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is Sept. 26
*St. Timothy’s Fall
Festival is Sept. 28
*Maple Lake Library
Fall Fundraiser
is Oct. 4

Volume 119, Number 52 • Wednesday, September 24, 2014 • Maple Lake, MN 55358 •
With the archery deer hunt-
ing season just about to start
and the firearms deer hunting
season not too far away, once
again this year the Wright
County/West Metro Whitetails
Chapter of the Minnesota Deer
Hunters Association
("MDHA") is pleased to an-
nounce that they will be collect-
ing deer hides around the area
to raise money to purchase and
upgrade public hunting land in
Minnesota, as well as for Youth
Hunter Education.
With some of the money
raised last year through the
Hides-for Habitat program, the
Wright County/West Metro
Whitetails sent local kids from
the area to the MDHA's Fork-
horn Camps. At those camps
the kids received their firearms
safety training, along with edu-
cation on hunting ethics, land
stewardship, hunting and out-
doors survival tactics.
The Chapter wants to warn
local hunters not to be fooled by
for-profit hide collectors and
their boxes. The money from
those hides does not go towards
helping to send kids to camp or
to help improve deer habitat in
Minnesota. While those boxes
might be similar to the MDHA's
boxes, make sure you look for
the boxes with the official
MDHA "Hides-for-Habitat"
blaze orange sign on them.
You will find the Chapter's
official Hides-for-Habitat boxes
at the following locations:
Albertville - Center Cut
Meats; Buffalo - Klatt's True
Value Hardware, Buffalo Gun
Club; Corcoran - AK Corners;
Delano - Ault Marine, Delano
Sportsman's Club; Hamel -
Hamel Lumber & Supply;
Howard Lake - Joe's Sports
Shop; Maple Lake - H & H
Sports; Medina - Koch's Cor-
ner; Monticello - Dennis's Serv-
ice, O'Ryan's Gas Station, Red's
Marathon, Monticello Sports-
men's Club, Monticello Bait
and Tackle, Running's Fleet;
Montrose - Marketon Body
Shop; Rockford - Ace Hard-
ware; Rogers - Cabela's; St.
Michael - Berning Auto Care,
Hardware Hank.
For more information, please
call Al Weller at 763-370-1206.
Irish win in honor of
Moeller: page 11
National Merit
Scholarship Program:
page 6
The annual St. Tim’s Fall
Festival will be this Sunday,
September 28, from 10 a.m. to
5 p.m. The events include the
Big Ticket Raffle where the
grand prize is $1,500, second
prize is $500, third through
fifth prizes are $250 each, and
sixth through 15th prizes are
$100 each. Some of the festivi-
ties include baskets of chance,
a silent auction, a country store,
kids’ games, bingo, pull tabs,
meat raffles, a cake walk, a
pedal pull, and horse and buggy
rides. “Home Before Dark
Band” will play live classic
country music from 1 to 4 p.m.
The Thanksgiving turkey din-
ner will run from 10:30 a.m. to
1 p.m. and costs $10 per plate.
There also will be a bean bag
tournament where people can
pre-register by calling 320-
St. Timothy’s Fall Festival this weekend
Loch, Stokman crowned homecoming royalty
Maple Lake Library volunteers Marie Mavencamp, Cathy Jude, Terry Mooney, Denise Blizil, Connie Peterson,
Lorie Hegle, Della Ness and Jan Bakeberg display the live auction items at Star Bank. (Photo by Sam Zuehl)
The sixth annual Friends of
the Maple Lake Library fall
fundraiser will be Saturday,
October 4, at the Maple Lake
American Legion Club.
Once again this year there
will be the silent and live auc-
tion items. In addition to the
live and silent auctions, they
will have the popular wine pull.
The wine pull has numbered
corks that are sold for $10 and
then each cork number matches
a number on a bottle of wine.
When all the corks have been
sold, the corks will be pulled
and the cork-holder will win
the corresponding bottle of
Longtime Maple Lake band
director Joe Thomas and Dan
Henjum will provide musical
entertainment at the event. The
dinner will be catered by Red’s
Café. The event will begin with
a 5 p.m. happy hour and 6 p.m.
welcome. Dinner will be served
at 6:30 p.m.
Library Fall Fundraiser has something for everyone
Library Fundraiser
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Monday night’s coronation concluded with the crowning of the 2014 Irish Homecoming King and Queen, Becca Loch and David Stokman
(Left-Photo courtesy of Zahler Photography). David Stokman celebrates as he receives his crown while McRae Haney, Ryan Kalinowski,
Logan Gries and Tony Goelz cheer him on (Top Right). Mollie Graham, Jenny Brings, Jillian Goelz and Maya Ortiz congratulate Becca Loch
as she receives her crown and cape (Bottom Right). See pages 7-10 for more information and highlights. (Photos on right courtesy of
Mackenna Brown)
Heat pump
replacement for
law enforcement
center planned
by John Holler
When the Wright County
Law Enforcement Center was
constructed five years ago, one
of the components that was built
into the system was a geother-
mal system that used the heat
from the ground as part of the
jail’s heating system. At the
Sept. 16 meeting of the Wright
County Board, the commission-
ers were posed with an expen-
sive question of whether to
repair or replace one of the five
heat pumps before the onset of
A design flaw in the system
has resulted in numerous prob-
lems with the heat pumps that
required numerous site visits
from the manufacturer, both dur-
ing the warranty period and the
two years since. County Coordi-
nator Lee Kelly said that the sys-
tem has started to cost Wright
County money to repair so the
choices were to either continue
repairing the system when it
broke down or to replace one of
the defective pumps.
Heat Pump
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Not a whole lot of fishing information has come my way the past
week and I don’t have a handle on where the sunfish are this time of
the year. I did get a hot tip on walleye angling, but I was sworn to
secrecy so that doesn’t help a whole lot either. My brother, Charles,
and his neighbor, Wayne, who both live on Buchanan Lake near Ot-
tertail fished Lake of the Woods for three days out of Prothero’s Re-
sort on the Northwest Angle last week. He said fishing wasn’t as
good as they would have liked, but they caught walleyes to eat and
limits to bring home so who’s to complain. My suggestion to anglers
is to get out this week while the weather is still mild. The fall lawn
work will always be there tomorrow!
* * *
The urge to try grouse hunting finally got the best of Daryl Hen-
nen and myself last week and we made a half-day hunt Thursday to
a couple of spots we were familiar with north of Motley. I was sur-
prised to see our breakfast stop, Mr. Ed’s, in Motley closed when
we went through there about 1:30 p.m. I’m a sucker for sweet rolls
and they always had trays of cinnamon and caramel rolls on the
counter and I seldom got by them without including one in my
breakfast order. Anyway, the first spot we hunted with Daryl’s Brit-
tany-Springer cross, Coco, and my English Setter, Vanna, has a
groomed trail. It didn’t produce any birds until one flushed off the
ground as we were nearly back to our starting point. I heard it and
Hennen saw it, but he didn’t get a shot off. Our next spot, a desig-
nated Hunter’s Walking Trail (HWT), was near the First Crow Wing.
There was plenty of clover on the trail, but we didn’t see any of those
green berries the grouse seem to like. We had four flushes off that
trail which both of us heard. I didn’t see any and blamed that on the
dense cover. Hennen saw one, but again, didn’t get a shot off. I
didn’t get any points on birds out of Vanna although she covered a
lot of ground. Coco also pointed and would get birdie, but ruffed
grouse seldom sit still, and neither dog got any flushes. We had one
deer dart across the trail behind us after we heard it running. Neither
of us figured we would have been quick enough to get a shot off had
it been in season. Anyway, it was fun watching the dogs hunt, hear-
ing some flushes, and enjoying the other activity in the woods. We
came across this tree which a beaver apparently has been working
on in the evening hours. Our first impression was why would a
beaver be cutting down a large tree like that when it was so far from
the Crow Wing river. But when we crested the bank and saw the
river we had our answer. We should have taken a right when we hit
a T on the trail instead of a left. It cost us about an extra half-mile
of hiking. The trees are showing color and should be at their peak
within 10 days. On the drive home we spotted a covey of six Wood-
cock and another single in the gravel road, something neither of us
had seen before. Other wildlife was a flock of geese just outside of
Motley and a large flock of sandhill cranes as we headed north on
Highway 64. We didn’t see any turkeys and very few ducks. Hennen
said the two grouse he saw were adults which leads us to believe the
grouse in that area didn’t have much of a hatch. It’s not unusual to
see a covey in the early part of the season and all we saw and flushed
were singles. The answer is to find a more populated grouse area for
our next hunt.
by Harold Brutlag
In my ongoing mission to
bring culture to the north shore
of the middle bay of Maple
Lake, here are my comments
on the opening concert of the
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.
I admit to almost complete
ignorance regarding classical
music, which means I can give
an unbiased review of things.
Most of my comments concern
the audience, their sleep habits,
their clothing, and such. Music
is secondary, but almost un-
avoidable at concerts.
Running Bear and Little
White Dove were there. He
wore his drover's hat with a
small fashionable feather in it,
and fringed leather jacket,—
just right for a classical event.
She was less traditionally clad,
with boots that indicated her
Buffalo Bill was there, along
with the Lady in Red and
Johnny Appleseed with his
shoulder bag full of apples, pre-
sumably. A rabbi showed up, as
did many really old people and
a few bored kids. Lots of peo-
ple didn't treat this as a costume
party and looked relatively nor-
A lady sitting next to us
commented on the number of
young musicians, a result of the
salary conflicts of a year ago.
She said she thought many of
them were too young to drive
themselves. We looked for a
row of mommies waiting for
their musician kids after the
concert, but there were none.
They were probably catching
public transportation. A number
of the old musicians were still
there, with their pointy black
shoes. They all played real
Two of Beethoven's sym-
phonies were presented; his #8
first and #7 next. Evidently se-
quence doesn't matter. In be-
tween was a thing
commissioned by SPCO that
showed off the new gold
wheels on the grand piano. The
piano player made his fingers
move really fast. It kept us
awake. We enjoyed Beethoven
and the gold wheels.
Beethoven seemed to think
his eighth was much better than
his seventh, and commented to
a student of his about the fickle
Viennese public when they
seemed to like the seventh.
Well, okay, but what do I know
about nineteenth century Vi-
enna? Sounds like Ludwig was
a little too crabby for my tastes
anyway. The notes about this
stuff leave me cold, but I hadn't
dressed for the chilly weather.
And, as I said, I don't know
much about classical music.
Next year the SPCO seems
to plan more stuff in St. Paul.
We just might take a look at
Buffalo or St. Cloud for our
culture instead. Don't give up
on us. Culture is important, I
by Jerry Hoem
Do we really need lawyers?
Frequently we see surveys
in the news about the various
professions and occupations
and how the public views them.
A 2010 Gallup poll rated
nurses, military officers, and
pharmacists 71-81% high or
very high for honesty and
ethics, while members of Con-
gress, business executives, and
lawyers rated only 9-17% high
or very high. They were just
above car salespeople.
I have seen surveys that
while a high percentage of
those surveyed have a low re-
gard for lawyers in general, a
much higher percentage have a
high regard for their own
lawyer. So why do we need
lawyers anyway?
There is a fictitious land
where there are no lawyers. I’ll
call it The Land Free of Laws.
No lawyers are needed because
there are no laws. Each citizen
behaves as they want, without
regard for others.
In this land all of the prop-
erty is owned by the govern-
ment and no citizen can own
property. As a result there is no
need for a lawyer to draft con-
tracts, deeds, leases, security
agreements, or loan documents.
Since no one owns anything,
there is nothing to leave as an
inheritance to one’s children, so
no need for a lawyer to draft a
will or trust document. What-
ever you have is owned by the
government and goes back to it
when you die.
In The Land Free of Laws,
everyone drives automobiles
however they like; in fact, any
child can operate a 2-ton vehi-
cle with abandon. Anyone in-
jured or killed as a result has no
right to recover damages from
the responsible party.
As I said above, citizens in
The Land Free of Laws have no
property rights; therefore
everyone is free to take from
others as they wish. Of course,
since the government owns
everything, they are stealing
from the government. That’s
probably a disincentive to theft.
(Think Siberia.)
There are other names for
The Land Free of Laws: the
Wild West in the 1870s in parts
of the U.S., or present day So-
malia, Syria, or Iraq. Places
with no law and no effective
government have no need for
lawyers. These are places
where people live with no
hope, with roving bands of out-
laws with weapons, where peo-
ple are maimed, raped, and
killed with reckless abandon,
with no justice against the
French lawyer Ronald Sokol
put well the need for lawyers in
a 2006 article in the New York
It is a truth universally ac-
knowledged that a person in
possession of troubles must be
in want of a lawyer. Yet while
no one would claim lawyers to
be an endangered species,
many devoutly wish it to be so.
. . .
I used to puzzle over why
lawyers should be simultane-
ously much sought after and
much maligned.
The solution lies hidden in
the work itself. It comes with
the onset of conflict or when
fear of loss or hope of profit
grows too acute. Lawyers
delve into the nitty-gritty of all
the human problems one can
imagine and some that defy
imagination. They are paid to
extricate clients from the finan-
cial and emotional nets in
which they have become en-
meshed or to find ways to es-
cape being netted.
. . .
It’s in
your court
by Judge Steve Halsey
Maple Lake Messenger Page 2
September 24, 2014
Readers are invited to take part in discussions of interest to the Maple Lake community.
All letters to the editor must be signed and must include the writer’s address and tele-
phone number or email address. Letters of private thanks, solicitation, petition and
those containing libelous material will not be published. The Messenger reserves the
right to edit all letters.
To the Editor,
The Gearhead committee
completed a wrap-up of this
year’s Gearhead Get-Together
and we are overwhelmed with
the support we received. The
sponsors, the Chamber, the
food vendors, the cooperation
of the EAA folks at the Airport
Fly-In and their activities, the
city crew, our volunteers and
all the participants and specta-
tors that enjoyed the day are so
appreciated. It is great fun
planning this event when you
have this level of support from
the area. See you next year on
August 15, 2015.
