PTV was the pioneer television, not only in Pakistan, but also in South Asia, as

India moved from their Delhi pilot project to spread its footprint only after 1971.
Started by a young starry-eyed team, which had no previous experience of
television, it made tremendous contributions, particularly in the field of drama,
music, and quiz programmes to spread general knowledge. It produced
wonderful documentaries and created a vast pool of technical staff, which
helped in the setting up of a majority of TV channels once the private sector
was allowed in this business. The book briefly records the achievements of PTV
in all these areas and adequately pays tribute to all the pioneers.
However, once PTV was established, the government realised that it could be
used as a propaganda tool. That is where it earned a bad perception. Agha Nasir
has taken stock of this in the chapter of his book titled "Who calls the shots". He
has recorded how each ruler from General Ayub Khan to General Pervez
Musharraf called the shots through their information secretaries and other
minions in the bureaucracy. The negative perception about PTV is mostly on
account of its news and current affairs programmes. Agha Nasir has also
expressed similar views while discussing this segment. He has not shied away
from saying that Khabarnama was thus nicknamed as 'Wazirnama'.
PTV news under fire
B u r h a n u d d i n H a s a n

Thursday, December 29, 2011 - The Senate special committee has criticized the falling standards of
PTV news and general programs and their declining viewer ship as compared with private TV
channels. This is true but they forgot that there is a big difference between a government propaganda
channel and a private News Channel. Before the advent of private TV channels, PTV was the only
source of TV news in the country and people were forced to watch it all the time.

Seasoned newsmen were heads of news desks and the standard of newscast was much better. But it
was propaganda and projection of the rulers nevertheless. Several attempts were made to free the
news from its government shekels but they all failed due to the unlimited greed of the rulers for their
personality projection and false propaganda of their achievements. In my long association with PTV
as Director News I found only President Yahya Khan, who did not care about his projection on TV
probably because he had other interests in the evenings. President Ziaul Haq was most concerned
about the projection of his personality and coverage of his activities and speeches.

So much so, that if he could not watch Khabarnama due to some engagement at 9pm he called for its
recording and enjoyed it before going to bed. In our frequent meetings he gave his valuable opinion
on the Khabarnama and other issues related to TV news. In one case he generously directed that if
there are more than one stories generated by him, only one most important among them should be
selected for Khabarnama. The meeting applauded the President’s generous offer, but when the
meeting ended I asked Secretary Information as to who will put his neck on the block while selecting
one story out of three or four. The President may turn around and say some other story should have
been selected which was more important. This was a very genuine concern for which the Secretary
had no answer. Gradually the President himself thought that all his stories are important and none
should be left out.

Now the situation is different and the President, the Prime Minister and scores of ministers all want
their coverage on PTV news with sound bites. This makes the stories unbearably long and in some
cases meaningless. One has a feeling that so long as PTV is under the control of the government
nobody can change its pattern of news. As regards private TV channels, they are by and large
covering the news independently and reasonably well. Some channels, which have better staff and
technical facilities their presentation is much better than others. One thing which hurts is their
choice of news items. Some channels select most trivial human stories such as rapes, small crimes,
marriages of celebrities with songs and dances. This is not news. They should be accommodated in
some other package.

The most irritating is the “breaking news” which has become the hallmark of all channels without
much impact because most stories do not deserve this treatment and arouse people’s curiosity
unnecessarily. The style of news reading in most cases is very faulty. Some news readers have started
reading very fast which is against the norm of TV news reading because most viewers who are busy in
different household chores while listening or watching the news, can only follow the newscaster
when he or she is reading at a measured pace. The quality of most field reporters is much below the
mark. They need proper training and careful grooming. The word “exclusive” by most channels lose
their importance when the same story is being telecast by several channels at the same time. This is
bad for the credibility of the channels. The newscasters of most channels are below the required
standard and need extensive training. Only one or two channels have very good set of newscasters.
The style of news reading on some channels has become over dramatized, which mars the steady
flow of news and sometimes wrong emphasis at some places distorts the meaning of a news item.

Some channels are experimenting with the format of news reading unnecessarily in the style of US
news channels without achieving good results. If the newscaster is walking up and down the set
without any reason while reading from the teleprompter with irrelevant visuals in the background
she is distracting the viewer without adding any value to the news. A lot can be said about the
content of the newscasts keeping in view the moral of Pakistani viewers and the present law and
order situation in the country. Too much emphasis on the stories of crime like bank robberies, sex
scandals particularly rapes of male and female children are bad for the moral of the nation and
should be covered with discretion without highlighting them. There is a need to highlight the nation
building efforts such as “austerity” as is being done in some European countries which are facing
economic disaster and huge loan defaults. Pakistan is also facing economic disaster, high inflation,
rampant corruption and grinding poverty. It is the duty of the media to pay attention to this fiasco in
its news and comments highlighting the need for austerity and good governance.

