Senior Developer at one of the original Silicon Roundabout start-ups.

Exciting, privately owned Software Development Company are looking to hire an
exceptionally talented senior developer to join their team as part of a flat structure, excluding
the technical director. The role will involve working directly with clients, users and business
stakeholders to deliver the most appropriate and relevant solution.

The company does not specialise in any particular language or technology, although they
are particularly currently looking for .Net experience and good knowledge of C#.

The corollary of their founding principles is that the people who fit this role must not only be
exceptionally technically talented in order to be able to quickly pick up new languages and
technologies, but have the ability to work directly with clients and appreciate the wider
context behind every engagement.

They have built projects that are deployed on Unix, Windows, Android & iOS, have used C#,
Java, Python, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, F#, Scheme and Erlang in commercial projects, and
have actively investigated the possibilities of Clojure, Haskell, OCaml and Prolog. The
company is a developer-centric company, to the point that their developers are responsible
for all aspects of software delivery, including technology selection, design and delivery,
project and account management.

The bulk of their work is bespoke software development but they also do consultancy,
particularly contracts around RabbitMQ, a product that they developed before successfully
spinning off to VMware.

All candidates for the Senior Developer role must:

• Have good knowledge of algorithms, data structures and computational complexity

• Have used languages from different programming paradigms, ideally OO and functional,
but declarative is interesting to us as well

• Be well-versed in at least three programming languages. Markup languages such as XML
and HTML, and query languages such as SQL do not count towards this total. PHP and
JavaScript only count if the candidate is expert in them.

• Demonstrate enthusiasm for technology, and software development in particular

They will happily accept non-commercial experience towards the language requirements, but
candidates must display genuine knowledge and experience of using the language, not just
a “quick look” or having written it on their todo list.

A good candidate will also have:

• Experience of all stages in the project life-cycle
• Experience of agile methodologies
• Familiarity with, and knowledge of how and when to apply a wide range of technologies
• Good Unix and Windows skills

Finally, the perfect candidate will also have some experience in one or more of the following

• Business analysis
• Project management
• Architecture
• Leadership
• Systems management or operations

There is no minimum educational requirement although almost all of their developers have
bachelor's degrees, many have master’s degrees, and several have PhDs.

The salary offered is competitive and dependent upon the individual and their experience.

They also

• Have a pension scheme (company matches up to 3%)

• Offer childcare vouchers and Cycle scheme via salary sacrifice

• Offer season ticket loans

To apply for this job please email a CV and covering letter to

Please include links or reference to the below if available.

• Blogs (if technical)
• Twitter feed (if technical)
• Published articles / papers
• Contributions to open source projects
• Evidence of an interest in computer science issues
• Evidence of an interest in computing outside of work
• GitHub or other public code repositories

Feel free to contact me with any questions.