Gearhead Get-Together
It’s in your court
continued on page 3
License Address Change
Question: How long does a
person have to change their dri-
ver’s license address?
Answer: It depends on the
circumstance. I will name some
• If you’re already living in
Minnesota and move to a new
address in the state, the law re-
quires that you apply for a new
driver's license within 30 days
of changing your address.
• If you have a valid driver's
license or instruction permit
from another state, you have 60
days after becoming a Min-
nesota resident to obtain your
Minnesota license or permit.
• If you have a valid “com-
mercial driver's license” (CDL)
from another state, you have 30
days to obtain your Minnesota
license after moving here.
• You do not need a Min-
nesota license if you work for
the United States Armed Forces
or are a family member of
someone in the Armed Forces
stationed in Minnesota, and
hold a valid out-of-state dri-
ver's license.
• If you are on active duty
with the U.S. Armed Forces
and have a valid Minnesota dri-
ver's license, you are not re-
quired to renew your license
until you are discharged, re-
gardless of your length of serv-
ice. This law also applies to the
spouses of those on active duty,
if the spouse does not reside in
Minnesota during the active
duty period.
A portion of state statutes
was used with permission from
the Office of the Revisor of
Statutes. If you have any ques-
tions concerning traffic related
laws or issues in Minnesota,
send your questions to Trp.
Jesse Grabow – Minnesota
State Patrol at 1000 Highway
10 West, Detroit Lakes, MN
56501-2205. (You can follow
him on Twitter @MSPPIO_NW
or reach him at,
Ask a
by Sgt. Jesse Grabow
Maple Lake, MN 55358
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Maple Lake Messenger Page 3
September 24, 2014
Sept. 15 Wright County
Attorney’s report
On September 15, Christo-
pher Michael Day, 37, of Mon-
trose, was arrested in Buffalo on
a Wright County warrant for do-
mestic assault.
On September 15, Katie Lee
Leon-Ortega, 30, of St. Michael,
was arrested in Washington
County on a Wright County
warrant for domestic assault.
On September 15, Anthony
Nathanial Durbin, 19, of Monti-
cello, was arrested in Hennepin
County on a Wright County
warrant for 3rd degree criminal
sexual conduct.
On September 15, Cindy
Kay Davison, 63, of Monticello,
was arrested in Monticello on a
Wright County warrant for a
probation violation.
On September 15, David
Robert Boyle, 27, of Buffalo,
was arrested in Hennepin
County on a Wright County
warrant for 5th degree con-
trolled substance violation.
On September 15, Jeffery
Michael Holmquist, 36, of
Cokato, was arrested in Cokato
on a Wright County warrant for
3rd degree DWI.
On September 15, Adam
George Rising, 22, of Monti-
cello, was arrested in Buffalo on
a Wright County warrant for in-
terfere with a 911 call.
On September 16, Lane Scott
Chandler, 42, of Monticello,
was arrested in Monticello on a
Wright County warrant for theft.
On September 16, Tanner
Lee Peterson, 23, of Becker, was
arrested in Buffalo on a Wright
County warrant for 3rd degree
On September 16, Joel Jon
Magandy, 36, of Annandale,
was arrested in Annandale on
the charge of domestic assault.
On September 18, Jeremy
Cromwell Phyle, 33, of Kim-
ball, was arrested in Monticello
on a Wright County warrant for
On September 18, Lori Ann
Hall, 51, no permanent address,
was arrested in Hennepin
County on a Wright County
warrant for disorderly conduct.
On September 18, Brandon
Ernest Lee, 31, of Buffalo, was
arrested in Buffalo on an Anoka
County warrant for 3rd degree
On September 18, Drew
Michael Anderson, 46, of An-
nandale, was arrested in Annan-
dale on the charge of driving
after cancellation inimical to
public safety.
On September 19, Ashley
Ann Schlichting, 23, of St.
Cloud, was arrested in Stearns
County on a Wright County
warrant for theft.
On September 19, Vanessa
Jean Smith, 37, of Cokato, was
arrested in Cokato on a Wright
County warrant for a drug vio-
On September 19, Zachary
Jon VanNett, 22, of South
Haven, was arrested in Corinna
Township on a 5th degree con-
trolled substance violation.
On September 19, Brett
Shula Gagnier, 21, of Coon
Rapids, was arrested in Anoka
County on a Wright County
warrant for 3rd degree criminal
sexual conduct.
On September 20, Brian
Dean Phoenix, 48, of Monti-
cello, was arrested in Monticello
on the charge of interfere with
On September 20, George
Thomas Holmes, 41, of Waite
Park, was arrested in Monticello
Township on the charges of 1st
degree DWI, test refusal and
driving after cancellation inimi-
cal to public safety.
On September 20, Tracey
Dennis Habiger, 36, of Monti-
cello, was arrested in Buffalo on
a Wright County warrant for 5th
degree controlled substance vi-
olation and a Hennepin County
warrant for false name to police
On September 20, Jody Rae
Stark, 27, of Annandale was ar-
rested in South Haven on the
charge of domestic assault.
On September 20, Kyle
Joseph Grunewald, 34, of Buf-
falo, was arrested in Monticello
on the charge of 3rd degree
DWI refusal to test.
On September 20, Donavon
Wayne Baity, 36, of Buffalo,
was arrested in Rockford Town-
ship on the charge of driving
after cancellation inimical to
public safety.
On September 21, Cassandra
Faye Janisch, 44, of Annandale,
was arrested in Annandale on
the charges of domestic assault
and criminal damage to prop-
On September 21, Jason
William Bartelsen, 33, of Mon-
ticello, was arrested in Monti-
cello on the charge of domestic
assault by strangulation.
On September 21, Madalyn
Carey Thompson, 19, of Monti-
cello, was arrested in Monticello
on the charges of 5th degree
controlled substance violation
and underage possession of al-
On September 21, Travis
Paul Christ Padgett, 26, of Mon-
ticello, was arrested in Monti-
cello on a MN Department of
Corrections warrant for parole
There were 36 property dam-
age accidents, 8 personal injury
accidents, 5 hit and run acci-
dents and 8 car-deer accidents.
There were 2 arrests for
DWI, 1 underage consumption
arrests, no school bus stop arm
violations and 50 tickets for
miscellaneous traffic violations
reported this week.
Sept. 22 Wright County
Sheriff’s report
Boon, Ryan Joseph, age 38, of
South Haven, sentenced on
09/17/14 for Probation Violations
for Felony Controlled Substance
Crime in the Second Degree to
nine months jail. Sentenced by
Judge Tenney.
Johnson, Anthony Steven,
age 28, of Buffalo, sentenced on
09/11/14 for Gross Misdemeanor
Domestic Assault to 365 days
jail, $200 fine; 345 days stayed
for two years on conditions of
probation, serve 20 days jail, pay
$200 fine plus surcharges, remain
medically compliant, have no use
or possession of alcohol or non-
prescription drugs, submit to ran-
dom testing, have no use or
possession of firearms or danger-
ous weapons, have no contact
with victim or victim's residence,
complete Batterer's Intervention
Program and follow all recom-
mendations, have no same or
similar violations. Sentenced by
Judge Tenney.
Krugerud, Matthew Alan,
age 27, of Montrose, sentenced
on 09/16/14 for Probation Viola-
tions for Gross Misdemeanor In-
terfere with a 911 Call to 120
days jail. Sentenced by Judge
Lemieux, Amber Jean, age
31, of Maple Lake, sentenced on
09/17/14 for Misdemeanor Gam-
bling-Employee/Volunteer May
not Participate-Same Premises to
90 days jail, $1,000 fine; 90 days,
$950 stayed for one year on con-
ditions of probation, pay $50 fine
plus surcharges, pay restitution,
have no same or similar viola-
tions. Sentenced by Judge Ten-
Lepowsky, Matthew Gregory,
age 31, of Monticello, sentenced
on 09/12/14 for Probation Viola-
tions for Felony Theft to 365 days
jail. Sentenced by Judge Tenney.
Munson, Jeremy David, age
31, of Watkins, sentenced on
09/15/14 for Probation Violations
for two counts of Felony Receiv-
ing Stolen Property to 15 months
prison. Sentenced by Judge
Palm, Dustin John, age 25, of
Rockford, sentenced on 09/16/14
for Probation Violations for
Felony Burglary in the Second
Degree to 30 days jail. Sentenced
by Judge Halsey.
Maple Lake’s Volunteer Fire
Department and Ambulance
Service responded to the follow-
ing emergencies during the past
Sept. 21, 12:25 p.m.: Med-
ical. Patient transported by
Maple Lake Fire Department to
the Buffalo Hospital ER.
Sept. 18, 4:15 p.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Maple
Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo
Hospital ER.
Sept. 18, 5:52 a.m.:
Vehicle/farm implement colli-
sion, 1842 80th St. NW, Maple
Lake Twp. Two patients were
transported by Allina Ambu-
lance. Fourteen rescue/firefight-
ers assisted the ambulance crews
at the site.
Sept. 16, 2:55 p.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Allina
There were no fire emergen-
cies during the same time period.
Sept. 15 Maple Lake
Fire Department Report
Heat Pump
continued from page 1
People want to believe in jus-
tice. Justice is what they hope
for, but their hopes are almost
never fully realized. Expecta-
tions are not fully met, and
hence justice never fully
And so the lawyer who fails
to put back together the shat-
tered hopes is an easy target.
. . .
If life is not to become a tale
told by an idiot, signifying noth-
ing, there must be rules. As
prosperity renders life more di-
verse, so laws grow in number
and complexity. If we value
growth, then we must have
those who write, study, and in-
terpret the rules. And so one
might justly say, unhappy is the
land that needs no lawyers.
So why do we need lawyers?
We need lawyers to write laws
that govern human activity in an
organized and somewhat pre-
dictable fashion. We need
lawyers to enforce the rights of
businesses and individuals with
respect to their property, per-
sonal liberty, health, and safety.
We need lawyers to plead the
cause of people who are harmed
by the actions of government or
other citizens and who will be
their voice in the courts of jus-
tice. We need lawyers to be the
voice of those who have no
voice: children, the infirm, the
elderly, and the disenfranchised.
We need lawyers to be our voice
before the courts, to plead our
cause, to seek justice.
As Sokol said, unhappy is
the land that needs no lawyers.
Submitted by Judge Steve
Halsey, Wright County District
Court, chambered in Buffalo.
Judge Halsey is the host of “The
District Court Show” on local
cable TV public access channels
throughout the Tenth Judicial
District. Excerpts can be
viewed at Go
to Community and click “The
District Court Show.” Judge
Halsey may also be heard on
“Legal Happenings” on KRWC
1360 AM (Buffalo) on Saturdays
at 12:30 p.m.
Pictured from left to right are Joe Rieber, Community Service Representative; Adam Neumann, Treasurer; Austin
Paumen, Secretary; Natalie Neumann, Reporter; Trinity Klimek, Historian; Shalee Pribyl, President; Susie Rieber, Vice
President. The club meets every second Sunday at the Chatham Township Hall at 6:00 p.m. The next meeting will be
on October 12.
The Chatham Climbers 4-H Club recently
elected club officers for the 2014-15 year
It’s in your court
continued from page 2
It's an excruciating time for
Christopher Rossing's family and
friends. There have been no signs
of the 25-year-old who they be-
lieve is dead. There are but two
tangible items in this tragedy:
There's one man in jail charged
with kidnapping, and there's a lit-
tle town with a big secret.
Rossing family still looking
and praying for closure
“At the time those were in-
stalled, they were viewed as state
of the art technology,” Kelly
said. “They’re off warranty, so
all repairs that have been made
the last couple of years haven’t
been covered by the warranty.”
The problem came to a head
last winter, one of the coldest
winters on record in Minnesota.
The pumps were forced to run at
full capacity for much of the
winter to keep temperatures from
dropping too low, but it made the
point that the system needed to
be upgraded.
“I don’t think the winter we
had last year was the death nail
in the coffin,” Kelly said. “Over
the years, they’ve aged and bro-
ken down. But, last winter did
test the capabilities of the system
and it was a concern because
there were fears that the jail
could get extremely cold.”
The replacement pump is a
couple generations newer tech-
nology, but is able to be fitted
into the current system that
won’t require re-piping of the
system. At a cost of almost
$94,000, it is hoped that the re-
placement of the defective pump
will fix the problem without hav-
ing to replace the other four
pumps, but Kelly added that the
situation will have to be moni-
tored because there may be re-
currences of the problem.
“At this time, it doesn’t look
we’re going to have to replace
the other four, but that possibility
exists down the line,” Kelly said.
“We’re hoping that by replacing
the one pump that is currently
down that the system will run
more efficiently and we won’t
run into these problems again.”
In other items on the Sept. 16
agenda, the board:
* Laid over setting the annual
Truth In Taxation hearing date
because Commissioner Christine
Husom was not at the Sept. 16
meeting. The board was looking
to set the date for 6:30 p.m. Tues-
day, Dec. 2, but laid it over in
case Husom had a potential con-
flict. Truth in Taxation hearings
are required to get public input
prior to approving the final
budget and levy for the following
year. This year the meeting must
be held after 6 p.m. and can be
conducted any time between
Nov. 25 and Dec. 29.
* Tabled for one week discus-
sion of the Tri-County Regional
Forensic Laboratory report be-
cause Husom represents the
board on that committee and her
input into the discussion was
* Approved letters of support
from the county board for the I-
94 west corridor expansion proj-
ect and the Hwy. 55 turn-lane
project to the Minnesota Depart-
ment of Transportation’s Corri-
dors of Commerce program.
* Held a public hearing con-
cerning a land swap being pro-
posed by the St. Michael-Al-
bertville and Elk River School
Districts. The exchange of land
would move some properties
from one school district to the
other and is centered around a
development that is currently
under construction. Nobody
from the public attended to speak
for or against the project.
