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- So welcome, we’re here at the fabtech 2011 show and I demonstrate submerged
arc welding for the Lincoln Electric Company, and here we’re showing Tandem
Submerged Arc Welding using the power wave ACDC 1000 SP power source and
WTX flux, we have two 330 seconds diameter electrodes that we’re welding with.
And I’ll start the arc now.
- I have a red laser dot that I aligned with the electrodes so that I know my location
of my electrodes while I’m welding. The electrodes we’re using are L6120em12k
electrodes and the real special thing about the consumables is the new WTX flux
that we have had for a couple years now, and initially it’s been primarily used for
wind power applications, but now we are finding other applications like off-shore
or structural steel work where lower temperatures sharpies are required in and
we’re using it more for those applications.
- This pipe is like inch of a quarter Wall, our Grooves are about 3 quarters of an
inch deep. It takes us about 9 passes to fill this Groove. The surface feed is 48
inches of a minute, so we’re moving fast and so that’s how we keep our heating
put down.
- The special nature of the equipment is that we’re running AC polarity on both arcs
and we’re synthesising that a welding current so that we can tune the amount of
positive polarity we hav efor each arc. And what that does is it helps us to make
sure we got enough heat input, so we get good penetration and good fusion, but
we don’t have excess heat input that would cause the pipet o get hot too fast and
then we would have to stop welding. Because, you’d meet the maximum inner-
pass temperature.
- We control our output up here on these control boxes; we have one for each
electrode. And as you can see we’re upwards of 550 amps for each arc so we
have a total about 1100 amps going down here. And one of the great features of
submerged arc welding is that you can weld it very high currents on thick material
and you don’t have the radiated heat of the arc, because, the arcs are burried by
the granular flux.
- The other thing that you can probably notice is the smooth and shiny welds we’re
getting, and that’s because the slag and the flux is like a good thermal barrier that
holds the heat in the weld so it cools very slow and we get a very smooth
appearance on the top and we have a lot of time fort he impurities that rise up out
of the weld metal.
- Okay, imposing this’ been our pipe and wind-power submerged arc welding
demonstration here at FAB TECH 2011 and a few didn’t get the opportunity to
come to Chiago. I hope you’re able to enjoy on the website.