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West Indies is a tropical paradise with many Caribbean islands and beaches,

each of which is rich in natural diversity. The various aspects of traditional

culture of this land are also important to attract the attention of tourists in this
MINISTRY OF TOURISM : The Ministry of Tourism, is the nodal agency for
the formulation of national policies and programmes for the development of
the tourism products.
MINISTER OF TOURISM : The minister of tourism's primary function is to
increase the number of tourists visiting the country and to enhance their stay.
A thriving local tourism industry improves quality of life, increases community
pride and grows the economy.
There are two main components of this function: First, the tourism minister
must successfully market the country abroad.
Secondly, he must maintain and improve the facilities used by tourists to make
their stay more pleasurable.

Tourism ministers will often act as a liaison between the tourism industry and
the rest of the government, relaying questions and concerns.
They will also help develop advertising strategies for the country, as well as
encourage organizers of large events, such as concerts, festivals and sports
competitions, to hold their event in the country. They may also travel abroad to
coordinate promotion efforts in other countries.


Tourism and infrastructure.
Hotels and restaurants.
Travel trade
Publicity and marketing
Overseas promotion
Market research and statistics
International cooperation .

Job profile :

Typical work activities
As well as maintaining visitor services and attractions, tourism officers are
usually involved in strategic planning and development. Their work involves
liaising with the public and with local and public agencies, as well as behind-the-
scenes preparation and planning.
Typical activities include:
Producing tourist information, including art work, and writing press
releases and copy for tourism guides/newsletters;
o Setting up and attending exhibitions and holiday shows;
o Organising special and seasonal events and festivals;
Devising and planning tours, and arranging itineraries;
Liaising with local operators, the media, designers and printers;
Developing e-tourism platforms, including websites, and constructing
business databases;

All Policy Matters, including:
Development Policies.
External Assistance.
Manpower Development.
Promotion & Marketing.
Investment Facilitation.



Qualifications and training required
Graduates with degrees in languages, travel, tourism, leisure, business studies,
marketing, management or journalism are normally at an advantage.
Relevant work experience is essential, and can be gained via seasonal or vacation
employment, or by working as a volunteer or paid assistant in a tourist
information centre.
Experience gained in museums or information work or any commercial area
(sales, marketing, retailing) can also be helpful.

Key skills for tourism officers
Interpersonal skills
Communication skills
Organisational skills
It skills