* Referred the report from
Buhler Inc. to the building com-
mittee. The company was hired
to assess the value of the com-
posting machinery at the former
compost facility to see what
value it might have to be sold or
scrapped. The facility hasn’t
been operational for almost 20
years and there is no further use
for the mothballed machinery.
* Approved a claim of $1,437
from the consulting firm of Mad-
den Galanter & Hansen for union
negotiation work done for the
county in August.

Dave Zylstra
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NW Maple Lake
(320) 963-5859
Fax: (320) 963-3748
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Rossing family
continued on page 5
Programs & Events Meetings


Here’s How It Works:
Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into
nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must
fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once
in each row, column, and box. You can figure out the order in
which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already
provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier
it gets to solve the puzzle!
Answers on Page 14
Sept. 25: Knights of Colum-
bus, 7 p.m., St. Timothy's
Sept. 25: AA & Al-Anon,
7:30 p.m., Buffalo Evangelical
Free Church, 2051 50th St. NE,
County Rds. 25 & 113.
Sept. 27: AA, 7:30 p.m.,
Buffalo Evangelical Free
Church, 2051 50th St. NE,
County Rds. 25 & 113.
Sept. 29: S.A.M. quilting
group, St. Timothy's Church
basement, 8 a.m.
Sept. 29: Al-Anon and
Men's 12 Step Group, 7:30
p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free
Church, 2051 50th St. NE,
County Rds. 25 & 113.
Sept. 30: Annandale Lakers
AA & Al-Anon, 8 p.m., United
Methodist Church of Annan-
dale, 20 Oak Ave. N. 320-274-
Sept. 30: Gamblers Anony-
mous & AA, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo
Evangelical Free Church, 2051
50th St. NE, County Rds. 25 &
Sept. 30: Celebrate Recov-
ery (non-denominational Chris-
tian-based recovery program), 7
p.m., Monticello Covenant
Church; 763-295-2112.
Upcoming Red Cross blood drives
Donors of all types are encouraged to help save lives by giving
blood. Appointments can be made by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS
or visiting Upcoming blood donation opportu-
nities in Wright County: Oct. 8 from 1 - 7 p.m., Community Center,
505 Walnut Street, Monticello.
Comm. Ed. offers financial planning session
"Retire Wisely", a financial planning session, will be offered at
the Maple Lake High School Sept. 29, 6:30-7:30 p.m. This work-
shop addresses six risks that retirees face, including outliving your
income and rising health care costs. Please register at
or by calling the Community Ed office, 320-274-3058; activity code
5506. Registration deadline is Sept. 25.
Wright County Farm Bureau meeting Thursday
Wright County Farm Bureau will host their annual meeting
Thursday, Sept. 25. Come at 7 p.m. and socialize until the buffet
dinner is served at 7:30 p.m. Chris Radatz, executive director of
Minnesota Farm Bureau, will speak on his vision of “Farm Bureau
for the Next Five Years”. The business meeting will follow with re-
ports, resolutions and election of officers. A drawing for door prizes
will conclude the evening. Tickets for the ham and meatball dinner
must be purchased before Sept. 17 from one of the directors or by
calling Kathy at 763-682-4992.
Maple Lake Community Cookout is Friday
The Maple Lake school staff will be serving dinner before the
homecoming game on Friday, Sept. 26, from 5:45-7p.m. on school
grounds near the game entrance. $4 meal includes hotdog, chips and
water (extra hotdogs are $1 each). Proceeds from this fundraiser go
towards the Irish Pride programs in the elementary and high schools.
Bethlehem LWML Bazaar is Saturday
Bethlehem Lutheran Church is inviting everyone to their LWML
Bazaar on Saturday, Sept. 27, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be
baked goods, canned goods, garden produce, Christmas items, white
elephants, crafts, greeting cards, cinnamon rolls and a barbeque
lunch. Join us at 7809 County Road 35 W, Annandale.
Nobel Shadduck Harvest Fest is Saturday
Minnesota Pioneer Park in Annandale invites everyone to its
Nobel Shadduck Harvest Fest from 11-4 Saturday, Sept. 27. It will
include a Wright County K-9 demonstration, music by Strand Fam-
ily, food and refreshments, children’s games, white elephant sale,
silent auction, bake sale, spelling bee and wagon rides. There is ad-
mission for adults but children are free. Call 320-274-8489 or visit for more information.
St. Timothy’s Fall Festival is Sunday
St. Timothy’s Fall Festival, an annual day of fellowship and
fundraising will be held on Sunday, Sept. 28 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
at the Parish School grounds, 241 Star St. E, Maple Lake. There
will be a turkey dinner from 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. and live classic
country music from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. by “Home Before Dark”. Other
fall festival activities include: basket of chance, silent auction,
bingo, bottle blast, burgers and beer, cake walk, country store, horse
and buggy rides, kids’ games, meat raffle, pedal tractor pull, pull
tabs and more. Call 320-963-3827 to pre-register to compete in the
bean bag tournament, all participants will be entered into a prize
drawing. Come join the fun for the whole family.
Explore 4-H Day event Sunday
Wright County 4-H invites you to find out more about 4-H at the
Explore 4-H Day event. The open house event will be held on Sun-
day, September 28, from 2-4 p.m. at the Monticello Community
Center (505 Walnut St,, Monticello, MN 55362). There will be fun,
hands-on activities to learn about 4-H project areas as well as in-
formation about membership and 4-H clubs in your area.
For more information about Explore 4-H Day or Wright County
4-H opportunities, please contact the Wright County Extension Of-
fice at 763-682-7394.
Dairy Farm Bill training is Oct. 2
The University of Minnesota Extension, Wright County, will be
hosting Farm Bill Education meetings focused on the new dairy pro-
gram. Come get your questions answered. The meeting will be held
on Thursday, Oct. 2, from 1-3 p.m. at the Maple Lake American Le-
gion (220 1st St. W). For more information contact Rod Greder,
Wright County Extension, at 763-682-7381.
Holy Cross Fall Bazaar is Oct. 4
Holy Cross Lutheran Church is having their Fall Bazaar Satur-
day, Oct. 4, from 8 a.m. to noon. There will be quilts, crafts and
baked goods. Proceeds will be going to support a number of mission
projects throughout the year. Holy Cross Lutheran Church is 1 mile
north of Hwy. 55 on Co. Rd. 8 (the blue church).
St. Timothy’s Breakfast and Bake Sale is Oct. 5
St. Timothy’s Parish School is hosting a pancake and French
toast breakfast with a bake sale on Sunday, Oct. 5, from 8:30 a.m.
to noon. This breakfast and sale is hosted by the St. Timothy’s
school parents. A free will donation is encouraged.
Annual Love INC Gala in Buffalo is Oct. 5
Love INC-Big Woods invites you to enjoy games, food, music
and more at the 5th annual fundraising gala. It will take place on
Sunday, Oct. 5, at Christ the King Retreat Center in Buffalo, from
4:30-8:30 p.m. This event is a major fundraiser for the organization
which uses local church members to help neighbors in need.
A great evening is planned with butler-passed hors d'oeuvres, a
buffet style meal and music. A silent auction, live auction, photo
booth, games and more will be included. The theme for the Gala is,
"Serving Hands, Loving Hearts." Lives are touched in the Name of
Christ when volunteers donate time, finances and prayers to this
ministry. The service area for Love INC is Buffalo, Hanover, Maple
Lake and Annandale. Tickets are $30, and they are available at
BankWest, Buffalo Books and Coffee, Star Bank in Maple Lake,
Irish Blessings Coffee house, and local churches. Anyone willing
to donate silent auction items please call the Clearinghouse at 763-
682-2550, Peg Plaggerman (612-282-3431) or Mary Buschel (763-
Programs & Events continued on page 5
Wright County Public Health
offers cholesterol testing in the
Wellness on Wheels (WOW)
van. For WOW van sites, ap-
pointments or questions, call
Rosemary at 682-7717 or toll
free, 1-800-362-3667, Ext.
Wellness on Wheels Services
include: Adult and Child Immu-
nizations; Health Screening:
Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cho-
lesterol (by appointment), Preg-
nancy, Health and Wellness;
Child Car Seat Check (by ap-
pointment); Information about:
Healthy Lifestyle - Exercise,
Nutrition, Recommendations for
Routine Medical Care, Safety -
Individual, Home, Car Seat,
Pregnancy, Childbirth, Parent-
ing, Child Health, Growth &
Development, Reproductive
Health & Family Planning, In-
fectious Diseases, Chronic Ill-
ness, Unhealthy Lifestyle
Behaviors, such as Smoking,
Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Un-
safe Sex; Information and Assis-
tance in Accessing Resources.
For appointments or ques-
tions, call 763-682-7717, or toll-
free at 1-800-362-3667, ext.
7717. For immunizations, bring
past immunization records to the
van, if available. * Van hours
Monday through Thursday are
from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on
Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Upcoming dates:
Thursday, Sept. 25: Bank
West, Rockford
Monday, October 6:
Coborn’s, Clearwater
Tuesday, October 7: DJ’s
Hardware, Albertville
Wednesday, October 8:
Walmart, Buffalo
Thursday, October 9: Cub
Foods, Monticello
The complete WOW van
schedule is available online at:
Wright County Public Health
offers cholesterol testing in the
Wellness on Wheels (WOW)
Van. The entire test takes about
30 minutes. We have two differ-
ent test options. A 12 hour fast
is required for a lipid profile in-
cluding blood sugar screening.
The cost is $35. A non-fasting
test is also available. This test
gives your total cholesterol and
HDL. The cost is $25.
Wellness on Wheels
Maple Lake Messenger Page 4
September 24, 2014
Offering a nutritious meal in
a warm, caring atmosphere with
friendship and fun. Everyone
welcome. The Senior Dining
Center is located at Maple Manor
West, 555 2nd St. W. For more
information, call 320-963-5771.
MONDAY, Sept. 29
Goulash, Lettuce Salad, Corn,
Wheat Bread, Sweetened Straw-
TUESDAY, Sept. 30
Mushroom-Onion Pork
Chop, Baked Potato w/Sour
Cream, Scandinavian Blend
Vegetables, Dinner Roll, Apple-
Spaghetti Noodles, Tomato-
Meat Sauce, Mixed Vegetables,
Garlic Bread, Chocolate Mousse
Roast Beef w/Horseradish,
Whipped Potatoes w/Gravy,
Green Bean Casserole, Dinner
Roll, Peaches
FRIDAY, Oct. 3
Breaded Fish Wedge, Rose-
mary Roasted Potatoes, Broccoli
Normandy, Wheat Bread,
Peanut-Butter Bar
Senior Dining Menu Sept. 29 - Oct. 3
The 60+ and Healthy Clinics,
provided by Wright County Pub-
lic Health, provides foot care for
the senior citizens of Wright
County. Toenail trimming is of-
fered to meet the needs of those
seniors who have a health con-
dition such as diabetes or are un-
able to trim toenails themselves.
The 60+ and Healthy Clinics
will be charging a $15 fee for
foot care services. This fee is
necessary because the clinics are
no longer being funded by grant
money. However, if you are un-
able to pay the fee, you will not
be turned away. The clinics are
hosted from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
If you have any questions,
please ask clinic staff or call WC
Public Health at 1-800-362-
3667 or 763-682-7456. Upcom-
ing dates:
Tuesday, October 7: Rock-
ford Walnut Place Apartments,
8830 Walnut Place, Rockford
For the full schedule, visit:
60+ and Healthy Clinics
Maple Lake Princess Megan
Ramsdell began basic training as
a member of the Minnesota Na-
tional Guard. ... Bobbie Klimek,
Michon Carlson, Lisa Paulm and
Tami Blahut were named the
Maple Lake Schoool District
and Community Care volunteers
of the year. ... The American Le-
gion Club was hosting Friday
night food catered by Bonnie’s
Maple Lake Cafe with Big T’s
Karaoke. ... And That’s The
Way It Was Five Years Ago This
Chris Brynteson, Maple Lake;
and David Gustafson, Mound;
won third place in a Muskie fish-
ing tournament on Cass Lake. ...
Lions members in the Maple
Lake area received a grant from
Lions Club International Foun-
dation in the amount of $75,000.
... Girl Scout Troop members
Autumn Smith, Ashley Klein,
Jennifer Benson, and Michelle
Awe traveled throughout the
south and attended the memorial
to the victims of the Oklahoma
City bombing. ... And That’s
The Way It Was 15 Years Ago
This Week.
Lake Region Co-op Oil Asso-
ciation, with its main office in
Maple Lake, was named the
Maple Lake Future Farmers of
America “Supporter of the
Month” for October. ... The fam-
ily of Victor Christian of
Schroeder stopped in Maple
Lake while on a trip to Kansas in
their Bug and Camper. ... The
Monticello Movie Theatre was
playing The Karate Kid: Part 3
with an adults admission of
$3.50 and children and sr. citi-
zens admission of $2.00. ... And
That’s The Way It Was 25 Years
Ago This Week.
Doris Nagorski and Tom
Gagnon were crowned the
homecoming royalty at the an-
nual homecoming dance. ... Mr.
and Mrs. G.W. Elsenpeter and
Mrs. Katie McAlpin were Friday
afternoon visitors and supper
guests at the Dannie Scanlon
home at Waite Park. ... Fairway
Foods Super Fair was selling
Swift premium boneless turkey
roasts at $0.89/lb. ... And That’s
The Way It Was 50 Years Ago
This Week.
And that’s the
way it was . . .
55+ Driver Improvement Program
The Minnesota Highway
Safety Center will be offering
55+ Driver Improvement Pro-
gram courses on the following
September 27th (4Hr. Re-
fresher Course) 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.,
Rockford Comm. Center, 7600
Rebecca Park Trl., Rockford
October 2nd (8Hr. First Time
Course) 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Al-
bertville City Hall, 5959 Main
Ave NE, Albertville
October 6th (4Hr. Refresher
Course) 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.,
Buffalo Community Center, 206
Central Ave, Buffalo
The Driver Improvement
course is open to the public; pre-
registration is required. A MN
Highway Safety & Research
Center certified instructor
teaches this class. By utilizing
the most up-to-date research in
the field, participants will be pro-
vided the latest information in re-
gards to driver safety, new laws,
and vehicle technology. The fee
for the four-hour refresher course
is $20 and the eight-hour course
is $24. For more information or
to register, visit www.mnsafety- or call TOLL FREE 1-
Persons age 55 and older who
complete the course qualify for a
10% discount on their auto insur-
ance premiums for three years,
according to Minnesota law.
