... through Bertha Dudde
Divine intervention .... Prediction ....
It is a futile battle hich the !eo!le of the orld are aging
against each other" for it ill not result in a satisfactor# outco$e.
%he &ord of heaven and of earth has decided that this shall be
concluded in a different a# to that hich the orld is ho!ing for.
But this end ill be indescribable.
%he battle noise ill be droned out b# God's voice resounding
fro$ above .... It ill cause tre$endous confusion a$ongst
!eo!le since no hu$an co$$and ill be able to sto! it" and
!eo!le ill be !oerless and ill have to sub$it to ever#thing
that is sent to the$ b# the &ord.
(nd then it ill be left u! to each individual !erson to recognise
the hand of God and sub$it to it or revolt against his !ersonal
For it is intended that !eo!le's thoughts shall be forcibl# directed
toards God" and blessed is he ho finds this !ath and
recognises God as the Originator of all ha!!enings and
co$$ends hi$self to )i$ and )is $erc#. *et there ill onl# be a
fe" for !eo!le are s!irituall# deluded"
their $odern e+!lanations have $ade the$ lose faith in a Being
Which deter$ines ever#thing on earth" and their loft# attitude
$a,es it difficult for the$ to find the a# bac, to God" and this
s!iritual arrogance ill be their donfall.
Onl# so$eone ho feels s$all and !oerless and calls u!on God
for hel! ill ,ee! his life" even if he ill !h#sicall# lose it ....
*et an#one ho believes the# do not need God's hel! ill forfeit
his $ortal and s!iritual life .... (nd even if God allos hi$ to
,ee! his earthl# life" it ill onl# be an act of greatest $erc# so
that he shall still gain realisation on earth after all ....
For the &ord ,nos the hearts of !eo!le" )e loo,s into the
furthest corners" )e recognises ever# stirring and ill not let
an#thing !erish that can still be saved. (nd an#one ho calls
u!on the &ord for hel! ithin the $idst of terror ill feel a
onderful cal$ enter his heart" he ill suddenl# realise the
orthlessness of earthl# life if it is not acco$!anied b# !rofound
faith" and this realisation ill let hi$ illingl# surrender hat
!reviousl# a!!eared desirable to hi$.
)e ill readil# sub$it hi$self to the &ord and acce!t hat he
receives fro$ )is hand .... life or death .... )oever" he ill onl#
surrender his bod# in order to aa,en to life in the be#ond. (nd
thus his de!arture fro$ the orld ill not be his ruin but his
resurrection into a better life.
Divine ill !uts ever#one in their !lace" )e ta,es a !erson fro$
the orld hen the ti$e for his end has co$e" and )e returns to
the orld those hose earthl# life is not over #et .... For nothing
ha!!ens arbitraril# but ever#thing is deter$ined b# God's
isdo$ and love.
*et if a !erson cannot recognise God's hand even then" his soul
ill suffer serious hardshi!" for it ill have no other $eans of
salvation .... It has infinitel# e+tended its distance fro$ God
during its earthl# e+istence and strives toards the state of
banish$ent again- hence its life on earth is utterl# !ointless"
since it does not recognise God. (nd for the sa,e of such souls
God ill let )is !oerful voice be heard .... But if this call also
dies aa# unheard" the fate of these souls ill onl# be eternal
da$nation ....
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