LAHORE: Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri Thursday claimed
that his revolution has enough steam to jolt the rulers and he is not looking
towards any tsunami for it.
He said the country would see the revolution at any cost he did not know whether
the PTI tsunami would come out or not. He however said there was possibility that
Imran Khan‟s party would join his revolution program at some point in future.
Dr Qadri was addressing a press conference at PAT headquarters and he was
flanked by PML-Q senior leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, Majlis Wahdat-e-
Muslimeen chief Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, Sunni Ittehad Council chief Sahibzada
Hamid Raza.
On the occasion, PAT chief claimed that the days of incumbent rulers were
numbered and he would soon give call for revolution and present his program. He
rejected the Protection of Pakistan Bill-2014 saying that the law would be used for
political victimisation. He asked the police and personnel of other law enforcement
agencies not to accept „illegal‟ orders of the rulers.
Calling Sharifs „dogs of Raiwind‟, he asked police officials not to be „Yazidi
militia‟, telling them that he was trying to awake their conscious. He asked the
government officials that they were employees of state and not of those in
government. “Don‟t be rulers‟ servants as their days are numbered; otherwise,
masses would strip your uniforms of you,” he said.
Dr Qadri said meetings on the timeframe of the revolution were underway and he
has approved the establishment of revolutionary councils at provincial, division,
district and union council level. He said that PM Nawaz Sharif and Punjab CM
Shahbaz Sharif would not find any safe place after revolution.
He said police had raided the house of an injured PAT worker last night at 1:30am
and harassed his family. The police also arrested two bothers of an injured PAT
worker who were later released. On the occasion, the family whose house was
raided and the injured worker were also present.
PAT chief said that Tauqeer Shah had accepted in this written statement to the
judicial commission that Shahbaz Sharif came to know the attack on PAT
headquarters on June 17 at 9am. And, he said it has now been proved that the CM
told a lie in front of media that he did not know about the happening.
Dr Qadri said the CM had lost the right to rule. He said after revolution dead
bodies of such killers would be dragged on the roads by the masses. He said
Shahbaz Sharif‟s own ministers and secretaries „proved him murderer‟.
On the occasion, PML leader Ch Parvez Elahi said Shahbaz Sharif has been
proved a liar on the basis of his Principal Secretary‟s statement on the Model
Town tragedy. He said all parties were unanimous over joint struggle and contacts
were also being made with Imran Khan. He said Ch Shujaat Hussain and he were
trying to woo Imran for joint struggle against the rulers.
The former chief minister said that the 10-point agenda was in accordance with the
constitution and his government had implemented five out of ten points in Punjab.
He said they provided free education and free medicines in the hospitals. He said
his party‟s stance regarding revolution was very clear and they were in alliance
with Dr Qadri.
Ch Parvez Elahi said that a chief minister who was not aware about what was
happening in the next street should resign. He said blood of the innocent people
would speak and there was no such example in the history of Pakistan that the PM
or the CM gave orders of shooting down the citizens. Raja Nasir Abbas and
Sahibzada Raza also spoke on the occasion.
Punjab Law Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan has said that Canadian
Maulana is creating anarchy on the behest of foreign forces and stressing police
not to obey government orders which is tantamount to an act of treason.
Commenting on the press conference held by Dr Tahirul Qadri, Rana Mashhood
said the patriot people of Pakistan will foil the conspiracy of a foreign citizen who
will go back to Canada along with his „dead revolution‟
He said Maulana will soon go back to Canada along with the „coffin of revolution‟
and Chaudhary brothers will get nothing.
He said the way of talking of Maulana is uncivilised and a violation of moral
values. Mashhood said due to continuous failures, Maulana has lost his senses. He
said Chaudhary brothers are trying to revive their dead politics by becoming
spokesman of Tahirul Qadri. He said due to record corruption and nepotism, the
people rejected Chaudhary brothers during general elections.
5 Minhajul Quran students fired on police
during Model Town clashes: Forensic report

July 16, 2014, 7:33 pm

LAHORE-A forensic report on the Model Town clashes stated that five students
of Minhajul Quran fired on police during the violent confrontation.
According to a private TV channel, the report issued by a joint investigation team
stated that the students fired 12 rounds from a Kalashnikov while 34 bullets were
fired from 3 pistols.
Meanwhile, the judicial commission probing Model Town tragedy rejected
application seeking ban on media coverage of the proceedings.
On June 17, at least 14 PAT workers were killed and dozens of others injured in
violent clashes between party activists and policemen in Lahore. According to
hospital sources, 17 police personnel were among the injured.
The confrontation had started when a 15-member police team tried to remove
barriers in front of PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri’s house and the Minhaj
International Secretariat.