Faith. Does this word a mean anything to u? Do you think that faith is a luck? Do blame
anyone especially GOD because yours is messed up? Well if you do then i think u should
stop blaming GOD and start blaming yourself because the way that you live your life is the
way that choose. GOD just had show you the way while you make the decision whether to go
the right way or the wrong way. Life is full of choices , you just have to choose the right way.
Don’t try to put the blame on others for your failure but instead try to work it out.
K : but then again it might not be that easy. in life there many more criterias to fill in. for
example choices,feelings,impacts,emotions,affects,relationships,stress,interaction
,trust,respect, acknowledgement and so on. with only faith there’s no way to go anywhere. as
we are the human colony we dominate the most interest in the world whether its the nature or
power or natural resources or etc. we are indeed in a higher ranking above the fauna and flora
of course although they complement us as much. this is a strong statement considering the
fact that without the nature we humans have no way of surviving. we need the oxygen from
trees,the protein from animals,the vitamins from plants and so on. meanwhile the flora and
fauna colony need nothing of the sort from our colony. in fact they are the most independent
of us all. we provide absolutely no comfort to them despite the fact we thrive in the luxuries
they offer.
K : in a conclusion we humans need a lot more than faith and GOD to survive. sure he
created us. sure the luxuries in the world was provided by him but then again we can’t just
depend on the things in front of us to survive. we need to learn,live and experience. faith is a
mere misconduct on how to survive. in fact faith was created in life and hearts of humans
only when terror breeds. when we are well and fine faith never crosses our thoughts. that is
the mere example why faith doesn’t play a big part in our lives. faith does not turn our lives
In the town of Serus,children feared the fall of night.It wasn‟t darkness,it
was sleep.For when they close their and lay on bed,she watched them.
She hunts their dreams and bring them nightmares.Kills their smiles and
brings them screams and tears.
She kills anyone that smiles out of kindness,laugh out of joy and hugs
out of pity.
Poor child as she was she could not realise that the more she hurt them
the more she felt the pain.The more she makes one shreds a tear the
more her heart bleeds.The more she killed them the more she felt
empty.However for her that does not and will not concern her as she has
somehow an insatiable greed for power and beauty.In fact she yearns
for beauty so much that she kills anyone much fairer than her no matter
how little.
Their sorrows and weeps gave her laughter.Their begs gave her
power.Their weakness gave her strength.Their pain was her only
This power harms everyone except one.One who would change all and
yet achieve nothing to the eyes of others.One who would be the king of
everyone‟s heart yet be nothing in mind.One who would be feared by the
she herself.

Alessa Xavier came out of school groaning.She eyed her mother in the
parking lot having a conversation with one of the „other‟ mother‟s.*Great
one happy family ready to kill me*she thought.
“I agree.It‟s so expensive just to buy one turkey an..- honey come and
meet Mrs Patmana...‟‟,her mother ushered her over.
“Patmanathan.Yes,it‟s such a pleasure to meet you.I‟ve heard alot about
you.”,she put out her hand for Alessa to shake.
Alessa studied one of the „other‟ mother‟s carefully.She was a brunette,
wore heavy makeup and carry a red Gucci purse.Her dark red lipstick
matched her purse and she had a joker‟s smile.White straight lined teeth
and heels as high as Mount Everest.
“Alessa..Alessa don‟t stare honey,it‟s not polite.”
Alessa stopped her observation and looked over at her mother.She saw
a fake plastic-smile across her mother‟s face.She looked back at one of
the „other‟ mother‟s member,Mrs Patmanathan,in the face with a poker
face smile.Alessa could clearly see that the „other‟ mother was
desperately trying to break free from her mother‟s grip,like everyone
“Hi I‟m Alessa.Alessa Xavier.Nice to meet you.‟‟
“The pleasure‟s all mine.”
And with that the three of them stood there awkwardly.Then Alessa
remembered.The posture,smile,hand grip,smell of perfume all matches
the one and only...
“Cassandra sweetheart

28 days ago I had a job.28 days ago I had a best friend.28 days ago I
had a cute gorgeous guy with long lashes and sweet honey eyes that I
was gushing over.Now all that I had was a million of unpaid bills,a best
friend who wouldn‟t talk to me and a very much broken heart.
To make it all better I‟m actually covered in red wine,have a haystack for
a hair,smell like blue cheese,lost a earring which came in with a pair that
costs me 1.5 million and I am using my clothes as a bed sheet because I
am pretty darn sure that the bed at the cheap motel I am staying at is
covered with bed bugs.
So how did my life from great became a disaster in just 28 days? Maybe
not so great but mediacore great which is actually kinda good enough.It
all started when I „accidently‟ poured coffee over Ethan Chesney.

