Inglês Online Podcast: You don't even have a car!

Na semana passada eu publiquei a dica Como digo em inglês: Mas você nem conhece essa mulher!,
e eu disse que ia ter um podcast para complementar o post com exemplos em áudio. Aqui vem eles:
oua !rases como You don't even have a car! e as perguntas equivalentes, como Do you even have a
"aixe o mp#
"aixe o $%&
'e(, ho)*s it going+ ,his is Ana -ui.a )ith a ne) episode o! the inglesonline podcast. ,o do)nload
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$odcast 1nglesonline.
2o toda( 1*m gonna tal0 about this little )ord 343N. -ast )ee0 1 posted a tip on ho) to use 5even5
and this )ee0 1 !ollo) it up )ith this podcast. 2o let*s start out )ith the examples 1 used in the post:
1 told a little stor( about (ou and (our !riend seeing someone !amous. A !amous actress. -et*s sa(
(ou gu(s see her in a store. And then (our !riend sa(s that he*s gonna as0 this actress to have lunch
)ith him.
No), thin0 about it. ,his )oman is a !amous actress, she*s /ust going about her business, she
probabl( has lots o! !ans and gets a lot o! attention ever()here she goes. 2o right no) she probabl(
/ust )ants to do some shopping and be le!t alone. And then (our !riend sa(s 51*m gonna as0 her to
have lunch )ith me!5. And )hat*s (our reaction+ 6ou sa( 57hat+ 6ou*re gonna as0 that actress to
have lunch )ith (ou+ ,hat !amous actress+ Are (ou insane+ 6ou don*t even 0no) her!5 6our !riend
doesn*t even 0no) her. 1t*s li0e... at the ver( least, (our !riend should at least 0no) her personall( i!
he )ants to as0 her out to lunch. "ut he doesn*t even 0no) her.
And here*s another example that 1 used: (our cousin is !ascinated b( ever(thing that has to do )ith
China. ,he people, the countr(, ever(thing. 2o (ou gu(s go to the beach one da( and (ou see a !e)
Chinese people hanging out at the same beach. 6ou can hear their conversation so (ou 0no) the(*re
not spea0ing $ortuguese, or 3nglish... it must be Chinese. 6our cousin sa(s 51*m gonna go there and
introduce m(sel! and /ust chat )ith them5. 6ou loo0 at him and sa( 56ou don*t even spea0 Chinese.
'o) are (ou gonna tal0 to them+5 1 mean, at the ver( least, i! (ou )anna chat )ith Chinese people
(ou should 0no) a little Chinese. 6our cousin )ants to chat )ith those gu(s but he doesn*t even
spea0 Chinese. 'e doesn*t even spea0 Chinese. 'o)*s he gonna do that+
And here*s the other )a( )e can use 343N )ith the same meaning as in the examples above: in a
question. 6ou said to (our !riend )ho )anted to as0 that actress out to lunch 56ou don*t even 0no)
her!5. 6ou could have as0ed (our !riend 5%o (ou even 0no) her+5 %o (ou even 0no) this )oman+
%o even 0no) this !amous actress+5 6ou*re not thin0ing about as0ing someone out to lunch that (ou
don*t even 0no), right+ %o (ou even 0no) her+
And to (our cousin, (ou said 56ou don*t even spea0 Chinese5. 6ou could have said 5%o (ou even
spea0 Chinese+5 1 mean, (ou need to at least spea0 Chinese i! (ou )anna tal0 to a Chinese person.
%o (ou even spea0 Chinese+
2o let me give (ou a !e) more examples o! ho) to use 343N in this t(pe o! question. 1*m gonna
use the little activit( 1 included at the end o! last )ee0*s post. Notice the stress on the verb right
a!ter 343N:
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Inglês Online Podcast: You don't even have a car!
• 1! someone told (ou the( )ere going to ma0e a phone call to ,4 8lobo to complain about
some soapopera, )hat )ould (ou sa(+ 7ell, (ou might as0 5%o (ou even have ,4 8lobo*s
phone number+5 or 5%o (ou even know their phone number+5
• 1! someone told (ou that the( )ere going to bu( an apartment b( the beach, )hat
)ould (ou sa(+ 6ou might as0 them 5%o (ou even have the mone( to bu( an apartment li0e
that+5. 9r (ou might sa( 5Can (ou even afford an apartment li0e that+5
• 1! someone told (ou that the(*re gonna )atch a :ussian !ilm )ith no subtitles, (ou might sa(
57h( are (ou gonna do that+ Can (ou even understand :ussian+5
• And, !inall(, i! someone told (ou that the(*re going to !ix a bro0en computer b( themsel!,
(ou might sa( 5%o (ou even know ho) to !ix a computer+5 7hat else+ 5%o (ou even know
)hat*s )rong )ith the computer+5.
Alright, that*s it !or toda(. And let me as0 (ou something: do (ou even 0no) ho) man( 3nglish tips
)e have at 1nglesonline+ -ots and lots. 2o a!ter (ou*re done )ith this podcast, ta0e a loo0 through
the archives and 0noc0 (oursel! out! ,al0 to (ou next time.
Key expressions
• (ou don*t even 0no) her
• %o (ou even spea0 Chinese+
she*s going about her business ; ela 5tá na dela5, !a.endo as coisas dela
that has to do )ith ; que tem a ver com
Can (ou a!!ord <something=+ ; 4ocê tem meios para comprar <alguma coisa=+
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