Name 1) Resolved, that cultural imperialism leads to a more stable and global society.

1) Thought Talk: Should groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church be allowed to demonstrate at soldierís funerals? 2) Resolved, that all high school athletes be subject to mandatory drug tests. 2) Resolved, that the phrase ìWe the peopleÖî means ìWe the majorityÖî. 2) Resolved, that members of hate groups have no First Amendment rights. 2) Thought Talk: Do mutual defense pacts ultimately serve Americaís interests? 3) Resolved, that the United States should immediately re-colonize Liberia. 3) Resolved, that the age of consent be lowered to 14. 3) Resolved that, in a democratic system, civil disobedience is an appropriate weapon in the fight for justice. 3) Thought Talk: Are governments justified in attempting to coerce and shape desired social ends? 4) Resolved that, in the spirit of selfgovernance, the United States support full Irish independence. 4) Resolved, that the United States withdraw its membership from NAFTA. 4) Thought Talk: Are multi-national security organizations beneficial or not? 4) Thought Talk: Taking into account American demographic trends, does American society operate in a caste system? 5) Resolved that, because it lacks any scientific

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background whatsoever, creationism be banned from public education institutions. 5) Thought Talk: Is America the greatest country on the Earth? 6) Resolved, that the end of colonialism destroyed any hope for Africa. 6) Resolved, that Kosovo is justified in its secession from Serbia. 6) Resolved, that the United States cease all relations with Pakistan until that country begins a policy of nuclear disarmament. 6) Thought Talk: To what extent do tariffs serve American interests? M) Resolved that the Internet, as a popular means of communication and commerce, be regulated for content by the federal government. M) Resolved, that immunization be mandatory in accordance with the stateís interest in preserving public health. M) Resolved, that marriage in America should always be between a man and a woman. M) Resolved, that parents not be held morally and legally responsible for the actions of their children. M) Resolved, that the government is justified in suppressing freedom of speech in the interests of national security. M) Resolved, that all persons within the physical borders of the United States be required to carry a personal identification card on their person at all times. M) Resolved, that there be a tax on fatty foods. M) Resolved, that stricter regulations be placed on how candidates raise funds, and/or spend

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them, during political campaigns. M) Resolved, that eliminating government budget deficits should be prioritized over increased domestic spending. M) Resolved, that the use of standardized tests be banned in public college admissions processes M) Resolved, that the Vice-President of the United States be elected by popular vote. M) Resolved, that religious symbols be banned in public. M) Resolved, that the practice of whaling be made legal. NIGHT DEBATE) Resolved, that the Girl Scouts are a subversive organization. Resolved, that America place economic sanctions on China until it recognizes Tibetans as free people worthy of self-governance

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