a
Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings. It act as cultural symbol for all societies.
Influence and change in architecture can be seen from ancient to the present modern architecture.
There is a change in structure, material and designing of the buildings. There are numerous #o$onto
a$chit!cts take inspiration from those ancient art works. $owadays, homeowners are showing
interest in classical and traditional art forms. Thus, they are s!!-ing $!sid!ntial a$chit!cts #o$onto
to render aesthetic and classical looks to their homes.
2ood a$chit!ctu$! must .ul.ill th$!! ,ital c$it!$ia = du$a/ility0 utility and /!auty.
7od!$n %$chit!ctu$! = % &!,olution @n (!sign
.odern architecture is a fusion of basic principles of design, technology and moderni!ed society.
Availability of new building material like iron, steel and sheet glass gave rise to new forms of
buildings. The 9rooked /ouse ,)eutsch 6eekender, #eagram Building and #aint @ohnAs Abbey are
some great pieces of art of modern architecture. It was highly effected by wars as shortage of iron
and steel forced to search for new building material and use of the e"isting ones wisely.
Cont!:t 6. 9igh = #!ch %$chit!ctu$! 6$ "at! 7od!$nism
/igh&tech moderni!ation serves as bridging gap between modernism and post&modernism.
("pressionism architecture flourished in BCD:s, blending high&tech industry and technology in
building design. #ony Tower, Penn 9entral Transportation 9o. E$ew %ork 9ityF, The Bank of
'ondon and #outh America, Bluenose Aires, ArgentinaG all these are e"cellent e"amples of late
modernism. Trace of late modernism can be seen on neo&futurism art and architecture.
Cha$act!$istic 6. <o! 7od!$n %$chit!ctu$! %nd )utu$istic %$chit!ctu$!
A$eo .odernismA architecture embraced pre&modern elements of design. ("ample of .odern
architecture is 6orld Trade 9enter and 9hicagoAs .odern Aua Tower. Art that was developed in
century is termed as neo futuristic architecture. This avant grade movement was a result of
rapid thinking and urbani!ation. British 'ibrary of Political and (conomic #cience, #ky Tree,
'ondon Auatics 9enter and The 9openhagen ,pera /ouse are some e"ample of futuristic design.
<!w U$/anism %nd <!w Classical %$chit!ctu$! = <!w 4!ginnings
$ew =rbanism is an urban design movement that encompasses principles such as traditional
neighborhood design ET$)F and transit&oriented development ET,)F. It emphasis on regionalism,
environmentalism and wider concept of small area growth. -esidential architects Toronto also have
a fair bit of influence here.
They focuses on traffic congestion,economical housing,safe streets and green building. 6onder
works /abitat 3D E.ontreal, 9anadaF, )ancing Building, bay and gable stretch of houses are some
artwork of urbanism. ?a$ious #o$onto a$chit!cts are known o have contributed to this realm.
hy %$chit!ctu$! (!.in!s 7od!$n F$a
)esigning prominent buildings in the cities has always been the forte of many great civili!ations.
These stand against the test of time to signify the times gone by. They also serve functional
purposes through their life. But the much higher purpose is that of telling the story of times gone by.
Building designs further accentuate the need to transform the society through architecture. (very
era is defined by its architecture and modern era is no different.
A"indy ConsultingB is architectural company that sp!ciali1!s in $!sid!ntial a$chit!ctu$! #o$onto.
Their straighten lies in customer service, understanding plane,bringing it on paper and !oning. They
are e"pert in green building technology and innovative basement ceiling idea.

4.#o$onto %$chit!cts - #op 1G %ma1ing %$chit!ctu$al (!signs +ugg!st!d
Ama!ing art works around the world always attract tourists and architects. 6here, one architect
shows its e"ceptional architectural skills through the art piece, on the other side other architects gets
inspiration from their work. $umerous Toronto architects get spell bound by the ama!ing art work
that is presented before the people in different designs, structure and patterns. People with artistic
mindsets take inspiration from remarkable art works while undertaking home renovation pro1ects.
+om! st$ang!st a$chit!ctu$al /uildings includ!:
• +ton! 9ous! in 5o$tugal
#tone house in Portugal can remind people of the house of popular animated show called
7lintstones. This ama!ing art piece is build between two rocks that has astonished the greatest
players of architectural world. The steel door and bullet proof windows make it more resistant to the
attacks 5 natural or human. The house is euipped with all the necessary facilities including
fireplaces. The house is the perfect blend of #tone Age and modern homes.
• (ancing 4uilding0 C1!ch &!pu/lic
The )ancing /ouse also known as 7red and ?inger is situated in Prague, 9!ech -epublic. The
building seems to be hugging each other for a dance. This romantic charm and sweet looks enlist it
among the ama!ing art pieces of the world. <lado .ilunic in collaboration with 7rank ?ehry has
designed this elegant building representing the city.
• #h! <it!$oi Cont!mpo$a$y %$t 7us!um0 4$a1il
The $iteroi 9ontemporary Art .useum looks like some outer space element or a =7,. It was
designed by ,scar $iemey in BCC3 assisted by Bruno 9ontarini. The height of the building is B3
meters within a 4: meters diameter. It is something one of a kind that couldn’t be found anywhere
in the world.
• "a 5!d$!$a0 +pain
'a Pedrera master piece is situated in Barcelona, #pain. It was designed by Antoni ?audH for a
married couple. It is something unusual and stylish with not even a single straight line. <isitors go
to the top floor to have a pro"imate look at the building.
• #h! C$oo-!d 9ous!0 5oland
The crooked house in Poland was built in 0::+. Its e"traordinary design is inspired by the pictures
of @an .arcin #!ancer and Per )ahlberg. This building is symmetrical but people find it strange at
first look. It’s interesting to see this masterpiece and think how the builders turned their imagination
into reality.
• <ational C!nt$! .o$ th! 5!$.o$ming %$ts (<C5%)0 China
The $9PA is the ama!ing masterpiece developed in 3 years. The pro1ect was headed by Paul
Andreu which is worth considering. It seems like a big enormous egg floating in an artificial lake.
The whole structure is made with titanium and glass 5 a must watch art piece.
H"indy ConsultingH offers comprehensive range of architectural services across Toronto. 6e
undertake residential and commercial development pro1ects. ,ur home design services are
professional and affordable. 9all us now to g!t hom! $!no,ation consultation from our
e"perienced architects.
Contact "!ading %$chit!cts in #o$onto .o$ &!ali1ing you$ ,ision ' ,alu!s th$ough
%$chit!ctu$!. ! C$!at! +tunning +pac! that Fncompass "andscap! with human dynamics.

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