Susan Cardenas: Over Two Decades of Public Health Experience
Dr. Susan Cardenas, now a College Associate Professor at the New Mexico State
University Departent of Pu!lic "ealth Sciences, has en#oyed a long, successful
and ipactful career in the $eld of pu!lic health. %ducated at NMSU and
currently eployed there, Dr. Susan Cardenas continues to !e an ipactful and
in&uential e!er of the pu!lic health $eld.
Dr. Susan Cardenas received her undergraduate, graduate, and Doctoral
education at New Mexico State, underta'ing each curriculu with the diligence
and coitent of a dedicated acadeic. She received her (achelor of
Counity "ealth degree in )**+, her Master of Science degree in "ealth
Science and Manageent in Dece!er of )**, and her PhD in %ducational
Adinistration in August of -++.. %ach new educational level opened up new
opportunities for Dr. Susan Cardenas to deonstrate her passion for and
dedication to the $eld of Pu!lic "ealth.
"er professional career !egan in earnest in )**+, shortly after the reception of
her (achelor of Counity "ealth degree. Dr. Susan Cardenas served as !oth a
"ealth Coordinator and as a "ealth %ducator for the /aClinica de 0ailia
organi1ation, participating, ipleenting and coordinating a variety of progras
that helped to enhance /a Clinica2s e3ciency and e4ectiveness in the
counity. She wor'ed for the /as Cruces5!ased organi1ation until )**6 when
she accepted the position of Pu!lic "ealth %ducator and Counity 7elations
Coordinator with the Pu!lic "ealth Division of the New Mexico Departent of
Dr. Susan Cardenas served this governent entity fro )**6 to )**8. Not only
was she an invalua!le asset to the NM Departent of "ealth, !ut she was also
a!le to pursue and coplete the NMSU "ealth Science and Manageent
Master2s progra during her NM eployent tenure. 9t was also during this tie
that she was o4ered and accepted her $rst o3cial university level teaching
position at NMSU, !ecoing a College Assistant Professor in the Departent of
"ealth Science in )**.. She held this position until -++8, upon which tie she
accepted the position of Assistant Professor :;enure ;rac'< in the ;exas =oen2s
University Departent of "ealth Studies.
Dr. Susan Cardenas returned to teaching online at NMSU in -++*, continuing as
Ad#unct College Associate Professor in the NMSU Departent of Pu!lic "ealth
Sciences. She !rie&y served as an Ad#unct Assistant Professor for ;=U during the
year -+)+, and was a "ealth %ducation Specialist for the ;exas Children2s "ealth
Plan in -+)), though she retained her professorial position at NMSU throughout.
Dr. Susan Cardenas has ost recently en#oyed the position of Progra Manager
and Co5Principal 9nvestigator for the Success =ith Adolescent >oals Progra, or
S=A>, which she !egan in -+)-.
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