For 23 years off my life I haven‟t really done so great.In school I wasn‟t
the smartest kid in class nor the most popular one or even the richest
one.I didn‟t have the most stylish clothes or catchy phrases or smart—
ass references from Shakespeare.In fact not even the teachers liked
me.Or the lunch lady or the janitor.
But it wasn‟t that bad considered that I‟m still living.I had Annie,my bad-
ass attitude,the detention classes,the backyard of the Amos Clams
Restaurant that my uncle owned.Despite me being a bright child in
preschool,I didn‟t succeed very well in middle school or high
school.Which of course meant no college either.Not really that it made a
difference,I wouldn‟t have gone even if someone paid me to.
Annie did go anyway leaving me all alone to fend for myself.Sure I had
my uncle Papie Richie to back me up but then I still needed my best
friend for some girl talk or in fact any normal human talk.Living with a
man who actually listens to Elvis,rolls his cirgarret,trims his beard with a
pocket knife and believes that no one should watch football because it is
charmed with voodoo and all the players get paid before the game starts
is not an ideal way to live.
However I did,yet again,survived the impacts because I was always
busy chasing trouble.And also guys that had manly tattoos and fixed
engines.Somehow that was actually attractive to me,a girl that lives with
a crazy uncle and have carrots for a hair.
So it all started when my uncle realised that I was never gonna change
which is quite late considering I was already 23.He kicked me out of the
house in the middle of the night with me juggling between my

chapter 1:sam
i was 6 when i met sam.We met at the kinder joy babysitters home.It was
as if we were destined for each other.He had a plaster over his finger
because of a little cut and so did I.I had brownish hair and two of front
tooth were were rotten so those were removed,by hands. and so did he.
We had the same honey brown eyes,small ears,regular height(for 6 year
olds),loved hotdogs,went crazy for soda,wore big nerd glasses and both
hated our mothers.Since day one we were together



T ; Man and nature.

We must appreciate nature for example rivers.

Stability is important in life.

T ; Nature can be beneficial and destructive.

We must remember that nature, like the river, can be useful and it can also destroy.

T ; Challenges in life.

We should face problems in life positively.



We must be responsible for what we do.

We must have the courage to admit our wrongdoings.


We must always tell the truth.

Only cowards do not have moral strength to admit their mistakes.

Family life.

We must do our jobs or chores responsibly.


The wonders of nature.

We must appreciate the wonders of nature.

Learn to observe and to appreciate nature.

Learning by observing and asking questions.

We can learn many things by observing and asking questions.

Be thankful to the one who is responsible for such beauty.

Thirst of knowledge.

We must hunger for knowledge just like children do.

The curiosity of a child.

We should never lose our child-like qualities such as curiosity.


Being materialistic.

We must not be materialistic.

Progress comes with a price.

Man and nature.

We must value and care for nature such as trees and rivers.

Our heirs will inherit a bleak world if we continue with our current ways.


We must not be greedy. Greed brings problems.

Being contented.

We must be contented with what we have.



We must be patriotic and show our love to the country.

Life is full of challenges.

The importance of unity.

We should be united to be strong.

Society must be free of corruption.

Duty towards country.

We should do our duty to our country.

People should be united and fight for justice
Sacrifice for independence.

We must sacrifice to fight for our country’s independence.


We must have the courage to speak up against deceit.


The importance of leisure

We must rest and relax to work better.

People should make time to relax and enjoy life

The beauty of nature.

We must observe and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Maintaining a balance in life.

Appreciation of nature.

We must appreciate nature.

Working without rest.

We should not work all the time with no rest.