Necessity-Based and

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1st Individual work of introduction to business – 1B
1. What and How?

 Necessity-based : “Acil” Bubble Tea
"Acil" is a bubble tea name which is sold in front of SMAN 2 and SMPN 3 Cimahi. Actually, Acil is the
name of the merchant. Acil make his own sugar and some flavors in his home. Meanwhile, basic
materials such as "pop ice" (one of sachet drink product), base material of sugar and flavors, he
bought in the market. He opened his cart in front of the school from 9 am until 4 pm. Acil make his
bubble tea start from stirring the sugar with ice pop, ice cubes and mix with the bubble, shake in a
glass and pour it into a cup by his own self. After make the order, the customer buy to Acil and then
Acil will put the money in his drawer car.
 Opportunity-based : Chatime
Chatime, Dago Plaza Bandung is open from 10 am until 10 pm. Chatime's employees always
greetings to every customer before ask what they want to order. After order drinks, the customer
pay and will get the struck then they should move into Chatime taking place. Meanwhile, at the
place of manufacture, the employees do their respective duties start from pouring, toppings, shield,
and shakers. Finally, Chatime given to customers in places that have been provided.
2. Why?

 Acil open a bubble tea business because of urgency. He is 20 years old. He come from Garut.
Actually, Acil want to study in Bandung but all he can do is just survival because he doesn't
have enough money. Without thinking too much Acil swerved into bubble tea seller because
he embarrassed if they should go home without carrying money. Therefore I think Acil
belong to the necessity-based entrepreneurs.
 At first Teresa (the owner of chatime) open Chatime outlet because she look big opportunity
in the culinary field. The opportunity to get a lot of profit from the variety of bubble tea
flavors with unique name must be great. By positioning the teenagers as their target
business, Chatime serves their cup of bubble tea in a unique and convenient place. So I guess
Chatime enter into opportunity-based entrepreneur.

3. Elaborate their differences!
There are many differences of Acil Bubble Tea and Chatime. From their capital, how to manage their
business, how to promote it, and then how to choose the place to sell it. It looks clearly that Acil just
sell the bubble tea to survive. While Chatime sells bubble tea to reap the benefits because they
always make innovation in their menu, providing the best service and comfortable place, and
promote their product in social media.
4. What do you think about both of them?
I think, Acil already have enough creativity and courage because it dared to make a business outside
the area he can controlled. But perhaps because of the lack of capital and less of his business
knowledge, he was forced to reap the benefits that are not stout. He doesn't think about how to
reap more profits because Acil only sell in front of the school every day without doing another
innovation. Meanwhile if he make any other innovation with his drinks, he will get more profit and it
can be the capital or him to rent another strategic places. For Chatime, I have no doubt because that
bubble tea is very popular among teenagers. However, I think the weakness is Chatime may only be
enjoyed by the upper middle class and the number of seats which is less than the number of
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