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The price lists 2014 are valid till 31/12/2014.

We reserve the right to change prices of single positions.
Strahlenschutz-Entwicklungs-und Ausrüstungs-

Gesellschaft mbH

Strahlenschutz-Entwicklungs-und Ausrüstungs-

Gesellschaft mbH

Price list 2014

Contamination measuring instruments
A. mobile contamination monitors
A1. mobile contamination monitor CoMo-170
A2. mobile contamination and dose rate monitor CoMo-170 D
A3. mobile contamination monitor CoMo-170 F fire brigade version (only Germany)
A4. mobile contamination monitor CoMo-300
A5. mobile contamination monitor CoMo-300 G, version for gamma measurements
A6. accessories / options for the mobile contamination monitors
A7. spare parts for mobile contamination monitors

stationary version:
A8. stationary version: contamination monitor CoMo-170 MF for wall mounting

special solutions for decommissioning tasks
contamination monitors – special version for gamma measurements at
decommissioning of nuclear plants
A9. mobile measuring electronics with γ-detector PL525
A10. detector stand for release measurement of door frames …
A11. detector lift system for release measurement of walls and ceilings
A12. Telescope holder for contamination monitor CoMo 170 / 300
for control of floor and wall surfaces

B. stationary contamination monitors
B1. hand-foot-clothing-contamination monitor HFC
B2. hand contamination monitor
B3. walk-through contamination monitor
B4. triage contamination monitor
special version with additional probes for incorporation measurement
B5. spare parts for HFC contamination monitor

C. laundry contamination monitors
C1. laundry contamination monitor with conveyor belt system (-measurement)
C2. laundry contamination monitor with drawer system (-measurement)
C3. overall contamination monitor with conveyor system (hanging overalls)

Smear test counters
D. smear test counters
D1. smear test counter WIMP 60
D2. mobile (portable) smear test counter WIMP 60 M
D3. smear test counter WIMP 120
D4. smear test counter WIMP 220
D5. PC-based multiple smear test counter WIMP 60x10/6/8

Strahlenschutz-Entwicklungs-und Ausrüstungs-

Gesellschaft mbH

Foodstuff counters
E1. EL 25 foodstuff counter
E2. ANNA foodstuff counter
E3. Food Nuclide Finder FNF PC-based foodstuff counter with multi-channel-analyser

Clearance counters
F1. PC-based activity measuring system FR 4/6/8/10 NaI and FR 4/6/8/10 PVT
F2. waste-control monitor
F3. clearance counter FMK 2 with large-area gamma plastic-scintillation detectors
F4. clearance counter FMK 6 with large-area gamma plastic-scintillation detectors
F5. drawer monitor FR-2 S
F6. tool contamination monitor
F7. pallet monitor PalMo
F8. drum counter for dose rate measurement
F9. roller conveyor radiation measuring system for goods entrance control

Dose rate measuring instruments / systems
Mobile dose rate measuring instruments
H1. SCINTO dose rate measuring instrument with NaI scintillation detector
H2. SCINTO-Telescope
H3. dose rate measuring instruments with GM-counter tube
H4. SmartRad dose rate measuring instrument in smartphone size

Stationary dose rate measuring systems
H5. ALMO-1 stationary dose rate measuring system
H6. ALMO-3 stationary dose rate measuring system
H7. ALMO-6 stationary dose rate measuring system

I1. electronic personal dosimeter DoseGUARD S 10
I2. personal dosimeter EPD

Radioactivity measuring and monitoring systems
K. FAMO vehicle-based activity detection system

L. LARS activity measuring system for large-area surface control

M1. RAMON base type - radioactivity monitor with scintillation detector
M2. RAMON doorway monitor - radioactivity monitor with 4/5 scintillation detectors
M3. RAMON-P parcel control monitor - radioactivity control at goods entrance and exit

N. RAMBO radioactivity control system for monitoring of vehicles (lorries, railway

Special development for (Homeland) Security
O. RadReflex 2 - contraband detector

Strahlenschutz-Entwicklungs-und Ausrüstungs-

Gesellschaft mbH
P. RadFox – combined metal- and radioactivity detector

S. Service charges

The following price lists are valid from 31/01/2014
With the publication of these price lists, all previous price lists have expired.

Installation, setting into operation and user instruction will be performed by our agents.
On demand we can make you a project- or country-specific offer for setting into operation.

Because of legislative or contractual requirements, export of our products is partially
restricted or subject to an export license. Therefore we reserve the right to make delivery in
single cases dependent on the presentation of an end user certificate. For countries which
are subject to German or European export restrictions, we principally request our export
control authorities for an export license. For this procedure we calculate a flat rate of 500.-- €.

Our products are subject to technical changes without notice.
For technical details s. “Folders and product information“.

The following conditions apply:

prices: according to price list, VAT not included

price fixing: ex-works, insurance not included

payment: order-dependent, to be agreed with us.
Delivered systems remain our property until all invoices are paid.

warranty: inside EU: 2 years after delivery
outside EU: 1 year after delivery

delivery time: on demand

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