Chapter Section Compliance

Compliance requirement
I Factory License
II 10 Appointment of Certified Surgeon
III 11 Cleanliness
Maintenance of cleanliness
12 Disposal of wastes & Effluents
Effective arrangement
13 Ventilation and Temperature
Effective & suitable provision
14 Dust & Fume
Provision of exhaust appliance
15 Artificial Humidification
16 Overcrowding
No overcrowding
17 Lighting
Sufficient and suitable
18 Drinking Water
Effective arrangement of supply
of wholesome drinking water
19 Latrines and Urinals
Sufficient and separate
arrangement for male & female
20 Spittoons
Sufficient numbers
21 Fencing of machinery
Adequate fencing
22 Work on or near machinery in motion
Proper precaution
23 Employment of young persons on dangerous machines
Proper Training
24 Striking gear and devices for cutting-off power
Provision of Emergency
electrical switch-off for moving
25 Self acting machines
Movement restriction
26 Casing of new machinery
Casing of different parts.
27 Prohibition of employment of women and children near cotton openers
28 Hoists and Lifts
Good construction, strength
29 Lifting machines, chains, ropes and lifting tackles
Good construction, strength
30 Revolving machinery
Safety Instructions for grinding
31 Pressure Plant
Safe working Pressure
32 Floors, Stairs and means of access
Adequate Provision
33 Pits, sumps, openings in floors
Covering or fencing as and
when needed.
34 Excessive Weights
Weight limits for lifting
35 Protection of eyes
Adequate Provision
36 Precaution against dangerous fumes, gases etc.
Adequate & effective
arrangement like manholes.
36-A Precaution regarding the use of portable electrical light
Prohibition of use in some
37 Explosive or inflammable dust, gas etc.
Prevention of explosion
Act/ Rule/Consent/section: Specific requirements for Factories Act 1948 as amendmended in 1987
38 Precaution in case of fire
Prevention of outbreak of fire
41-B Disclosure of information
On-site emergency Plan
41 - C Specific responsibility
Health / medical records
41-F Permissible limits
Exposure limits to chemical &
other toxic substances
41-G Safety Management
Workers participation
41-H Right of workers to warn about imminent danger
Right to bring it to the notice of
42 Washing facilities
Adequate and suitable facilities
43 Facilities for storing and drying of wet clothing
44 Facilities for sitting
Adequate and suitable facilities
45 First Aid appliances
Adequate and suitable facilities
46 Canteens
Provision of canteen
47 Shelters, rest rooms & lunch rooms
Adequate and suitable facilities
51 Weekly hours
Not more than 48 hrs.
52 Weekly holidays
One day in a week
53 Compensatory holiday
Provision in lieu of weekly
54 Daily hours
Not more than 9 Hrs.
55 Intervals for rest
For half an hour
56 Spread over
Not more than ten and half
57 Night shifts
Specific requirements
58 Provision of overlapping shifts
66 Restriction on employment of women
Restrictions - duty hours etc.
88 Notice of certain accidents
Notice to the authority ( Form
88-A Notice of certain dangerous occurrences
Notice to the authority
89 Notice of certain diseases
Notice to the authority
First Schedule
Dangerous Processes
Second Schedule
Permissible limits for certain
Third Schedule
Notifiable diseases
Chapter Section Compliance
Compliance requirement
3 Approval of plans
Site approval
3-A Certificate of stability
Stability certificate
5 & 8 Factory License
Factory License - Renewal
Factory Rules, 1963 and amendments thereof
19 Cleanliness of walls and ceilings
Adequate and effective
20 White wash
Form 8
21 Compound to be kept clean
Adequate and effective
22 Disposal of wastes and effluents
Adequate and effective
22-A Ventilation & Temperature
Limits of temperature
Provision of thermometers
29& 30 Thermometers
35 Standards of lighting
Lighting levels as per Schedule
A & B
36 Prevention of Glare
As prescribed
39 Quantity of drinking water
At least five litres per day
40 Source of water
As prescribed
41 Storage of water
Storage in suitable vessels
42 Cleanliness of wells and reservoirs
Adequate and effective
44 Water Centres
Supply of cooled water &
adequate places
45 Latrine accommodation
Adequate numbers
46 Privacy of latrines
Adequate and effective
47 Sign boards for Latrines to be displayed
Sign boards
48 Urinal accommodation
49 Drainage system for Latrine and Urinal
Suitable type
50 Connection to sewarage system
Connection to sewarage
51 White washing of Latrines & Urinals
52 Construction & Maintenance of drains
As prescribed
53 Water Taps in Latrines
Adequate and effective
54 Number and location of spittoons
As prescribed
55 Cleaning of Spittoons
Disinfection every day
58 Register of specially trained adult workers
Form 10
59 Tight Fitting clothing
60 Belts Examination
64 Lifting machines, chains, ropes and lifting tackles
Test of strength
65 Pressure Plant
Safe working Pressure
66 Excessive weights
Standards as prescribed
67 Protection of eyes
Screens or goggles
70 Fire Protection
Adequate means of protection
and escape
Access to fire fighting
Protection against lighting
Precautions against ignition
Spontaneous ignitions
Cylinders containing
compressed gas
Storage of flammable liquids
Accumulation of flammable
dust, gas, fume or vapour in air
flammable waste material on
the floors
Fire exits
71-B Fire fighting apparatus and water supply
Adequate and effective
72 Ladders
Adequate and effective
73 - F Fragile roof, provision of crawling boards etc.
Adequate and effective
measures - Work permits
73 - I Planting of trees
Sufficient numbers and types
73 - J Safety Committee
Formation , workers
representation etc.
73 - L Health and Safety Policy
Written statement of Policy
73 -M Collection and development and dissemination of information
73 - N Disclosure of information to workers
Different information as
73 - O Disclosure of information to Public
Different information as
73 - P Disclosure of information to Local authority
Different information as
73 - Q Disclosure of information to District Emergency Authority
Different information as
73 -R Disclosure of information to Chief Inspector
Different information as
73 - S Information on industrial wastes
All above should include
information on solid and liquid
73 - T Review of information furnished to workers etc.
Review once in calendar year
73 - V Medical examination
Workers examination as
73- W Occupational Health Centres
Such Centres based on number
of workers & equipment as
mentioned in schedule
73 - Y Decontamination facilities
Provisions to meet emergencies
like first aid box, storm water
73 - Z Making available health records to workers
Health record as well as
exposure to haz. Process.
74 Washing facilities
Adequate and suitable
76 First Aid Appliance
Boxes as identified and
contents as prescribed
77 Notice regarding First aid
Display of trained employees in
first aid
79 Canteens
80 Dining Hall
81 Equipment
Canteen utensils
82 Prices to be displayed
Prices of food stuff
83 Accounts
To be maintained as prescribed
84 Managing committee
Formation to look after canteen
86 Shelter, Rest rooms and lunch room
Standards as prescribed
93 Compensetory holidays
As prescribed
96 Overtime slips
To fill-up
Persons defined to hold positions of supervision or
employed in confidential position As mentioned in the list
114 Dangerous operation
As per schedule
Applicability as per Schedule V
for Grinding
Noise standards as per
Schedule XXIV
Renewal frequency Responsibility Record Ref., if any
NA HR, Production & Maintenance f
Once in six months
Once in Twelve months
Act/ Rule/Consent/section: Specific requirements for Factories Act 1948 as amendmended in 1987
Renewal frequency Responsibility Record Ref., if any
Every five years
Factory Rules, 1963 and amendments thereof
As and when required
Internal - Annual, External -
Six months & Hydraulic -
Four years
Male - 55 Kg & Female - 30Kg.