First-time participants must
complete the initial eight hours
of training and a four-hour re-
fresher class every three years to
maintain the 10% discount.
The Minnesota 4-H State
Shooting Sports & Wildlife In-
vitational was held in Alexan-
dria on Sept. 5-7. 835 youth
from 51 counties particpated in
the events, including Daniel,
Sarah and Sam Neutz and Alice,
Bernadette, Chris and Matthew
Yanta of Maple Lake. Youth had
the opportunity to showcase
their skills that have been
learned throughout the past
year, as they spent 15 or more
hours working with a trained
instructor in their discipline of
interest. In the single score
events, Bernadette Yanta got 7th
place in BB gun and Chris Yanta
got 5th place in air pistol.
For the team events,
Bernadette Yanta, along with
her teammates, got 2nd place in
BB gun junior, Sam Neutz,
along with his teammates, got
4th place in BB gun intermedi-
ate and Alice Yanta and her
teammates got 4th place in air
pistol intermediate.
4-H State Shooting Sports
& Wildlife Invitational
Siding • Decks
General Construction
Licensed & Insured
Local Labor & Materials
Gerry Giebenhain, Owner
15 Years of
Maple Lake Messenger Page 5
September 24, 2014
Annandale Cokato
Prices Good
September 23-28
Quantity Rights Reserved
Annandale: Hwy. 55 • (320) 274-3828
7 a.m- 10 p.m. • 7 Days a Week
Cokato: Hwy. 12 • (320) 286-6341
7 a.m. - 10 p.m. • 7 Days a Week
$ 99
24 pack
1/2 liter btls
Coke Products
Pork Ribs
$ 79
3 lb bag 6
$ 79
$ 49
$ 99
32 oz pkg
Bulk Style Bacon
Natural Casing
1 lb loaf 1 lb loaf
$ 99
$ 99
$ 99
$ 99
$ 99
lb each lb lb
Little Debbie Snacks
Hunt’s Snack
Pack Pudding
Heinz Twin
Pack Ketchup
Texas Toast
Spaghetti O’s
Salted Nut Roll
Land O Lakes
Orange Juice
Rice Krispies
nt. wt. 91 oz 15 oz can
16 oz btl
Reg or Fat Free
10.6-16.2 oz
Assorted Varieties
nt. wt. 13 oz
Select Varieties
5 oz
Select Varieties
2.2 oz bar
64 oz
Whole Baked
Boneless Pork
Pork Chops
14.3 oz pkg
Boneless Beef
Crescent Valley
Farm Fresh
Boneless, Skinless
$ 2/
7Up, A&W,
or Sunkist
American Bottling
2 liter btls
American Bottling
12 pk cans
$ 3/
$ 2/ 22
Boneless Sirloin
Pork Roast
Boneless Sirloin
$ 19
$ 79
$ 99
$ 99
Chicken Breast
12 oz pkg 1
$ 39
Little Sizzlers
Green Mill Pizza
12 oz box
Limit one FREE with coupon. Limit one coupon per household.
Valid only at The Marketplace, Annandale & Cokato, Good thru
store coupon
Select Varieties
Tortilla Chips
Tin or Hand Tossed Crust
15.1-29.7 oz box
Assorted Varieties
12 pack cans
8 pack 12 oz btls
6 pack 24 oz btls
$ 3/

Mix &
$ 49
Need a boost of fiber? Enjoy some fresh
raspberries! Great on cereal in smoothies or just
as they are!
6 oz ctr4
$ 2/
Meatballs available in
our deli salad case
Country Style
4 cups sliced honeycrisp apples
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup water
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F . Grease an 8x8 inch
baking dish. Place apples in prepared dish. Sprinkle
with cinnamon. Pour water over all. In a bowl, cream
together sugar and butter. Blend in flour. Sprinkle
mixture evenly over apples. Bake in preheated oven
30 to 40 minutes, until apples are tender and crust is
For an added treat...serve with vanilla ice cream!
Apple Crisp
400 County Rd. 37 NE, Maple Lake
Ph.: 320-963-3118
Interim Pastor: Michael Fritz
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship; 10:30 a.m.,
Fellowship; 10:45 a.m., Sunday
School, Confirmation.
WED.: 6:30 p.m., NA; 7 p.m., Choir.
5460 63rd St. NW, Box 462, Maple
Ph.: 763-463-9447
Pastors: Culynn Curtis
Visitors Are Always Welcome!
THURS.: 7 p.m., Bible Study.
SUNDAY: 8 a.m., Traditional Worship;
9:15 a.m., Faith Formation; 10:30 a.m.,
MON.: 11 a.m., First of All Prayer
Group; 1 p.m., Quilters.
WED.: 6 p.m., Worship on Wednesday;
7 p.m., Choir, Confirmation, The112.
8 Oak Ave. N., Maple Lake
Ph.: 320-963-3726
Pastor: Father John Meyer
Interim School Principal: Dawn Kincs
SAT.: 3:30-4:15 p.m., Confessions;
4:30 p.m., Mass.
SUN.: 8 & 10 a.m., Mass.
11390 Elliott Ave. N.W., M.L.
Ph.: 763-878-2820, 320-333-8636
Pastor: Rev. George W. Sagissor III
SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship Service; 11:15
a.m., Sunday School, Bible Study.
4282 114th St. NW, Maple Lake, MN
3 miles so. of I-94 on Co. Rd. 143,
just off Hwy. 8; Ph.: 320-963-3957;
Pastor: Luke Baehr
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship; 10:30 a.m.,
Sunday School, Bible Study.
10252 St. Hwy. 55 N.W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-274-8951
Pastor: Dennis L. Johnson
THURS.: 6:30 p.m., Missions Confer-
ence Prayer; 7 p.m., CryOut Practice.
FRI.: 10 a.m., Women’s Bible Study;
6:30 p.m., Evangelism & Discipleship
SAT.: 7:30 a.m., Bible Doctrine; 8:30
a.m., Missions Prayer; 9 a.m., Missions
Evangelism; 4:30 p.m., Missions Ban-
SUN.: 9 a.m., Combined Worship Serv-
ice; 10:15 a.m., Sunday School; 10:30
a.m., Missionary Connection; 6 p.m.,
Gospel Life, Discovery Class.
MON.: 9 a.m., Grandmas in Prayer; 7
p.m., Men's Bible Study.
TUES.: 7 p.m., Celebrate Recovery.
WED.: 2 p.m., Young at Heart; 5:30
p.m., Wednesday Night Connection.
250 Oak Ave. N., Box 329, Annan.
Ph.: 320-274-5127
Pastor: Ruth Hograbe
FRI.: 7:30 p.m., Narcotics Anonymous.
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship Service; 10:15
a.m., Coffee Fellowship, Sunday
TUES.: 8 p.m., AA/Al-Anon.
7809 Co. Rd. 35 W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-963-3592
Pastor: Lynn Machula
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship Service;
10:30 a.m., Sunday School & Bible
WED.: 4:30 p.m., Bible Study.
PO Box 1020, Annandale
Location: Hwy. 55, next to The Market-
Ph.: 320-248-6024
Lead Pastor: Jason Pence & Facebook
SUN.: 10:30 a.m., Worship Service;
Energized Music and Quality Chil-
dren's Programs Provided.
1284 Keats Ave. N.W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-963-3284
Pastor: Marianne Zitzewitz
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship.
331 W. Harrison St., Annandale
Ph.: 320-274-8827
Pastor: Dave E. Nelson and Tom Heyd
SUN.: 8:30 Traditional Worship; 10
a.m., Contemporary Worship.
200 2nd Ave. NE, Buffalo
Ph.: 763-682-3582
Pastor: Devin Locati
SAT.: 9:45 a.m., Bible Study; 11 a.m.,
Church Service.
1705 Hwy. 25 N., Buffalo, Mo. Syn.
Pastor: Rob Jarvis
Ph.: 763-682-3278; www.hosannal-
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship Service; 10:30
a.m., Bible Study and Sunday School.
TUES.: 8 p.m., Young Adults Group.
WED.: 10 a.m., Bible Study; 7 p.m.,
Confirmation Class.
WED.: Discussion Group Meets the
2nd & 4th Wednesday, Sept. thru May,
7:30 p.m., at Buffalo Community Cen-
ter, Across the Street from the Post Of-
fice at 206 Central Ave. (Hwy. 25). For
More Information, Call Luke at 763-
682-4616 or Visit Every-
one is welcome.
2051 50th Street NE, Buffalo, MN
(corner of Hwy. 25 N. & County Rd.
Ph. 763-682-6846;
Senior Pastor: Brian Thorstad
THURS.: 7 p.m., Small Groups; 7:30
a.m., AA& Al-Anon.
FRI.: 6 a.m., Men's Small Group; 7
p.m., Small Groups.
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship Service, Cof-
fee Fellowship, Children's Church; 11
a.m., Sunday School for All Ages; 6
p.m., Youth Groups; 7 p.m., Small
MON.: 7 p.m., Women's Bible Study;
7:30 p.m., Al-Anon.
TUES.: 7 p.m., Knitting Ministry; 7:30
p.m., Men's Small Group, AA, GA.
WED.: 6:30 p.m., Awana, Choir Prac-
1601 Hwy. 25 N., Buffalo
Ph.: 763-682-1470
Lead Pastor: Max Frazier
FRI.: 8 p.m., 5th Quarter for Middle
SUN.: 8 a.m., Traditional Worship;
9:30 & 11 a.m., Contemporary Wor-
ship; 9:30 & 11 a.m., Sunday School
Classes; Noon, Discipleship Kickoff;
6:30 p.m., Quarterly Congregational
Meeting, Chill Out.
MON.: 9 a.m., Prayer Group; 1 p.m.,
Women's Bible Study; 7 p.m., Church
History, Insights from Israel's History.
TUES.: 6 a.m., Deep Waters; 6 p.m.,
Grief Share; 6:30 p.m., Divorce Care.
WED.: 9 a.m., Shuffleboard; 6 p.m.,
AWANA, Hang Time; 6:30 p.m., 9th
Grade Confirmation.
THURS.: 6:30 p.m., Worship Team Re-
hearsal, Financial Peace University;
6:45 p.m., Choir Rehearsal.
12449 Clementa Ave. NW, Monticello
Pastor: Jim Tetlie, 763-878-2092
Secretary's office hours are: 9 a.m. to 3
Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursday
SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship Service.
Affiliated with Evangelical Free Ch.
Box 171, Montrose; 763-675-3003
Interim Pastor: Dawson Grover; 763-
SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship at Montrose
Elementary School Gymnasium.
8464 160th St. N.W.
Clearwater, MN; 320-558-2750
Pastor: Dave Fogal
SUN.: 10:30 a.m., Worship Service.
Birth Announcements
Eric and Nicole Allbee of
Maple Lake are proud to an-
nounce the birth of their baby boy,
Eli Maurice Allbee, on August 24,
2014. At birth Eli weighed 7
pounds, 11 ounces and was 20
inches long. Proud grandparents
are Robin Ruprecht, Steve
Ruprecht and James and Judy All-
bee. Great-grandparents are Rose-
mary Ruprecht, Kenny and
Brenda Rolfhus and Margaret
Maple Lake
(320) 963-5731
View Guestbooks, Obituaries,
and Videos Online.
In Loving Memory
Donna Marie
One year has passed since
that sad day when one we loved
was called away. God took her
home, it was His will but in our
hearts she liveth still.
- Donna’s family
Bountiful Harvest brunch and auction is Oct. 9
It's auction time again at Reichel's Event Center. So ladies invite
your friends and plan on attending the "Bountiful Harvest" brunch
and auction held Oct. 9. The silent auction will start at 9 a.m., so
bring your donated baked and canned goods, crafts, plants, fall har-
vest, etc. before then. The meal, followed by the live auction, will
begin at 9:30 a.m. and will be topped off by speaker Karen Anderson
of Sioux Falls, SD speaking on "Darkness to Light". Make reserva-
tions by calling Betsy at 320-274-5419, Dawn at 612-723-3905 or
email This event is sponsored by
Stonecroft Ministries.
Pioneer Park fall pancake breakfast is Oct. 19
In celebration of our beautiful fall season Minnesota Pioneer Park
will be hosting the "Fall Maple Syrup Pancake Breakfast" Sunday,
Oct. 19, from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. Bring the family and get filled
up with the famous pancake breakfast that includes eggs, sausage,
juice, coffee, milk and all-you-can-eat pancakes.
GriefShare program underway
GriefShare is a nondenominational support group/video seminar
for those grieving the death of a loved one that began Tuesday, Sept.
9. This caring, confidential group will meet from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tues-
days for 13 weeks at Buffalo Covenant Church. Individuals may join
the group for any of the meetings in that time. Please call the church
office 763-682-1470 or visit for
more information and to register.
DivorceCare program underway
DivorceCare in Buffalo began Tuesday, Sept. 9, and will meet
weekly for 13 weeks on Tuesday nights, from 6:30-8:00 p.m., at Buf-
falo Covenant Church. This video seminar/support group provides
a confidential, caring, learning environment for those who are re-
covering from separation/divorce. Individuals may join the group
for any of the meetings in that time. Call the church office 763-682-
1470 or visit for more information.
Programs & Events
continued from page 4
Submit community programs and events to
The Maple Lake Messenger reserves the right to
edit entries and does not guarantee publication of
community events. Space limits the size and num-
ber of articles. Programs and Events deadline is 4
p.m. Monday. If your information must be published,
please consider placing an ad.
