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Materialism has been defined as the theory or doctrine that physical well
being and worldly possession constitute the greatest good and highest value
in life.
Materialism in Pakistan
We have become so successful at
fabricating and manipulating the world that we have come to believe that
altering our surrounding is the way to solve our all problem.
 For instance
1. we go through life contemplating that inner well-being depend on what
we have or do, due to these assumption people's religion, occupation,
and bloodlines used to carry in Pakistan.
2. Everywhere we look, there are dozen of newspapers, magazines,
billboard and television and radio shows supporting the belief that
happiness can be rendered by money and possession.
3. Most people initial thoughts of addiction probably bring them to the
term to the drug abuse, but our materialistic views carry all the
trademarks of chemical dependency whatever the drug may be, the one
basic reason is to feel better and it is as our addiction to all the
materialistic thing in Pakistan as well as in world.
Materialism in today society
 It lead us to produce things that no one truly needs and encourages short
cuts in the name of financial expenditure.
 One of the most afflicting consequences of expecting the world to fulfill
our inner need is that, it results in a competitive mode of consciousness.
 In materialistic environment we know that our surrounding are limited
in what, they can provide we compete and challenge for the thing that
we believe will bring us happiness, fame, friends, power, success,
attention and fortune.
Negative aspect of materialism
1. It promotes short-sightedness and blinkered thinking.
2. People develop negative qualities such as life dissatisfaction, greediness,
self centeredness, and possessiveness.
3. Students fail mostly now-days because they see the growing culture and
prominent things is the love for money, showing off and to be
4. People think on easy way to get money and easily distracted.
5. Many people try to show that they belong to high class level and so
indulging in activities forgotten about studies.
6. Rising crime, deteriorating family structure, corrupt business culture,
culture strung by two minute disposable products, environment full
ecological holes, a fast paced rate race, when no one seems to have the
time of day, there all build are on materialism.
7. People are distracting from their religion "Islam" in the greed of worldly
Some positive aspects
o Although it is impossible to exist without material possession, we
should think carefully about what we buy, because all material come
from nature.
o These are necessary as well because we consume these material and if
we continue to waste them, then they can ran out and can be problem for
o Researches explain that material objects often serve functional roles and
necessary in our every day life lives.
o Materialism helps us to find and help us to deal us escape from all the
issues of the real world.
Besides all the luxurious, attraction, need and wants of our life, this
compels us to be materialistic in our lives, we can live a simplistic life them
show off, because materialism and show off need a lot of money and keeps
a person in constant tension.
In Pakistan there is a new trend to be materialistic, but because of scare
resource here, whatever that is meant for, show off should not be adopted.
There should be basic thing of need only.