Cheat Sheet
‘Twitter as a Teacher’
Alex Le Long

Twitter – an online social networking platform that allows users to send and receive text-based message, or
Tweets – text-based messages of up to 140 characters (letters, symbols, words, spaces, and punctuation.)
@ - a way of referring to another user, for example, my username is @ariaporo22
Twitter Feed – the running list of tweets
RT – A retweet – or RT – when you share the tweet of one user with all of your followers.
MT – a modified retweet – or MT – that’s been modified or edited in some way
Reply – when you directly respond to a specific user beginning with their username.
DM – direct message – You can only direct message to someone that you follow.
Follower – Users that you follow on Twitter. On Twitter – you can follow users and they may or may not choose
to follow you – vice versa.
Hashtags – A hashtag (#) is a word or phrase preceded by a ‘#’. By using hashtags, you can aggregate tweets
around that topic. Hashtags help you focus on specific topics. You can add a # to any tweet. Search any hashtag
in the search bar of Twitter or even on Google and Facebook to find others discussing topics around that
hashtag. Eg. “Looking forward to #NZATE conference with @ariaporo22 #MythandMagic14 #workshop”
Live Chats – these are live scheduled Twitter chats – usually a group of people talking around a particular topic
and using a particular hashtag (#) to keep their tweets within the chat so everyone else can see it. These live
chats are scheduled according to time-zones and can be about nearly any topic.

Thanks to Dr. Kimberly Tyson @tysonkimberly for this brilliant breakdown of Twitter terms!

Hashtags for #Education
If you’re new to Twitter or you haven’t bothered with hashtags (#) - this list should be a handy reference tool.

There are heaps of different hashtags – but the ones below are related to English and a New Zealand focus. There are
some that are globally relevant as well.
#ntchat (new teachers)
NZ Chats

Technology Chats

Twitter – Advanced Tools
You might find that you are getting heavily involved with Twitter Live Chats – and need to use a management system to
help you organise tweets and create copies of the professional development you’ve been involved in.
Tweet Deck
A social media dashboard application for management
of Twitter accounts.

Other Tweet Organisers include: Hootsuite, TweetCaster… etc

A social network service that lets the user
create stories or timelines using social
media such as Twitter, Facebook and

The best Storify’s to read through so far –
written and collated by @ariaporo22 @1MvdS



Tips to ‘Following’ others on Twitter
1. Choose about 100 people to follow initially. You can always add more as you go and this helps you not feel
overwhelmed when starting out.
2. Find people to follow who have similar interests or with blogs you like who either share great info and links or
who willingly engage in conversations.
3. Follow a few people you know and follow who they follow. Look at who they chat with or check their Following
4. Find a twitter mentor who will help and guide you. Get them to ask their followers to add you.
5. You can always ask me to help by sending an @ariaporo22 tweet. Make sure when people do start adding you
that add them back quickly and thank them for adding you to their account!!!
6. Don’t just follow anyone — follow those who have the same interests and who you like.
7. Remember following does not have to be forever — you can regularly update/change who you follow to suit
your needs.
8. Think about how you want to use it — to follow latest news? To follow other educators? To share what you
know? To connect with others?
9. Check out the Edublog Awards Best Individual Tweeter 2013 list to find educators others recommend following!
10. Participate or check out the different weekly hashtag (#) conversations. They are a great way to find new people
to follow (refer to hashtag information below). [Eg. the #edchatnz one]
11. Check out new followers before following. Look at their bio, how many they are following, how many follow
them and their latest tweets. This information helps you work out if they are the type of people you like to

Thanks to Sue Waters (@SueWaters) - for more info – go here http://theedublogger.com/2012/02/13/the-updated-

A list of NZ Educational ‘Twits’ can be found here:

Some of the best Twits (NZ and Global)

@ClaireAmosNZ @MrKempNZ @GeoMouldey @MissDtheTeacher @chasingalyx @AKeenReader @vanschaijik
@mrs_hyde @1MvdS @tcliffin @JulieBTW @isaacctenglish @cioccas @arti_choke @mattynicoll @EudaimoniaJanne
@blissinateacup @msnathansclass @TimGanderNZ @iPadWells @edtechsteve @pernilleripp @coolcattteacher
@justintarte @Socrative @jillberry102 @InnovateMySchl @flipyrthinking @SchuKnight @edchatnz @EnglishSamWhit
@HackingMom @MathsPiratesNZ @HistoryInPics @heccles01 @cazzwebbo @Tameey @kiwiallana @pw2tweets
@KiwiBelma @Interfacemag @Software4LrnrNZ @AnnAmandaBee @courosa @stephen_tpk @BeccaSweeney
@TLMountbatten @EduKate0 @teatara @hulahurdle @ZeinaChalich @SamHocking1 @robanne @AmyMMcCauley
@RonanBass @nzpsyteacher @tewakatroy @ibpossum @ginippi @AndreaHenson_nz @BridgetCasse @Anne_Meredith
@catwooller @MissesArtech @CatrionaPene @anthonyfaitaua @MFaaeaSemeatu @hull_karla @MrsHb
@urban_teacher @emitoms @mrsmoorenz @teachmama @tomwhitby @NZWaikato @MrsOrman @muddicea
@EddieKayshun @biepbl @tobiemichele @BridgetLCM @steve_katene @NMHS_Principal @langwitches

Some of the best Educational Co-Ordinator’s in NZ and Globally

@LiteracyOnline2 @tkinewzealand @classdojo @ConnectEduNZ @edleadersnz @edutopia @netsafeNZ @nzonscreen
@RedditEducation @ExitTicket @TeachingIdeas @TeachThought @globalsolo

Search for @ariaporo22

Alex Le Long
English Teacher at Western Heights High School