Holy Cross Lutheran
Church held it’s Rite of Confir-
mation on Sunday, September
21st. The Confirmation Class
was as follows: Charlie James
Bean, Anna Jean Becker,
Kaleigh Laurice Beehler, Kate-
lyn Gayle Fuller, Clara Mar-
guerite Greenhagen, Jordyn
Marie Hausladen, Noah Ander-
son Hayes, Luke Timothy Hen-
line, Nate Joseph Hogan,
Amber Rose Klug, Dina Marie
Kramer, Devon Richard Lyons,
Andrew John Mavencamp,
Erica Elizabeth Preusser, Jay
David Rumsey, Emma Alleen
Thomsen, Wyatt Scott Viet-
meier, and Quinton William
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Rite of Confirmation Class
Rossing's family and friends
have begged for help and
searched for weeks, but still no
signs of the 25-year-old known
as Uncle to Jasmine and Paris.
On Sunday night, family and
friends brought in a little candle-
light and held a vigil for Rossing,
because these have been dark
days. After searching most of the
day, the vigil was a rare and brief
pause for friends and family. It
was a quiet moment of love in a
town that has been too quiet.
“Tonight let's just bow our heads
and say our own prayers of hope
that we can bring my brother, my
mother's son home so we can put
him to rest like he deserves. And
as a community, help us find the
missing links. Help us bring
Christopher home so our family
can start our grieving process,”
his sister, Deanna Villella, said to
all listening, hopeful ears at the
vigil. They shared tears at the
end of another day with no signs
of Rossing yet again, and the
heart-shaped group of tormented
people who've forgotten what
normal is let the wind blow their
candles out naturally.
Investigators believe BJ Nut-
tall and Rossing got into a fight,
and that Nuttall knocked him out
before taking him somewhere.
Friends and family believe that
there is much more to that story.
It’s been a little over a month
since Rossing disappeared.
Rossing family
continued from page 3
There hasn’t been a semifi-
nalist named into the National
Merit Scholarship Program for
quite some time from Maple
Lake, but high school senior
Dan Upcraft of Maple Lake
High School put an end to that.
Upcraft was recently named a
semifinalist in the 60th annual
National Merit Scholarship Pro-
Officials of the National
Merit Scholarship Corporation
(NMSC) announced the names
of approximately 16,000 semi-
finalists where these academi-
cally talented high school
seniors have an opportunity to
continue in the competition for
some 7,600 National Merit
Scholarships worth about $33
million that will be offered next
spring. To be considered for a
Merit Scholarship award, semi-
finalists must fulfill several re-
quirements to advance to the
finalist level of the competition.
About 90 percent of the
semifinalists are expected to at-
tain finalist standing, and more
than half of the finalists will
win a National Merit Scholar-
ship, earning the Merit Scholar
NMSC, a not-for-profit or-
ganization that operates without
government assistance, was es-
tablished in 1955 specifically to
conduct the annual National
Merit Scholarship Program.
Scholarships are underwrit-
ten by NMSC with its own
funds and by approximately
440 business organizations and
higher education institutions
that share NMSC’s goals of
honoring the nation’s scholastic
champions and encouraging the
pursuit of academic excellence.
Steps in the 2015
About 1.4 million juniors in
more than 22,000 high schools
entered the 2015 National Merit
Scholarship Program by taking
the 2013 Preliminary SAT/Na-
tional Merit Scholarship Quali-
fying Test (PSAT/NMSQT),
which served as an initial
screen of program entrants. The
nationwide pool of semifinal-
ists, representing less than one
percent of U.S. high school sen-
iors, includes the highest scor-
ing entrants in each state. The
number of semifinalists in a
state is proportional to the
state’s percentage of the na-
tional total of graduating sen-
To become a finalist, the
semifinalist and his or her high
school must submit a detailed
scholarship application, in
which they provide information
about the semifinalist’s aca-
demic record, participation in
school and community activi-
ties, demonstrated leadership
abilities, employment, and hon-
ors and awards received. A
semifinalist must have an out-
standing academic record
throughout high school, be en-
dorsed and recommended by a
high school official, write an
essay, and earn SAT scores that
confirm the student’s earlier
performance on the qualifying
From the approximately
16,000 semifinalists, about
15,000 are expected to advance
to the finalist level, and in Feb-
ruary they will be notified of
this designation. All National
Merit Scholarship winners will
be selected from this group of
finalists. Merit Scholar de-
signees are selected on the basis
of their skills, accomplish-
ments, and potential for success
in rigorous college studies,
without regard to gender, race,
ethnic origin, or religious pref-
National Merit
Three types of National
Merit Scholarships will be of-
fered in the spring of 2015.
Every finalist will compete
for one of 2,500 National
Merit® $2500 Scholarships that
will be awarded on a state-rep-
resentational basis. About
1,000 corporate-sponsored
Merit Scholarship awards will
be provided by approximately
240 corporations and business
organizations for finalists who
meet their specified criteria,
such as children of the grantor’s
employees or residents of com-
munities where sponsor plants
or offices are located. In addi-
tion, about 200 colleges and
universities are expected to fi-
nance some 4,100 college-
sponsored Merit Scholarship
awards for finalists who will at-
tend the sponsor institution.
National Merit Scholarship
winners of 2015 will be an-
nounced in four nationwide
news releases beginning in
April and concluding in July.
These scholarship recipients
will join more than 308,000
other distinguished young peo-
ple who have earned the Merit
Scholar title.
School News
Homecoming parade, cook-
out and football Game
Homecoming week will wrap up
on Friday, September 26. That after-
noon will include a pep fest fol-
lowed by outdoor activities
including decorating class floats.
The Homecoming Parade starts at 6
p.m. with the line-up at 5:30 p.m.
near the city park. From 5:45-7 p.m.
the Maple Lake school staff will be
serving dinner on school
grounds near the game entrance.
This community cookout $4
meal includes hotdog, chips and
water (extra hotdogs are $1
each). Proceeds from this
fundraiser go towards the Irish
Pride programs in the elemen-
tary and high schools. At 7 p.m.
the Irish will take on Rockford.
After the football game a Home-
coming outdoor dance will wrap
up the night from 9-midnight
with junior high students leaving
at 11 p.m. The cost is $4. In case
of inclement weather, the dance
will be held in the high school
Connecting Links
program seeks mentors for
Would you be interested in mak-
ing a difference in a student’s life?
Or, do you know of students who
would benefit from having mentors
in their life?
Connecting Links is a program
which provides a mentoring oppor-
tunity between an adult volunteer
and identified student in need.
The relationship is intended to
nurture the academic, social and/or
emotional aspects of these students,
resulting in a positive environment
in both the home and school in
which they live and learn.
Mentors are encouraged to meet
weekly with their student. These
meetings can be at school or some-
thing planned outside of school with
parent permission. Activities can
range from playing games, making
projects, and working on assign-
ments, to going somewhere fun or
learning something new.
There is training for anyone in-
terested in becoming involved in the
program on Oct. 23rd at 6:30 p.m.
in the elementary media center.
If you want to learn more about
becoming a mentor or know of a
student who would benefit, please
call or e-mail program coordinator
Celeste Dahlstrom at (320) 963-
6600 or
Short-call substitute
training is Oct. 2-3,
Nov. 3-4
People who want to teach but
don’t have the full credentials will
have an opportunity to become cer-
tified as short-call substitute teach-
ers under the Minnesota Limited,
Short-Call Substitute program. A 4-
year bachelor degree is required to
Resource Training & Solutions
in St. Cloud has announced that it
has coordinated a two-day program
on October 2-3, 2014 or November
3-4, 2014, to prepare individuals to
apply to become short-call substi-
tute teachers.
Under Minnesota law, limited,
short-call substitute teachers li-
censes are granted only if teachers
who hold regular teaching licenses
are not available or if a district is ex-
periencing a hardship in securing a
sufficient number of regularly li-
censed teachers to meet the district¹s
need for short-call substitute teach-
ers. The district superintendent may
request that a short call substitute li-
cense be granted to an individual
who holds a baccalaureate degree
from a college or university that is
accredited by the regional associa-
tion for the accreditation of colleges
and secondary schools. Licensure is
good for two years and must be re-
newed bi-annually.
Training will cover topics such
as the substitute teacher’s role in the
classroom and district, basics of
classroom management and instruc-
tion, basics of child development,
and communication skills.
Registration for the training can
be made by contacting Deb Thomes
at Resource Training & Solutions,
137 23rd Street South, Sartell, MN,
phone 320-255-3236 or toll-free
844-335-3276, website
Maple Lake Messenger Page 6
September 24, 2014
MONDAY, Sept. 29
WG pancake on a stick, baby car-
rots, fruit selection or choice of 2
WG cereals, whole wheat toast,
jelly/margarine, fruit juice, milk-
TUESDAY, Sept. 30
Breakfast pizza, pepper medley or
choice of 2 WG cereals, WW toast,
jelly/margarine, fruit juice, milk
Maple ham wrap, 2 tri-tators or
choice of 2 WG cereals, whole
wheat toast, jelly/margarine, veg-
etable selection, fruit juice, milk
WG waffle sticks or choice of 2 WG
cereals, whole wheat toast,
jelly/margarine, vegetable selection,
fruit juice, milk
FRIDAY, Oct. 3
WG iced cinnamon roll or choice of
2 WG cereals, whole wheat toast,
jelly/margarine, vegetable selection,
fruit juice, milk
MONDAY, Sept. 29
Turkey BLT wrap, Asian chicken
salad or chicken tenders, mashed
potatoes, bread, pork & gravy,
mashed potatoes, bread; corn, baby
carrots, cauliflower; choice of fruit,
TUESDAY, Sept. 30
Yogurt pak, Popeye salad or crispy
corn dog, parmesan pasta, lasagna,
garlic toast; baby spinach, kidney
beans, radishes; choice of fruit, milk
Deli sandwich, chef salad or grilled
cheese sandwich, chicken noodle
soup, chicken patty on WG bun,
chicken noodle soup; green peas,
tomato slices, cucumber slices;
choice of fruit, milk
Turkey sub, chicken Caesar salad or
popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes,
gravy, corn, rolls, pizza parlor
cheese pizza, corn; romaine lettuce,
black beans, coleslaw; choice of
fruit, milk
FRIDAY, Oct. 3
Egg salad on wheat, turkey BLT
salad or Italian pasta bake, green
beans, breadstick, fish sandwich on
WG bun, green beans; broccoli flo-
rets, baby carrots, cauliflower;
choice of fruit, milk
District 881 Menus
Upcraft named semifinalist in the 2015
National Merit® Scholarship Program
Rhonda Carlson’s 3rd
graders head off Pencil Pride
this year by writing about things
that interest them.
Sarah Jensen - I love my
cabin. When I go there with my
Mom we go four wheeling, fish-
ing, ad hiking. At night we build
a fire.
Samuel Hughes - In tackle
football you’ll have to really lis-
ten to your coach. I always am
on time for football practice so I
don’t have to do push-ups. You
must listen to your coach be-
cause if you don’t you are not
going to know what to do during
a football game Remember your
spot on the football field or
you’ll be on the side lines and
it’s not fun there.
MaKenna Wetch - My aunt
and I love the same stuff, like
puppies, kittens, and penguins.
We also like volleyball. When
she comes over we play volley-
ball. My aunt has two puppies.
Their names are Zoe and Emma.
I have a puppy called Ben. Zoe
is bigger than Emma and Ben.
Ben is the biggest, and Emma
and Zoe are sisters and they are
Chariee Wurm - Once I
went to Florida and it was really
cool. We got to go to Disney
World, Lego Land, and Me-
dieval Times. At Disney World
we say princesses, Mickey
Mouse, and Buss the Light Year.
It was amazing to see them.
Tyler Condon - One day I
was at a friend’s house on his
trampoline and I tried to do a
front flip. I was too close to the
edge and my head went in-be-
tween the springs and I fell off
the trampoline, but I got right
back up on it.
Erikah Maire Hannon - All
about my best friends. Hi my
name is Erika and when I was
five years old and it was my sis-
ter Emily’s birthday she got a
puppy. But she didn’t take good
care of her puppy who she
named Penny so my Mom and
Dad said I could have her. Then
one summer my Mom and Rob
found three kittens and my sister
and I got to keep them. But one
was sick and Penny bit her in the
neck and it died so there was
only two left. I got the boy like
always, and my sister got the girl
kitten. She named her’s Truffles
and I named mine Chowder.
Very soon my Dad took us to the
vet so we could get our kittens
bottles. Truffles and Chowder
got along good pretty fast.
Penny, Chowder, and I had tea
parties and got dressed up. In the
winter I dipped Chowder and
Truffles in a puddle and they
liked it but Chowder ran right up
my back.
Alan Haglin - I like sky div-
ing because it is fun but before
you dive you must make sure
that your parachute does not
have any holes in it. Try to jump
off your roof or car first. Then
you are ready to jump out of the
airplane. When you see the
ground you pull the cord on the
back pack. Then you will float
down slowly. Have Fun!
Charlie Nelson - Sky Diving
is dangerous. If you forget to
check your parachute because if
there is holes in it you will die.
Most important of all look
where you land. If you have a
kid with you make sure that you
make sure not to let them go
without you.
Jeremiah Skreen - I am glad
for the Revolution. It was five
years long and after a long time
the Americans had won the war
and we were free.
Ethan O’Brien - We should
thank the Army for all the things
they do. They fight for our coun-
try. The Army people are strong
so on the 4th of July make sure
to thank all of them and remem-
ber them always.
Marcus Mitchell - Me and
my family like to fish. First we
cast our lines out, then when we
get a bite we yank it in, then we
reel it in. Then when we’re done
we eat them. And then when
we’re done we fish again if we
are still hungry.
Ty Mills - One time I went to
Monster Jam and I got to see
Grave Digger. When we left it
was packed and took forever to
get out. It felt like it took five
hours to get back home.
