Sample Lesson Plan (AUSVELS Levels Foundation to 10

Practicum Lesson Number Time of Lesson 12:30 – 1:30 Duration of lesson 1 hour Class Size 23
Topic and Focus Making of a working circuit board and manipulation of materials Year Level 5/6 Supervisor tace! Micallef
Learning Focus:
AS!"LS Strands Level: Domains Dimensions #e$ elements of standards to %&ic& lesson is focussed
"e#el 6: cience
%h!sical cience
Electrical circuits provide a means of transferring and transforming
electricity (ACSSU097)
"e#el 6 & 5: cience
"e#el 5 & 6 cience:
cientific kills
cience 'n(uir! skills
%lanning and conducting
Use equipment and materials safely, identifying potential riss
Communicate ideas, e$planations and processes in a variety of %ays,
including multi&modal te$ts'
Assessment Criteria and 'et&od of "valuation How will you identify what they have learnt and how will you record or note this
Standards Assessment Criteria *+bilit! to: ,- "vidence How will you identify what they have learnt and how will you record or note this
Level 6 Achievement standard:
()ey construct electrical circuits and distinguis)
*et%een open and closed circuits'
.iagrams are closed circuits/ obser#ations of students using the materials and testing0
Level 6 Achievement Standard:
()ey mae and record accurate o*servations as
ta*les, diagrams or descriptions'
.iagrams of their circuit boards in their workbooks with labels and list of materials used0
Students (ac)ground #no%ledge What is your starting point – what do the students already know, what have they done efore, how does this connect to or uild on their e!isting knowledge"
Level 4 science
*esources and 'aterials What materials and resources will you need to have prepared"
Circuit boards, batteries, wires, lights, switches, workbooks, pencils, video (IWB), powerpoint.
Student Teac&er Focus What will you concentrate on yourself eg# classroom management, lesson flow, voice, positioning, engagement etc"
I will focus on lesson flow and ! tiing.
Stage of lesson Tas)s Time Student action
What will students e doing"
$!plain how the students are
e!pected to work%
Teac&er action
What will you do during this time" What prompting &uestions may you
need to prepare" How will you monitor student progress and needs"
What preparations have you made for early finishers so that they will
e e!tended in a relevant and interesting way"
Stage + ,ntroduction
How will you engage and
stimulate the interest of the
'nclude possile &uestions
that you may choose to use
(emonstrations etc
!ntroduce %)at %e are doing today, e$perimenting %it) t)e
materials to create a circuit *oard and dra%ing up
diagrams of %)at %e made'
As students+ ,)y do %e use-mae circuit *oards.
& /or electricity
& 0ame consoles
& (elevisions
& Computers
& 1ig)ts
& S%itc)es
& 2efrigerator
E$plain )o% to mae a circuit *oard and %)at materials are
(3attery+ Stores c)emical energy and %)en a circuit is made,
c)emical energy is converted into electrical energy called
c)arge %)ic) is sent t)roug) t)e circuit')
4ideo 5
Conductors+ Allo%ing t)e c)arge to flo% t)roug) t)e circuit,
t)erefore turning on t)e lig)t glo*e'
!nsulators+ 2esisting- 3locing t)e c)arge t)roug) t)e circuit,
t)erefore not turning on t)e lig)t glo*e'
<ey =oints+
• (o o*tain an electric current t)eir needs to *e a
continuous circuit from one terminal of a *attery to
t)e ot)er'
,or %it) a partner (person ne$t to you) and used t)e
materials provided to mae a complete closed circuit'
10mins )ontribute to class discussion
& Materials we are using
& 1hat the materials are used for when making a circuit
& 1h! do we make circuit boards2
& 1hat do we use circuit boards for2
& 1here do !ou find circuit boards2
Stage - (od$ of lesson
(escrie each distinct task
(=lay %it) t)e materials)
!n your *oos,
2ule a margin
%erson ne3t to the student0 4oth
of them need to draw the
materials/ diagram and labels of
& 5ow do !ou make the circuit turn on2
in the order to e
undertaken% Start a new
task each time the teacher
or students ehave in a
different manner% State an
estimated length of time for
each task%
$nsure that there is some
form of prompt or
reinforcement availale for
What preparations have you
made for early finishers of
each task so that they will
e e!tended in a relevant
and interesting way"
(itle+ Circuit 3oards
1ist t)e materials you used
A diagram of your circuit
& 1a*els'
the circuit in their books0 & 1hat do !ou do to make a circuit2
& how me how !ou can make the light glow
& 1here can !ou put the switch2
& 5a#e !ou tried an! conductors or insulators2
& 1hat are !our conductors2
& 1hat are !our insulators2
& 1h! is that a conductor/inculator2
!nform students a*out t)e amount of time t)ey )ave left, and
%)at t)ey s)ould *e doing at a certain point e'g' "0mins to
go, you s)ould )ave your materials listed and a diagram of
your circuit in your *oos'
=ac up materials
& Cicuirt *oards 5 *o$es out t)e front, *oos on ta*les, pencil
cases a%ay'
5mins pack
4e on task/ discuss with
partners about circuits
Stage .: Conclusion
How will you draw the
findings of the lesson
together so that the students
can evaluate what they have
+ mini discussion:
1ho made the light globe light up2 5ow2
1ho didn6t make the light globe light up2 1h!2
5ow did !ou make the circuit2
1ho used more globes2 1hat happened when !ou used more than on
globe2 1h! was the light dimmer2
1ho used more batteries2 1hat happened2 .id !ou tr! two lights and two
5mins & 1hat materials were insulators2
& 1h! were the! insulators2
& 1hat materials were conductors2
& 1h! were the! conductors2
Stage /: Closure
(o you need to prepare the
students for handing over to
another teacher, or another
%ack up area read! for lunch eating time0
'f running out of time/ .o mini discussion in lunch eating time0

*eflection on Student Learning What did you oserve aout student learning"
Comments on Future Lesson Directions Are there areas you need to go over or move eyond"
*eflection on Lesson How was the timing or the flow of the lesson" What other oservations did you make2
*eflection on Student Teac&er 0utcomes (id you meet your own focus o)ectives" *ould you still improve in that area" Were there other areas you feel you could concentrate on in the future" What were the positive points of
your lesson?
Supervisor "valuation