Kelsey Jude - Once I went
on a trip to Mexico and we got
to swim with the dolphins. We
got to go Zip-Lining too. It was
really fun to go with my friend
Clara. We stayed in a hotel that
had a swimming pool outside
and it had three little waterslides.
We got to swim in the ocean too.
Cole LaFave - I went to a ski
resort with my Dad and Mom
and my sister. I was so hyper I
just wanted to ski. I went to get
some ski boots and some skies
then I went down the hall and
was having a blast!
Joey Spike - One night on
the farm there were baby pigs
getting born. All of them were
really cute. We got to pick them
up. They were so light and some
were twins. They would try to
bite me. In about a month they
were big enough for their own
pen. Then they got big and were
Daimeyn Floding - One time
Tyler jumped at my house on the
trampoline. He was trying to do
a front-flip and fell off. We had
lots of fun.
Wright Technical Center,
along with Wright County
Economic Development Part-
nership, Central Minnesota
Jobs & Training Services, Ini-
tiative Foundation, and Kelly
Hinnenkamp, will be holding
an informational meeting
about a new secondary class
called CEO. CEO stands for
Creating Entrepreneurial Op-
The possibility of this year-
long course for 20-24 students
annually will require a com-
mitment from the business
community. Two informational
meetings will be held on Octo-
ber 9th. The first meeting will
be at St. Michael Community
Center from 11:30 a.m. - 1
p.m. The second meeting will
be at Wright Techinical Center
from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Meals
will be served at both meet-
The CEO Class Concept
• Funded by business in-
School Districts
• Open to high school jun-
iors and seniors
• Selects students through a
rigorous application process
• Services students from
public and private high
• Provides high school
and/or college credits
• Utilizes area businesses as
• Provides the opportunity
for each student to start their
own business
• Provides a mentor from
the business community for
each CEO student
CEO Goals
• Provide opportunities for
students to be engaged, curi-
ous and ready to learn
• Retain the best students in
our communities
• Creation of new and inno-
vative businesses
• Provide real-world, real-
life experiences for students
• Connect students with
business professionals
• Transform the way young
people view the world and
their future
• Inspire and encourage
young people to return to their
communities to live, work,
raise families and start busi-
You can also learn more
about this course by visiting:
www. mi dl andi nst i t ue. com,
www. e f f i ngha mc e a . c om,
This is an excellent oppor-
tunity for students in Wright
County. This course will pro-
vide them with the needed
tools to be successful in life.
If you have any questions
regarding this informational
meeting, please contact Ray
Przekurat at 763-684-2200 or
e m a i l
Wright Technical
Center CEO class
Dan Upcraft (Photo courtesy of Zahler Photography)
Maple Lake Messenger Page 7
September 24, 2014
2014 Irish Homecoming court pictured left to right are: (row one) Mollie Graham, Jenny Brings (row two) Maya Ortiz, Jillian Goelz
(row three) Ryan Kalinowski, Tony Goelz, Queen Becca Loch, King David Stokman, Logan Gries, McRae Haney.
Photo courtesy of Zahler Photography
Maple Lake High SchooL
Schedule of Events:
• Dress-Up Days:
- Thursday, Sept. 25: Throwback Thursday
- Friday, Sept. 26: Spirit Day
• Cross Country Meet:
- Thursday, Sept. 25: 4 pm at St. John’s Prep.
• Volleyball Game:
- Thursday, Sept. 25: 7 pm vs. Rockford (Home)
• Homecoming Parade:
- Friday, Sept. 26: line-up at 5:30 pm near the
city park with the parade starting at 6 pm.
The parade will head west on Division
Street, north on Maple Street, and east on
Congress Street to the stadium on the
school grounds.
• Football Game:
- Friday, Sept. 26: 7 pm vs. Rockford (Home)
• Homecoming dance will follow the football
game from 9 pm until midnight in the MLHS
gym, with junior high students leaving at 11 pm.
BP Amoco
with any 6 inch Sub!
16 oz. Coffee
with any Hot Stuff Breakfast purchase!
Open 7 Days a Week!
Hwy. 55 • Maple Lake
Offers Expire October 4, 2014
Wake up to a Better Breakfast!
We start serving as soon as we open!
5:30 a.m. Monday - Friday , 6 a.m. Saturday & 7 a.m. Sunday
Go Irish!
Buffalo • E Hwy 55
Annandale • Hwy 55
Cokato • Hwy 12
St. Michael • Hwy 241
Dan & Jennifer Carlson
5362 28
Street NW • Maple Lake
320-963-6124 • Fax: 320-963-6250
Delivered, Installed
or Picked Up • Grading
Legion Club
Meat Raffles: Friday at 5:30
Sunday at 1 p.m. during the game or 3 p.m. if no game
Watch the Vikings with us!
2 for 1 Drinks • Potluck at Half-Time
320-963-3911 • Open Daily:
Sun. 11:30a.m.-7p.m. • Mon.-Sat. 10a.m.-12:30a.m.
Post #131
Maple Lake
Sunday, September 28 Meat Raffle: 3 p.m.
Certified Public Accountants
& Business Consultants
Certified Public Accountants
& Business Consultants
Serving our community for over 80 years
Hwy. 55 • Maple Lake • 320-963-6074 •
Appreciation Day
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Maple Lake Messenger Page 8
September 24, 2014
2014-2015 Irish cross country team pictured
left to right are: (row one) Rayne Jacobson,
Daryn Strub, Linus Braun, Peyton Tongen,
Grace Heying, Mike Miller, Luke Tollefson,
Caleb Hagen (row two) Caleb Beneke,
Jacob Donnet, Ashlee Martie, Olivia Wolff-
Herda, Ivy Riviere, Margaret Graham, Chloe
Riviere, Kelly Beissel, Halle Geyen, Tara
Holmgren, Jordyn Hausladen, Joseph
Stokman (row three) Katelyn Kramer,
Tanner Severson, Ben Smail, Coach Nichole
Rengel, Coach Ben Youngs, Coach Jay
McClelland, Coach Paul Fouquette, Coach
Andrew Brinza, Coach Zach Bidwell, Coach
Hailee Morris, Emma Carlson, Emily Rassat,
Catie Fobbe (row four) Hanna Stewig, Kayla
Hoistad, Jenna Macziewski, Joseph
Elsenpeter, Simon Willard, Brady Tongen,
Tyler Willard, Cullen Gallagher, Ben Brinza,
Sommer Carlson, Mollie Graham,
Mackenzie Miller (row five) Alec
Hausladen, Cody Welch, Ross Hickey,
Andrew Schonnesen, Adam Ruhland,
Charlie Stejskal, Daniel Upcraft, Devin
Deringer, Jackson Willard, Scott Jordan,
Tanner Vassar.
Photo courtesy of Zahler Photography
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Good Luck, Irish!
2014 Irish Homecoming candidates Mollie Graham and Tony Goelz, Jenny Brings and Logan Gries, Becca Loch and Ryan Kalinowski, Jillian Goelz and McRae Haney, Maya Ortiz and David Stokman
give the crowd their best smiles as they walk on stage before coronation. Photos courtesy of Mackenna Brown
Maple Lake Messenger Page 9
September 24, 2014
2014-2015 Irish volleyball play-
ers pictured left to right are:
(row one) Chloe Callahan,
Olivia Marquette, Sadie
Pingel, Maya Ortiz, Mollie
Scheiber (row two) Emily
Webb, Amber Klug, Brynn
Paumen, Brooklyn Toedter
(row three) Jordyn Trager,
Jenni Pomije, Jillian Goelz,
Maria Bischoff, Linsey Rachel,
Morgan Scheiber (row four)
Coach Amy Voigt, Coach Marty
Kiebel, Coach Leah Roske.
Photo courtesy of Zahler Photography
2014-2015 Irish football players pic-
tured left to right are: (row one)
Jake Liljequist, Luke Mooney,
Hunter Hicks, Gabe Hance, Scott
Jordan, Josh Bidwell, Ben Triplett
(row two) Ben Gindele, Garret
Anderson, Ben Elfmann, Ryan
Cargill, McRae Haney, Michael
Scherber, Eli Hance, Hunter
Malachek, Michael LaTour, Nathan
Carlson (row three) Logan
McCollough, Austin Becker, John
Treadwell, Lucas Fobbe, Ryan
Kalinowski, Dustin Strub, Eric
Raymond, Justin Haney, Morgan
Moeller, Devin Lowers (row four)
Aaron Reese, Damien Kaley, Chase
Olsen, Blake Wellsted, Charlie
Stejskal, Josh Gindele, Nathan Maas,
Tanner Schmidt, Nick Preisinger,
Brandon Lyons (row five) Coach Kyle
Inforzato, Coach Jamie Leither,
Coach Andrew Boman, Wyatt
Richards, Dominic Kaley, Coach Tim
Knudsen, Cal Redemske, Tony Goelz,
Coach Brad Baumann, Coach
Andrew Brown, Coach Dennis Klug.
Photo courtesy of Zahler Photography
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We’re Proud of our Irish...
Powder-Puff and He-Man Volleyball Excitement
Maple Lake Messenger Page 10
September 24, 2014
Front Row: Ryan Kalinowski and David Stokman; Second Row: Jenny Brings, Maddie Nelson, Taylor Pilger, Chloe Callahan, Summer Knudsen, Mollie Graham, Kayla Hoistad,
Jillian Goelz, Kennedy Haney, Jenni Pomije, Alainna Bryant; Third Row: Hailee Malachek, Jordyn Trager, Scott Jordan, Hunter Hicks, Jenna Macziewski, Maria Bischoff, Emily
Webb, Maya Ortiz, Emily Rose, Vienna Jude, Shania Fobbe, Becca Loch, Leah Hanson; Back Row: David Goos, Adam Ruhland, Jackson Willard, Karch Anderson, Charlie
Stejskal, Andrew Schonessen, Michael Scherber, McRae Haney, Tony Goelz, Wyatt Richards, Dustin Strub, Logan Gries, Ian Rivers, Cullen Gallagher (Photos by Sandy Becker)
Seniors emerge victorious
over their underclassmen
in both Powder-Puff Foot-
ball and He-Man Volleyball
games last Sunday.
Left: Sommer Carlson,
Maria Bischoff and Marissa
Henrikson enjoyed the
competition on a beautiful
Right: Karch Anderson
sets the ball to Adam Ruh-
land and Charlie Stejskal
while Dustin Strub, David
Stokman and David Goos
stand by for the return.
Good Luck & Have Fun during your Homecoming this week!
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Go, Get ‘em,
Maple Lake Messenger Page 11
September 24, 2014
by Gabe Hance
Sports Writer
A stalemate was endured be-
tween the Eden Valley-Watkins
Eagles (AA) and the Maple
Lake Irish last Friday in Eden
Valley. This was a matchup be-
tween two top-ten teams in
Class AA. The game went into
the final minutes of the fourth
quarter, until a final run from
quarterback Tony Goelz gave
the Irish an eight-point lead
giving the defense room to
breath with one minute remain-
ing in the fourth quarter. Three
safeties and constant pressure
gave the Eagles their first loss
of the season.
The Irish were playing for
more than victory last Friday.
They played for their uncon-
scious brother, Morgan
Moeller, lying in a hospital bed
at North Memorial Hospital.
Morgan was involved in a terri-
ble car accident early Thursday
The Irish started the game
receiving the kickoff. Their first
two drives were bogged down
by false starts and amounted to
one first down and two punts.
The Eagles capitalized scoring
twice on two separate drives.
The first came on a quarterback
draw for a 60-yard run for a
touchdown and the second
came off a huge reception from
the Eagle's Desuan James for
30 yards, but was knocked out
of bounds by Cal Redemske.
They later scored making the
score 14-0. Maple Lake's of-
fense had to answer with a
score on the next drive. The
running combo of Redemske
and Dusty Strub put the ball on
the Eagle’s 25. The next play,
Goelz connected with a leaping
Ryan Kalinowski for Maple
Lake's first score of the night.
The Irish opted for a two-point
conversion after the Eagles
jumped off sides, cutting the
deficit 14-8.
As the first quarter came to
an end, the Eagles had the ball
on their own 40 and with poor
tackling from the Irish defense
the Eagles again scored. The
EVW lead increased to 21-8.
However, it would be the last
time Eden Valley would enter
the end zone. On the ensuing
drive, the Irish, led by an audi-
ble calling Goelz, manufac-
tured a 60-yard drive for a
touchdown. The next drive was
nearly identical. The Irish of-
fensive line looked in control
and fresh to push back the
Eagle defense. Also, the combi-
nation of speed and strength of
Redemske and Strub gave the
Irish a chance in the red zone.
Head coach Tim Knudsen
called for pass on fourth and
long. In the clutch, Goelz con-
nected with Kalinowski for
their second touchdown of the
night. The Irish had clawed
back into the game and took the
lead 22-21.
The stalemate ensued
through the last minutes of the
fourth quarter. For the stale-
mate to be a stalemate, the Irish
defense needed to hold on. The
Irish defense did so. The Eagles
quarterback was kept scram-
bling throughout the entire sec-
ond-half. The pressure was put
on by Hunter Hicks, Alex
Toedter and Josh Gindele. The
three only managed one sack,
but created havoc on the Eagle
offense. The secondary also
kept the Eagles’ pass-heavy of-
fense in check. The EVW re-
ceivers were fast and big, one
receiver was listed at 6'6, 230
pounds and another was the
CMC 100 meter champion.
Needless to say the Irish sec-
ondary had their hands full
when the Eagles came under
pressure to score with the clock
running down. They managed
to prevail and get the ball to
their offense, who hadn't scored
since the first half. The Irish of-
fense, led by determination and
a one- point difference, moved
the ball down the field with two
minutes remaining. They found
themselves fourth and three
with 30 seconds left. They
opted to run up the middle,
however, Gabe Hance drew a
false start and moved the ball
back five yards. The Irish
needed to score and not turn the
ball over to the desperate Ea-
gles. The Irish quarterback
called his own number, dodged
some Eagle defenders and leapt
into the end zone.
The Irish, leading by eight,
still needed to hold off the
EVW offense with 30 more
seconds remaining in the game.
The Eagles managed to get the
ball to the 50 with eight sec-
onds left. They decided to
throw the ball to their tallest re-
ceiver, but being heavily cov-
ered by Nate Maas and Cal
Redemske, the two managed to
run the clock down as the EVW
quarterback launched the last
pass. The ball fell incomplete
and the Irish rushed the field
triumphant with a 29-21 win.
"We played a close, tight
game..." Knudsen declared
after his team’s victory, "They
came out fast and we came out
slow, we can't play like that. We
need to always come out fast."
He also added about his injured
player Morgan Moeller, "We
did this for him. We won this
for him. We will give him the
game ball as a present when he
wakes up."
The Irish will play against
Rockford for homecoming on
Friday at 7 p.m.
C. Redemske-120 yards on 24
D. Strub-152 yards on 21 car-
ries, 1 TD
T. Goelz-2 yards on 5 carries, 1
T. Goelz-3 of 7, 59 yards, 2
R. Kalinowski-3 receptions, 59
yards, 2 TDs
Irish win in honor of Moeller
On September 19th Maple
Lake’s coach and teacher, Brad
Baumann, was inducted into
the North Branch Area Public
Schools’ Viking Hall of Fame
Class of 2014. Baumann, a
2001 graduate of North Branch
Area High School, is one of the
most decorated athletes in their
school history. Throughout his
career, Baumann participated in
football, basketball and base-
ball, where he earned three let-
ters in football, three letters in
baseball, and four letters in
basketball. He was All-Confer-
ence twice in football and is the
career leader in passing yards,
completions and touchdowns.
Baumann also was All-Confer-
ence in baseball, but it was on
the basketball court that he ex-
celled. He earned All-Confer-
ence honors three times,
All-State honors, Academic
All-State and played in the All-
Star Game his senior year. He
is currently third all-time in
boys basketball scoring and is
career leader in assists and
The ceremony was held at
halftime at North Branch’s
football game where a recep-
tion was held inviting the com-
munity to socialize with the
hall of fame members. Bau-
mann could not make the cere-
mony due to his dedication to
the Maple Lake football team.
The Irish played the same night
of the ceremony, so Brad’s fa-
ther, Bill, attended in his ab-
sence to support his son
receiving this very high honor.
Baumann inducted
into NBAPS 2014
Viking Hall of Fame
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Top: Charlie Stejskal, #87, ended the game with a kick to score the extra point.
Bottom: The Maple Lake Irish football team dedicated their win against Eden Valley-Watkins to fellow teammate
and recent accident victim, Morgan Moeller. The boys lined up to sign the winning game football to give to Moeller
in the hospital. Austin Becker, #8, is pictured signing the ball with Nick Preisinger, #56, McRae Haney, #2, John
Treadwell, #77, and Jake Liljequist, #63, waiting close behind. (Photos by Sandy Becker)
Pictured is Morgan
Moeller, the junior and
football player Friday’s
football game was dedi-
cated to. Morgan was in-
volved in a terrible
accident last Thursday
and is currently at North
Memorial Hospital being
treated for a traumatic
head injury. Morgan’s
family has set up a Car-
ing Bridge site for up-
dates on Morgan’s
progress and a Give For-
ward site for those
moved to donate to his
You can find the Caring
Bridge site at:
the Give Forward site at:
ht t ps: / / www. gi vefor-
(Photo courtesy of Zahler
Maple Lake Messenger Page 12
September 24, 2014




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Alignment & Brakes
Thursday, September 25:
4:00pm Cross Country: Varsity
Invitational @ St.John’s Univer-
sity; 4:15pm Football: 7th Grade
Game vs. Eden Valley-Watkins
@ Eden Valley; 4:15pm Foot-
ball: 8th Grade Game vs. Eden
Valley-Watkins @ Eden Valley;
4:15pm Volleyball: 7th Grade
Game vs. Eden Valley-
Watkins@ Eden Valley-Watkins
High School; 4:15pm Volleyball:
8th Grade Game vs. Eden Val-
ley-Watkins@ Eden Valley-
Watkins High School; 5:45pm
Volleyball: C Match vs. Rockford
@ Maple Lake High School;
5:45pm Volleyball: JV Match vs.
Rockford @ Maple Lake High
School; 7:00pm Volleyball: Var-
sity Match vs. Rockford @
Maple Lake High School.
Friday, September 26: 7:00pm
Football: Varsity vs. Rockford @
Maple Lake High School.
Monday, September 29:
4:00pm Volleyball: 7th Grade
Game vs. Howard Lake-Wa-
verly-Winsted @ Howard Lake-
Waverly-Winsted High School;
4:00pm Volleyball: 8th Grade
Game vs. Howard Lake-Wa-
verly-Winsted @ Howard Lake-
Waverly-Winsted High School;
4:30pm Football: C Game vs.
Rockford @ Rockford High
School; 4:30pm Football: JV
Game vs. Rockford @ Rockford
High School.
Tuesday, September 30:
4:00pm Football: 7th Grade
Game vs. Howard Lake-Wa-
verly-Winsted @ Maple Lake
High School; 4:00pm Football:
8th Grade Game vs. Howard
Lake-Waverly-Winsted @
Maple Lake High School;
4:00pm Volleyball: 7th Grade
Game vs. Annandale @ Maple
Lake High School; 4:00pm Vol-
leyball: 8th Grade Game vs. An-
nandale @ Maple Lake High
School; 5:45pm Volleyball: C
Match vs. Annandale @ Maple
Lake High School; 5:45pm Vol-
leyball: JV Match vs. Annandale
@ Maple Lake High School;
7:00pm Volleyball: Varsity Match
vs. Annandale @ Maple Lake
High School.
Thursday, October 2: 4:00pm
Cross Country: Varsity Invita-
tional @ Litchfield; 5:45pm Vol-
leyball: C Match vs. Kimball @
Kimball Area High School;
5:45pm Volleyball: JV Match vs.
Kimball @ Kimball Area High
School; 7:00pm Volleyball: Var-
sity Match vs. Kimball @ Kimball
Area High School.
This week’s Maple
Lake Irish activities
Central Minnesota
Conference Girls
Volleyball Standings
Conf.  Overall
BBE 3-0-0 7-5-0
MAPLE LAKE 3-0-0 13-4-0
HOLDINGFORD 2-1-0 4-6-0
EV-W 1-1-0 3-7-0
KIMBALL 1-1-0 6-5-0
HL-W-W 0-1-0 2-5-0
ROCKFORD 0-2-0 2-11-0
PIERZ 0-3-0 1-10-0
Central Minnesota
Conference Football
Conf.  Overall
EV-W 2-0-0 3-0-0
HOLDINGFORD 1-0-0 1-2-0
MAPLE LAKE 1-0-0 3-1-0
PIERZ 0-0-0 3-0-0
BBE 0-0-0 0-0-0
HL-W-W 0-0-0 0-0-0
ROCKFORD 0-1-0 1-1-0
KIMBALL 0-2-0 0-3-0
Srvs Kll Ast Digs
Trager - 1 - 2
Pomije 13/13 1 8 5
Klug 2/2 3 - -
Rachel 14/15 14 - 14
Scheiber 15/15 - 10 8
Pingel 6/7 - - 5
Callahan - 3 - 1
Ortiz 4/4 - - 5
Webb 0/1 8 - 8
Goelz 5/5 2 - 4
Toedter - 2 - -
Paumen 4/4 1 - 1
Marquette 10/10 1 9 1
Scheiber 3/3 - - -
Team Totals: 96%
Overall Record: 10-1
CMC Record: 3-0
Volleyball girls
win againt Eden
Chloe Callahan, #7, reaches to get the ball over the net while Linsey Rachel, #4, Jillian
Goelz, #10, and Brooklyn Toedter, #11, prepare for the return. (Photo by Chad Pingel)
The Maple Lake boys var-
sity took 3rd place at the
cross country Milaca Mega
Meet. Top: Pictured with
their 3rd place trophy are
Scott Jordan, Ross Hickey,
Jackson Willard, Andrew
Schonnesen, Cullen Gal-
lagher, Ryan Kalinowski
and Devin Deringer. (Photo
submitted by T. Deringer)
Bottom: The girls varsity
team poses for a group
shot after the Milaca Mega
Meet. Halle Geyen, Kayla
Hoistad, Molly Graham,
Grace Heying, Jordan Sif-
ferle, Kaitlyn Kramer and
Sommer Carlson. (Photo
by Terri Suthers)
• • • Volleyball and Cross Country stories not available at press time. • • •
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• Game 8: 48 #s - Win $250
• Game 9: 47 #s - Win $200
• Game 16: 59 #s - Win $500
Every Monday night at 6:30 p.m.

100 1ST AVE NE (763) 682-3000
Week of Sept. 26 - Oct. 2
• The Boxtrolls 3D (PG)
• The Boxtrolls (PG)
2:10, 4:15, 7:10, 9:10
• The Equalizer (R)
11:15am, 1:50, 4:25, 7:00, 9:35
• The Maze Runner (PG-13)
11:30am, 1:45, 4:05, 6:45, 9:25
• This Is Where I Leave You (R)
11:50am, 2:15, 4:40, 7:15, 9:30
Dolphin Tale 2 (PG)
11:35am, 2:05, 4:20, 7:05, 9:15
If I Stay (PG-13)
11:40am, 1:55, 4:35, 6:55, 9:20
When the Game Stands Tall (PG)
11:25am, 2:00, 4:30, 6:50, 9:15
Let’s Be Cops (R)
11:20am, 1:45, 4:10, 6:40, 9:05
• No Passes Allowed
Watch The Vikings at the Hitching Post!
to choose
9 TVs!
During the Games...
320-274-5400 • Open 7 Days a Week
On Hwy. 24 Between Clearwater & Annandale
Mon. & Tue. Open at 4 p.m. • Wed. thru Sun. Open at 11 a.m.
Lions Pull Tabs • License #02921
$5 OFF
Any Purchase of $30 or More!
With this ad • Not valid with any other
offers or discounts • Not valid on holidays.
Available during all Vikings games!
Not a bad seat in the house!
Key Tag
Progressive Jackpot
Weekly Drawing Every Tuesday!
1/4 lb. All-Steak Hot Dogs
Mini Donuts - Better than the fair!
Pretzel Sticks - Warm & Delicious!
Fall Festival
Sunday, September 28
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Church of St. Timothy
Maple Lake
• Thanksgiving Dinner
10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
• Bingo
• Pull Tabs
• Cake Walk
• Meat Raffle
• Pedal Pull
• Horse & Buggy Rides
• Baskets of Chance
• Live Classic Country
Music 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
• Silent Auction
• Country Store
• Kids’ Games
• Snack Stands
• Burgers & Beer
• Big Ticket Raffle
• Bean Bag Tourney
Pre-Register 963-3827
Parish School
241 Star Street E
Maple Lake, MN
Maple Lake Messenger Page 13
September 24, 2014
Place your classified here and get it on for free!
For Rent
WestMar Apts., Maple Lake: 2 bdrm.
apt. for rent; newly remodeled, heat,
washer, dryer, security & garbage in-
cluded. Available Nov. 1 or before. 612-
965-5503 (51-1c)
3 bedroom, 2 bath, large country setting
home outside of Maple Lake. 2 car
garage. $1200/month plus utilities. No
pets! Available October 1st. Please call
612-490-4670. (52-2p)
Computer Repair--Virus spyware re-
moval, speed up your computer, $40.
Mike, 320-963-6094 or 763-732-3183.
Garage Sale
Garage Sale & Benefit: Faith, Hope,
Love Ministries 1st annual giganic
benefit garage sale and chili feed, Oct.
3-4, 9 a.m.-8 p.m., at Corinna Town-
ship Hall, 9801 Ireland Ave.NW, An-
nandale. Many items from storage
lockers, HH items, brand name cloth-
ing, adult & children, tools, horse
tack, fishing & sporting supplies, chil-
dren's toys & much more. Cash only.
320-492-1377 (52-1c)
Moving Sale
Annandale Moving Sale. Sept 19 &
20, Sept. 26 & 27. 8768 51st St. NW, 8
a.m. - 5 p.m., Generators, drill press,
power tools, scaffolding, road grader,
many more shop items, winter cloth-
ing, furniture, holiday decor, lots of
household and misc., camping items.
Everything goes! (50, 51f)
Journeyman or Apprentice Electrician
Needed for Busy West Metro
Electrical Contracting Company.
Residential, light commercial, and apartment
service work performed all around metro area.
Must be punctual, quick but efficient, and have
great customer service skills. Competitive salary
including vacation and bonus.
Email resume to
Yard Workers
Dock & Lift Removal
Stop in or call
14882 Hwy. 55
South Haven
Includes Nights & Weekends
Cooks & Dishwashers
Stop in or Call
110 Star St. E, Maple Lake

Licensed & Bonded
Master Electrician
Door Sales, Inc.
Garage Doors • Electric Openers
Sales • Service • Repairs
Building-Home Improvement
Marv & Buck Howard, Owners
Master Plumber license: Marv 058229-PM • Buck 063048-PM
• TempStar Heating &
Cooling Products
• High Efficiency Boilers
• Water Heaters
• Water Softeners
3 Generations • Since 1961
Licensed • Bonded • Insured
After Business Hours: 320-236-2102
715 Norway Drive • Annandale
Pole Buildings
We will construct your
pole building or sell you
the necessary material.
Come in and talk over
your building needs.
We're here to serve you.
Maple Lake Lumber Co.
Borrell Refrigeration,
Plumbing, Heating
& Air Conditioning
Water Conditioning & Drinking Water Systems
Dave Borrell • 320-963-3107
Office: 320-963-5522
Fax: 320-963-5530 • fuller@
References Available • Fully Insured
Everything in
Concrete &
Residential & Commercial
Block • ICF • Poured Foundation • Brick & Stone • Floors • Floating Slabs • Garages
Concrete Staining/Stamping • Patios • Driveways • Steps • Sidewalks • Removal • Replacement
Stan Fuller • 612-366-0910
Call today & Advertise your business in a Messenger Directory!
Get Noticed
Well Drilling
Complete Well Service
Pump & Tanks
Well Abandonments
Annandale, MN • 55302
Heating & Air
Conditioning, Inc.
Heating • Cooling • Sales • Service
Buffalo 763-684-3965
Maple Lake
Tim & Lorie Hegle
375 Spruce Avenue N.
Maple Lake, MN 55358
Toll Free: 1-800-273-4699
Call: (320) 963-3934
Fax: (320) 963-1934
Foundation • Floating Slabs
Brick • Stone • Driveways
Patios • Sidewalks • Steps
Concrete Stamping • Floors
Garages • Free Estimates
Residential & Commercial
Cell: 612-366-0909
Office: 763-682-2358
Fax: 763-682-2858
P.O. Box 85 • Buffalo, MN 55313
3-D Concrete & Masonry Inc.
Bruce Dalbec
Emai l : joehogan. concrete@gmai l . com
A MN based company is now hir-
ing Owner/Operators to pull hop-
per bottom in the upper Midwest.
Home weekends. Call 320/382-6644
drivers. $2,000 sign on bonus, flex-
ible home time, extensive benefits.
Call now! Hibb’s & Co. 763/389-0610
Lake $59,900! Best deal you can
find anywhere! 12’ Clarity! Premi-
um lake and location, level home-
site, gorgeous views, near Ottertail 866/836-0642
Business experience a must, real
estate/sales experience a plus.
Will train. E-mail resume to
d . b r e s k e @mu r p h y b u s i n e s s . c o m
or call 605/310-6666
From only $4397.00 Make & save
money with your own bandmill. Cut
lumber any dimension. In stock ready
to ship. Free Info/DVD: 800/578-1363
is your choice for safe and affordable med-
ications. Our licensed Canadian mail order
pharmacy will provide you with savings
of up to 75% on all your medication needs.
Call today 800/259-1096 for $10.00 off
your first prescription and free shipping.
big trouble with the IRS? Stop wage & bank
levies, liens & audits, unfiled tax returns,
payroll issues, & resolve tax debt fast.
Seen on CNN. ABBB. Call 800/402-0732
truck or boat to Heritage For The Blind. Free
3 day vacation, tax deductible, free towing,
all paperwork taken care of 800/439-1735
Starting at $19.99/month (for 12
mos.) & High Speed Internet start-
ing at $14.95/month (where avail-
able.) Save! Ask About same day In-
stallation! Call now! 800/297-8706
Get a whole-home Satellite system in-
stalled at no cost and programming
starting at $19.99/mo. Free HD/DVR
Upgrades, so call now 877/342-0356
One phone call & only $279
to reach a statewide audience
of 3 million readers!!!
If so, then you may be able to seek compesation.
Please call the law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg today
at 1-800-921-8888 to discuss your potential claim.
Weitz & Luxenberg is a national leader in represent-
ing victims of defective medical devices and medi-
cines and is eager to conduct a free and confidential
consultation with you.
We’re with you – every step of the way!
ATTORNEY ADVERTISING. Prior results do not guarantee a future outcome. If no recovery, no fees or costs are charged,
unless prohibited by state law or rule. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on
advertisements. We may associate with local firms in states wherein we do not maintain an office. Gary Klein, Esq.
Did You Develop Cancer Or The Spread of Fibroids
After a Hysterectomy or Fibroid Removal By
Laparoscopic Surgery?
Bottle A
Manufactured By
Typical US brand price
for 200mg x 100
Bottle B
Manufactured By
Generic equivalent of Celebrex
Generic price for 200mg x 100
Their Price
Our Price
Call Toll-free: 1-800-259-1096
Call toll-free: 1-800-259-1096
Are You Still Paying Too Much For Your Medications?
You can save up to 93% when you fill your prescriptions
at our Canadian and International prescription service.
Prescription price comparison above is valid as of May 1, 2014. All trade-mark (TM) rights
associated with the brand name products in this ad belong to their respective owners.
Call the number below and save an additional $10 plus get free shipping on your frst
prescription order with Canada Drug Center. Expires December 31, 2014. Ofer is
valid for prescription orders only and can not be used in conjunction with any other
ofers. Valid for newcustomers only. One time use per household.
Get An Extra $10 Of & Free Shipping
On Your 1st Order!
Order Now! Call Toll-Free: 1-800-259-1096
Use code 10FREE to receive this special ofer.
Please note that we do not carry controlled substances and a valid
prescription is required for all prescription medication orders.
Evenings Part-Time
Customer Service
Customer service representative position open in
alarm monitoring center. Responsibilities include
providing excellent customer service, responding to
alarm emergencies, answering multiple customer lines
and data entry.
Excellent pay and growth opportunity with a
nationally recognized company.
Applicant should be flexible for afternoon and evening
hours between 3-10 p.m., as well as every other
weekend and holiday coverage. Average 20 hours per
Email resume to
or mail to Wright-Hennepin
Cooperative Electric Association,
P.O. Box 330, Rockford, MN
Silent auction bids will be ac-
cepted from 5 to 7:30 p.m. A live
auction will follow at 8 p.m.
with $500 in cash prizes being
raffled off intermittently
throughout the auction. The live
auction items include the follow-
ing: queen-size quilt donated by
Rox Watercott, one week stay in
Fort Myers, Florida donated by
Robin Aeshliman, one full day
of fishing for two donated by Al-
fred Wurm, a handmade cedar
chest donated by Ed and Nan
Paumen, four Wild tickets and
parking pass donated by MP
Nexlevel, Piper Archer flight
and lunch donated by Kent and
Connie Peterson, two gardening
service packages donated by
Terry Mooney and Jan Bake-
berg, two Christmas
cookie/candy plates donated by
Karla Heeter and Paula Slocum,
a Red Barn cubby unit donated
by Kari Desmar, twin-size quilt
donated by SAM Quilters, trail
camera donated by Mike Hogan,
gossip bench crafted by David
Shanks, Terry Redlin print do-
nated by Eunice Bell, two sets of
Gopher men’s basketball tickets
donated by Paul Koch, a three
night stay at a Lake Sylvia cabin
donated by Al and Carla Sund-
blad and Dave and Cathy
Schultz, and two Lakers baseball
season passes and memorabilia
donated by the Maple Lake Lak-
ers. Bidding numbers will be
used for both auctions.
Both event and raffle tickets
are going quickly. Raffle win-
ners are not required to be pres-
ent to win. You can still purchase
tickets at the Maple Lake Amer-
ican Legion, the Maple Lake Li-
brary, the Maple Lake
Messenger, Star Bank, and from
library volunteers.
Those unable to attend the
benefit may support the library
by sending a tax-deductible do-
nation to Maple Lake Library,
PO Box 682, Maple Lake, MN
Maple Lake Messenger Page 14
September 24, 2014
Library Fundraiser
continued from page 1
A Complete Design & Build Company
Clearwater, MN • 320-980-2710 •
Landscape Design, Retaining Walls,
Paver Patios/Walkways/Driveways,
Plantings Trees/Shrubs/Perennials,
Water Features, Landscape Accent
Lighting, Lakeshore Renovation,
Outdoor Living, Hydroseeding
“Turning Dreams Into Reality”
*Lake Central Investments is Cetera Investments Services LLC program, member FINRA/SIPC.
Cetera Investments Services LLC is unaffiliated with any other name entity.
Annandale 274-8216 Maple Lake 963-3163
Clearwater 558-2271
Tires • Brakes • Oil Changes
Diagnostics & More!
$10 OFF over $100
$20 OFF over $200
$30 OFF over $300
*Excludes Tires & Batteries.
Up to $30. Not valid with
any other offers.
Auto Care, Inc.
1018 Hwy. 55 E • Buffalo
Jeff & Kris Jackson, Owners • Mon-Thurs: 7 a.m.-6 p.m. • Fri: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.
1018 Hwy. 55 East • Buffalo • 763-682-3222
“We will not sell you something you don’t need!”
EVAC & Recharge,
Inspect System
for Leaks
Up To 2 lbs. R134 Freon
Not valid with
any other offers.
Auto Care, Inc.
1018 Hwy. 55 E • Buffalo
EXPIRES 8-29-14
* Includes: Most cars
and light trucks.
Up to 5 quarts.
Auto Care, Inc.
1018 Hwy. 55 E • Buffalo
Please see our
website for chamber
news, meeting minutes,
current members
& upcoming events!
Think shopping
local doesn’t
matter...think again!
2014 Chamber Members: A-Meat Shoppe, Advanced Disposal Rolling Hills Landfill, Albion Ridges Golf Course,
American Legion Club #131, American Mini Storage, LLC, Ann./M.L. Community Education, Bernatello's Pizza, Inc.,
B.L. Johnson & Decker Law Office, Blizil's Repair, Bogart, Pederson & Associates, Bottom Line Traction Products, Buffalo
Hospital, part of Allina Health, Carefree Lawn, Cedar Lake Engineering, CenterPoint Energy, Certified Wood Products
Inc., City of Maple Lake, Coborn's, Community Care, Community Lawn Care, Costume Shoppe, Country Inn by Carlson,
Dave Borrell Refrig.,Plbg, & Htg., Dega, Dennis L. Quinlan, D.D.S., Dingmann Funeral Care Burial & Cremation,
H & H Archery Supply, H & H Sport Shop, Inc., Hegle Door Sales, Inc., Irish Blessings CoffeeHouse/Vintage Mrkt., J & J
Athletics, LLC, Jewel Cabinet Refacing, Jude Vending/Advantage Paper, Kramer Sales & Service, Lake Central Insurance
Services, Lake Central Investments, Lake Region Co-op/Cenex, Local Roots Food Co-op, Lundeen Bros. Ford, M & M Bus
Service Inc., Madigan's Pub & Grill, Maple Lake Ambassador Organization, Maple Lake Bakery, Maple Lake Bowl / Pines
Bar, Maple Lake Library, Maple Lake Lions Club, Maple Lake Lumber Company, Maple Lake Messenger, Maple Lake Post
Office, Maple Lake Property Owners Association, Maple Lake Public School #881, Maple Lake Recovery Center, Maple
Lake VFW Post 7664, Maple Manor, MCP Collision Center, Inc., Morrie's Buffalo Ford, MP Integrated Solutions, MP
NexLevel, LLC, Northstar Granite Tops, Oak Realty, LLP, Olde Town Creamery, Pace Industries, Pagel Law Office, Per-
formance Foam Insulation, Inc., Platinum Plus Printing, LLC, Rhino, Inc., Rivers Precision LLC, Roger's BP Amoco, S and R Custom Laminate & Wood, Schlenner,
Wenner & Co., Shear Attitudes / Tracy's Ther. Massage, Southbrook Golf Course, Star Bank, The Stables at Greenfield Farm, The Countertop Specialist, LLC, The V
by HH, The Villas, Thomes Insurance Group, Total Care Chiropractic, PA, Twin Lake Design, Landscape, Build, Webb Surveying LLC, Wendy's World Travel, Whis-
pering Pines Golf Course, Wright-Hennepin Co-op Electric Assn., Wright Service Center, Inc., Zahler Photography.
oney Spent in the Community
s in
i t y
Is Invested in the Com
i n
r C
“You” Helping
Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce •
Wine of the Month
All Varieties
reg. $9.99
Monday-Wednesday: 9 a.m.-9 p.m. • Thursday-Saturday: 9 a.m.-10 p.m.• Sunday: Closed
Next to Cenex • 901 State Hwy. 55 East, Maple Lake • 320.963.3715
Busch &
Busch Light
24-12oz. cans
Join Us!
Maple Lake Wine & Spirits
2nd Annual Wine Dinner
Wednesday, October 22
6:30 p.m. at The V in Maple Lake
5 Course Dinner Paired with Wine
Music & A Free Wine Glass
$32 per person
Buy Tickets Online at
or at Maple Lake Wine & Spirits
All tickets must be purchased by October 18
No tickets will be sold at the door.
4 pack bottles
Leinenkugel’s Best
Big Eddy
Indian Island Winery
A Minnesota Wine
Marquette is a Semi-Dry Red $16.99
Brianna a Semi-Sweet White $13.99
Dreamcatcher a Sweet Red $13.99
Indian Island Winery
A Minnesota Wine
Marquette is a Semi-Dry Red $16.99
Brianna a Semi-Sweet White $13.99
Dreamcatcher a Sweet Red $13.99
Delano, MN
Hunter’s Red & Vinny’s Red - $19.99
All Other Varieties - $16.99
Call for your free inspection/quote
320-274-ROOF (7663)
• Locally owned and operated since 1996
• Over 3,000 satisfied customers
• Licensed and fully insured
• We also do siding, soffit,
facia, windows & gutters
Lic. # 20628701
Ready for Winter? We Can Help!
Ready for Winter? We Can Help!
e’re Your
Total Exterior
e’re Your
Total Exterior
Sales & Service
Winterizing by full factory trained techinicians.
Indoor & Outdoor Storage • Shrink Wrap
Full Line of Parts & Accessories • Pontoon Trailer Rentals
Home of 1 Hour Winterization!
Indoor & Outdoor Storage
Dock & Lift Removal
Winterizing • Shrink Wrap
“Don’t go to the lake without us!”
Hwy. 55 • Annandale
for Boats,
Classic Cars
& ATVs.
E-20, E-30,
50 Elm Street East • Annandale
It’s not too early to
start thinking about
Indoor & Oudoor Storage!
14882 Hwy. 55 •4 Miles West of Annandale
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Parts & Service
320-236-3625 •
“We Rock The Boat!”
Tuesday - Thursday • 7a.m. - 8p.m.
Friday & Saturday • 7a.m. - 9p.m.
Sunday & Monday • Closed
Fall Hours
Located Next to City Hall
Healhy, Fesh Food!
Cafe • Wine • Beer